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        Hello everyone
        I’m new to the site and just created an account. First off it looks like there is some great information, thanks for all of that.
        A little bit of background, I’ve been married to K for 10 years and from what was an decent start our sex life has gone down hill to the point where it is close to non-existent. For a couple of years I have been turned on by the thought of K having other men.
        I know K looks at other guys, noticed her when out and she often flirts a bit. She seems especially attracted to black guys and a few years ago after a few drinks she did say a black guys are super sexy.
        I have tried to talk with K but we only ever seem to get so far. I have asked her if she is attracted to other men, she has never said she isn’t but also never come out and said she is. I’ve said that I just want what’s best for her and I don’t want her to have to go without sex. I would be totally comfortable if she wanted to have sex with other guys but not if it was behind my back.
        Does anyone have any advise or suggestions how I can keep things moving along and get to the point when K admits what she wants deep down so we can move forward.

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          is it a case of moving along> many females can express comments on me e.g. sexy .fit etc but that isn’t to say they want to actually get in ed with them. more about that they feel comfortable enough with you to mention a passion desire never expecting to become reality. much like a man would say to a female start in a film etc thats he would love to bed her etc.
          lot of difference between wishful thinking and a real desire. however .if we feel she is actually wishful of a real situation? we can pursue avenue to facilitate. however one needs to be sure of ground before pushing in any way. suggestions. chats in bedroom etc ought to enable one to see if wife is actually getting excited at idea. if so? then we can more easily nudge things along. another way we may get somewhere is if she feels able to chat to other females already in the lifestyle . often inhibitions from society and free of family and friends can be very powerful .

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            Hi Mature, thanks for the reply
            K and I had another chat last night which went well, she is getting more relaxed with the idea all the time.
            Your point about inhibitions etc is a good one, we have a holiday coming up and that might prove to be an ideal place to take things forward. A lot of time around the pool with semi naked men and nobody at all that K will ever see again after the two weeks.

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