Cuckolding derives much of it appeal, energy and therefore conflict, from the creation and exploration of contrasts.

It has taken me quite some time to realize that the common bond between many aspects of cuckolding which appeal to couples often come down to this simple mechanism.

It’s simple to overlook the many ways contrasts are being demonstrated in the above images simply because they are also erotic in their own right, but if you pay attention, you’ll find that in addition to the racial contrasts, many others are being exhibited by this coupling.

Cuckold Contrasts

We are already familiar with the concept of inadequacy driving the cuckold lifestyle; the husband who is too small, lacks stamina, or simply lacks the assertive sexually attitude that soaks his wife’s panties. This is certainly a valid contrast because it is a valid entry point into the lifestyle, but don’t overlook the couples who generate this contrast themselves when they invite another man into their marriage and thereby give the wife a great sexual experience instead of simply a good one. This effect ‘demotes’ the husband and the perception then becomes one of contrast between the husband’s performance and the boyfriend’s.

One of the reasons interracial and size focused cuckolding is so intense is because the contrasts are so obvious – but if a couple chooses to create their own contrasts, they can be equally intense.


Create Your Own

Here we see the husband watching his wife and her new stud. Size many not be much different, race isn’t different, but that’s not her husband’s cock throbbing in her hand and those aren’t her husband’s fingers exploring her wetness and that’s a pretty big deal mentally and emotionally. Now consider that she’s cut him off all this week in preparation of meeting this new guy. Now her husband is going to watch  another man enjoy what he’s been denied all week and she gets to enjoy giving another man something she’s denied her husband all week. All of these contrasts were self-established and demonstrate the power of forms of denial and other aspects of cuckolding which compound the physical aspects of cuckolding. Many couples falsely perceive of things like denial, chastity or even mild feminization (pantying) as punishments or fetishes when in reality they can be enjoyed by most couples as simple devices to add to and increase contrasts.