Anne and her cuckold Mike became very well known in cuckold circles after being featured on my site many years ago now – but when I first met them, Anne was still a shy, hesitant fiancee who was only just coming to realize that her large, black dildos could certainly reach places her boy’s eager but small penis couldn’t.

Mike and Anne weren’t even married when I met them and by the time they tied the knot, Mike was deeply cuckolded and already denied the snug sex Anne chose to offer others.  Together they explored cuckolding, chastity, interracial cuckolding and even cbt.

Obvious potential.

Below are the first images I received from mike which convinced me Anne certainly deserved more cock than he could provide and I decided to help them down that path.

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I believe that Anne was a ‘late bloomer’ and came to realize her attractiveness to males only when encouraged by Mike to play a more active role in his fantasies which included cuckolding him, denying him and even tormenting him through CBT. Anne became a very popular feature on this website when they were active here and I believe this helped her gain the confidence to take the next steps in cuckolding her boy.

A late bloomer blossoms.

As every good cuckold should, Mike encouraged his lovely fiancee to dress hot for the clubs and quickly became swollen watching men oggle her and flirt with her. Anne ultimately agreed to cuckold Mike and not only enjoyed the orgasms induced by a proper penetration, but also discovered the thrill of dominating her fiance through his cuckolding.

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A true cuckold marriage from the start.

By the time they married, it was agreed that her sex should be only available to other men as a married woman and to start off their cuckold marriage, Anne consumated her new cuckold marriage by entertaining several of her favorite studs while her cuckold watched and took the pictures below.

Just imagine this for a moment: You just married this little blonde, whom you have been denied intercourse with for some months before the wedding and once she’s officially your wife, she welcomes five other men inside her and still denies you entry.

Mike and Anne got deeply involved in the local swing scene, which was good for Anne to get a proper fucking and for Mike to watch, but it didn’t always meet his needs as a submissive cuckold. Anne did her best to be a Domme for him, but he always acknowledged to me that what they both really needed as a couple, was a Dom to own them both.

A hotwife punishes her cuckold.

Anne found enjoyment in being his Domme because she would always submit for the men she gave her body to.

This is a natural process in cuckolding where the husband submits to his wife and the wife submits to her Man. This in turn reinforces her feelings of dominance over her boy and reinforces the cuckold’s submission to both her and her Man as well.

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Anne goes black.

Although Anne didn’t have an racially diverse wedding reception, she does absolutely have a fondness for dark cock and her cuckold certainly loved seeing her take it.

I think Anne tasted her first cock as soon became involved with several semi-professional swing/interracial groups. It was very erotic for mike at the time, but there was also profit motive at play. Anne, in particular, seemed to change a lot in that time and seemed to lose sight of the lifestyle that got them started.

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Where are they now?

I am happy to report they are still together and active in the lifestyle, though not active here – something I hope might change .