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        I’m a painfully shy submissive white male from Wales in the UK. Not the greatest looking guy in the world I guess. Around 6ft with a slim/skinny build. Typical beta male look.

        I woke up to my sexual shortcomings very early in life and soon realised I was incredibly sexually inept compared to most of the males around me. I discovered femdom, cuck and interracial porn soon after and everything began to click with me. By my early twenties I’d accepted my deeply submissive nature and relished it completely.

        I’ve stayed virgin and pussy-free up to this point as a consequence of my beliefs and I only found the courage to open up and express my desires online in my late twenties. Since then I’ve been pursuing a FLR as a cuck.

        More recently I’ve been pursuing the possibility of becoming a live-in servant for a woman or couple after being enlightened by a wonderful couple I met online about the deeply rewarding potential of such a life for submissive men like myself.

        I see so many wonderful women and couples on sites like these and it only serves to strengthen my desire to serve. It’s my greatest ambition to make the lives of others happy and it’s a cause to which I would like to dedicate the rest of my life.

        I of course wish to serve a purposeful function in the household of my owner/owners. I’m more than happy to do domestic tasks required of me, general housework, cleaning, laundry, washing up, etc.

        If I am expected to serve any sexual purpose I will do my best to please if I can, but a sexual aspect is non-essential to me.

        If I’m required to wear long-term chastity I understand. I appreciate the desire to serve is enhanced by sexual denial, and having spoken to many people over the last few years I accept that reality.

        I’m more than happy to serve any owner/owners of any age or race.

        I understand these things don’t happen over night. I’m not a person who rushes into anything blindly either, so I’d like us to build a decent relationship first online before committing myself to such a big thing.

        If anyone is interested, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss it further.

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          Still searching.

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              hi, still looking?

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                  Yes I am

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