Denied, restrained & shown to her girlfriend.

Cuckolded, displayed to her best friend, restricted to chastity and ultimately cut off. This is the happy life of a cuckold and his wife as introduced by me.


A new beginning.

I first spoke to Jerry online and after a few days of chatting, convinced him to bring his wife, Paula, to speak to me as well. They had been fantasizing together for over a year about her enjoying another man but couldn’t seem to make the leap to doing it.

Within a month of talking to me, Jerry was a cuckold.


I came to learn that sexy Paula had a thing for a man who worked in the same building. Stephen worked with Paula’s best friend and Paula had even shared her interest with her best friend. This seemed an obvious place to start and I encouraged Paula to flirt more overtly and ask her best friends to casually mention to Stephen that Paula would certainly agree to going out with him.

paula_frontI personally chose Paula’s outfit for her first date with Stephen. I wanted them to take it slow and specifically told her there would be no sex, but she was encouraged to kiss, make out and allow Stephen to fondle her as she wished.

Just the idea of being on a date with another man in public was very exciting for her and even though she didn’t have experience showing off in public, the submissive in her reacted very strongly to the sheer camisole top (shown right) I chose for her to wear as outerwear with her skirt. She had never worn something like this without a bra and not only did the outfit have her husband aching for her, but she was very wet well before even leaving the house.

Cuckold Training

While Paula and Stephen’s relationship developed, I was also working on Paula and Jerry’s relationship. I established new customs and rules to further define their roles as cuckoldress and cuckold. To deepen Jerry’s sense of submission, I required him to give up more control of his small penis, which had been the primary motivation for her to take a lover.

In the warmer seasons, Jerry was required to be naked at home when Paula was present. Furthermore, he was required to wear a cock ring that fit very snugly around both his testicles and the base of his penis. Included was small ring for attaching a leash. This rubber cock ring helped keep his bits where Paula could easily tease them – something I encouraged her to do.

Because I then controlled his sexual access to her – something they both had agreed to as necessary for this to work, she felt much more at ease teasing his penis and not having to worry about offering him sex or even relief from the teasing. She, as most wives do, came to truly adore the sight and feel of her husband erect for long durations of time.

carlyn_bowtoyThe Toy

To help her achieve this perspective, I demoted his penis to ‘toy’, something I do frequently for husbands who lack a penis capable of bringing their wife to orgasm simply through the use of what should be their primary sexual organ. I actually had her write ‘toy’ on his penis to remind him and would often simply write ‘no’ on the swollen head.


In furtherance of his submission, I decided that Paula’s best friend should be included in Jerry’s training. He has always found this friend attractive and she had been somewhat instrumental in helping Paula find her first boyfriend.

Following some frank discussions, including with Jerry present, Paula’s best friend came over to find her best friend’s husband ‘in uniform’ already: naked, his genitals bound and kept swollen by the rubber cock rings.

Even though she had already been told, it was quite a sight, as you can imagine. Paula had her boy fetch a drink for their guest and of course bringing it to her gave her a very close look at Paula’s boy. As coached, Paula began a discussion of why his penis was bound in those rings and how long her boy had been swollen like that for her already. To help her feel included and empowered, I asked Paula to have her friend add a pretty bow to his toy!

She reached out and ran a fingernail across the head of his toy, making it twitch and her best friend giggled herself silly. After that, it became quite normal for Jerry to serve both women in his ‘uniform’ and would also sometimes be loaned to her friend to clean her home while dressed in nothing by his uniform.

Another image I tasked jerry with capturing to document his wife’s need for a boyfriend.

I encouraged Paula to let her friend at least make use of Jerry’s tongue, since there really wasn’t much penis to enjoy – not to mention his penis was restrained when at her home.

The restraint was a homemade creation that Jerry worked for some weeks on to perfect. My addition to the design were the ‘portholes’ on the side so we could all easily see the status of his toy while stuffed into the tube of the restraint.

Jerry was required to be wearing his chastity whenever he was out of Paula’s direct supervision, which primarily meant when he visited her best friend or while she was out on a date with Stephen.

The Replacement

As we can easily see below, Stephen is a significant upgrade for Paula over Stephen’s toy.


Spurt Control

As Paula’s relationship with Stephen became more intense and she shared more about her lifestyle with him, I found it increasingly necessary to provide more structure for Jerry at home. I couldn’t have him pestering Paula for sex, so other than knowing he had to wait for my permission, I decided to give him a goal to shoot for.

I told Paula what I was looking for and she found a crystal dish with a lid that suited my needs. The dish was to hold mints for Jerry. Each mint represented Paula being fucked by Stephen’s much larger cock. Once the jar was full, I told Jerry he could once again enter his sexy little wife.

leashThe dish lid was used to catch Jerry’s spurts when he was allowed to masturbate, which was almost exclusively only after he got to put a mint in the dish. As you can see there’s not only very little to it, but it even looks rather weak.

Stephen used a condom when exercising Paula’s little sex for the first couple months, but once they became comfortable in the relationship and Stephen took on the role of her boyfriend, we decided that he should have natural access to her sex and began to finish inside her where her husband had then been denied for months.

Paula would clean herself after coupling with Stephen, but as you can imagine, I knew Jerry would gladly do that for her and we began to prepare Stephen for that. He had only recently become comfortable with having her cuckold in the corner of the room while coupling with Paula.


It ultimately took eight months, before Jerry had enough mints to fill his little jar. It would have happened much sooner, but I had enforced a rule which allowed Paula to remove mints should Jerry disappoint her or fail in any of his duties.

As his reward for being a good cuckold approached, Paula and I discussed how to move forward. We both knew Jerry loved being her cuckold and had come to both appreciate and be aroused by his own denial. I knew what he needed was to be cut off for good. I also knew that it wouldn’t be appropriate to simply decide that for him though, even though I could. Rather, I wanted him to be responsible for his own denial. I arranged a test for Jerry we both knew he would fail.


what jerry lost access to

On the evening of his reward, Paula’s best friend was invited to watch and record Jerry’s attempt to not spurt for at least ten minutes while inside his wife’s sex. We both knew that the first thing he’d feel was how Paula’s sex had become fitted to Stephen’s larger cock. She had been enjoying him inside her 3-4 times a week on average and her sex was no longer as snug on his little penis as it had once been.

I had guessed he would make it perhaps five minutes, but alas, he didn’t even reach that mark and by so doing, sealed his fate.

I instructed paula to ride her cuckold to maintain control of the pace. This would seal his fate – which as evidenced by the creampie above, it did. The result was permanent demotion of his penis to toy status and giving up any rights or expectations of intercourse while paula was dating.

Paula had prepared a note for her cuckold which she gave him once he was finished cleaning her with his tongue as he’d been trained to do.

Dear Jerry,
You are my special little cuck, and I’ll always love you and that little toy. But now sweetie, I need a real lover, who can please and satisfy me. You are to call Stephen immediately on his cell phone. He is waiting in his car down the street. You will then read him what it says below, word for word.

“Stephen, its Paula’s little cuckold jerry calling. I was just given my reward, but as Paula expected I failed. I need a real lover to come and satisfy her in the way I never will. Please hurry!”

From now on jerry, as we agreed, there will be no more reward candies and the toy will never be allowed inside my pussy again. Your dish will now be used solely to collect your cum when you are given permission to spurt. If you are good Stephen may let you spurt tonight, while you watch him fuck me.


Paula eventually added a second boyfriend to her stable and kept her cuckold quite happy!

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