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      W arrived at the barn and after our initial greetings we left him to grab a shower, having agreed we would be back in half an hour with some snacks and to open a bottle off wine.

      To my surprise J took the chance to change into a different, but low cut dress which I knew always fell open when She leant forward, exposing Her sexy bra and large breasts. I knew He would enjoy seeing Her breasts again (he and I are breast men, and he has always gazed upon them when we have all holidayed together in the past, sunbathing etc). I was surprised She had changed as She already looked stunning when he arrived, but clearly She felt the need to adjust Her appearance!

      We came back into the barn, W was refreshed and I could see he had noticed She had changed. They sat together on the sofa as we all started chatting, but J sat right next to him so he was between Her and the side support. I noticed that She ensured She was within his personal space from the outset and they both touched and with drew as they talked, a semi conscious flirting. The conversation was light, filled with humour as it always was, and finally we had a “house keeping” conversation where W asked for a few things too tide him over until he could get to the shops the following day. On that note, and after about fifteen minutes J asked me to grab these things from the house and to bring them over for W, so off I went.

      With my hands full I pushed open the barn door having collected a few things from the house, not 20 meters away. It was strangely quiet and as I closed the door behind me with my foot and elbow I turned to see they were speaking quietly and She was rubbing his arm. It was obvious an intimate conversation was taking place. As I walked in W looked at me as J almost instructed me rather than asked me to put them in the kitchen, which I did. It seemed to me that J got up to go and open another bottle of wine and as I walked past them both and as I stepped into the kitchen I saw him move to get up. One minute later having dropped a few things into the fridge I exited the kitchen and it was here that I stoped in my tracks and watched as he pressed Her against the wall kissing Her deeply with his full mouth, Her body already submitting to his demands. Even with all the discussion J and I had had, even knowing that this was likely to happen, I was not prepared. My heart leapt as I felt small, excited, humiliated, happy, demanding, concerned…..in other words a collision of emotions that came and conflicted together and make me the cuck I am. These emotions exciting me and making me “placed”. Watching as he explored between Her legs was and is an amazing sight and recollection. She opened Herself to him and allowed him to explore Her womanhood in front me, not caring what I saw, and it is and was such a beautiful sight to witness.

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      Thank you for sharing. I hope (I do everything for) that it will soon be my turn to write this kind of story.

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      Cathy & Jerry

      We’re hoping to read about how he took her in front of you and how she responded to it. 🙂

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      Cathy and Jerry, the below happened a few months ago and I have shared it else where but so again here for you.

      I am not sure what instigated the invitation but I was asked over to the main barn for dinner and we had a pleasant evening all together. Ultimately I knew there must be a reason and by 9PM J was leaning into W on the couch and I knew She wanted him and that I might be required to watch or assist. J has always enjoyed Her cuck assisting Her and Her lovers from time to time, it is a kink that She revisits occasionally and I am the fortunate one when She does. Hence, not long afterward I was on the bed holding J’s legs open in the air as W fucked Her. I was amazed at his desire for Her and the fact that I could tell He wanted to pleasure Her, not just fuck Her. Their mouths regularly meet as they exchanged deep long sensual kisses displaying there desire and need for each other, especially when he was buried deep inside of Her.

      Over the next 30 minutes I was required to assist W, either holding J’s cunt open delicately with my fingers, holding Her legs wide in several positions, holding Her back against his thrusts or guiding his cock into Her in a new position. J even asked me to masturbate Her as W fucked Her and I was proud of myself when She came. J was enjoying instructing me as She was pleasured by Her lover and much to my surprise toward the end I was required to be Her mattress as I lay there and watched W cock enter my Wife inches from my face and mouth. I hoped he would perhaps lower his cock into my mouth, or that it might fall into my mouth but he did not, even though on one or two occasions I opened my mouth in anticipation. Instead he orgasmed in Her as I watched and J took the moment to lay there and embrace with W as I lay there nothing but an unrequited caged cuck. After a a few moments J rolled off of me and then quietly and gently feed me Her man’s cum. She knelt above my face and encouraged me to find every drop. I knew W watched as I eat his cum and I do not care what he thought or thinks, but loved doing it for my Hotwife as a clear act of submission and devotion. i sensed that W was reasonably comfortable with the whole event as He also encouraged me to help during their love making, his voice and J’s mingling on occasion as they sort the best position to enjoy their sex together. I hope this becomes a regular event and that he might even involve me more in the power dynamic as it is clear he is not phased by my presence any longer, and knows I a beta cuck with him and J now. Gone is the outward Alpha male friend he once knew. I am not sure what has changed but perhaps J will discuss it with me when She next takes some time to talk with me.

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        Cathy & Jerry

        Wonderful, we enjoyed reading this and we hope it continues for you two for a very long time.

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