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        Hello. I’m fairly new to being cucked, and for the most part I’m really enjoying it. A huge mix of excitement, and humiliation.

        The one thing I’m really struggling with though, is being locked. Im required to be caged, and naked every time, and it’s so frustrating. I want to be able to edge, and cum while watching, but she says it’s distracting, and wants me locked.

        Anyone else in this situation? How do you deal with it?

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          Not in that situation, I wish I was!
          I think being locked while being cucked is a good thing and being locked up is a sign of respect.

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            Yes for some it can be a distraction. Even being in the same room can be a distraction. Be a good cuck and obey.

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              I don’t have much choice lol. It’s just so frustrating

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