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        My wife H and I started this cuckold lifestyle many years ago when she bumped into a former long term lover out shopping and – eventually – admitted she wanted to fuck him.

        I didnt see our relationship threatened by her request, and was quite thrilled about hearing all about it.

        Over nearly 30 years the met and fucked countless times. He thought he was having an affair with her where in fact she was coming home and fucking me while telling me everything. It only stopped after he had two heart attacks (not with her I am pleased to say). But she has a couple more ‘new’ friends that keep her smiling

        There was no humiliation or degrading aspect to our fun and still isnt. I love that she enjoys sex with her Bull as much as she does me, and especially the secrecy part as they must never know

        I rarely see accounts here from guys like me that do NOT feel humiliated, degraded or in any way lesser than the Bull. Its just an act of love to see my wife so excited

        So please step forward if that explains your lifestyle as I would love to hear from you

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          Guess you are more of a Stag . Not into the Humiliation scene either

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            Thank you Mary

            I am embarrassed to admit I have never heard of that term in cuckolding. But I have just Googled it and that describes me spot on

            Its made my day 🙂

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              Although I’m currently a wanna-be-cuck, I feel little / no interest in the humiliation & degradation related aspects associated with cuckolding.
              It could be that I’m not easily embarrassed.
              However, I find the idea of my partner enjoying sex with other men to be very appealing.

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                  A wanna-be-cuck. Are you married and trying to figure our how to approach your wife, single and looking? What does wanna be cuck mean to you?

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                      To clarify, I’m currently single and looking

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                        This is a very good site for information on cuckolding. There is much information out there that is incorrect on cuckolding. Your a cuckold wanna be and probably a wittol wanna be.
                        A man that know He is a cuckold and for what ever reason does not stop it, is actually a wittol. Not many know this term.
                        A woman who wants to stay loyal to her husband, but wants the husband to be with other women is a Cuckqueen.
                        There are many different kinds of cuckolds and wittols, or more correctly NOT ALL cuckolds enjoy or participate in the same things. You do not like humiliation or degradation.
                        The biggest MISINFORMATION is that all cuckold/wittols are bisexual or participate with the boyfriend/bull. NOT TRUE
                        Being a cuckold is like going to a buffet. Take what you like and leave the rest. I know cuckolds that like different things and I respect their choices. The key in this community is honesty and respect. Have fun.

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                      I have been a cuckold by definition for many years, actually since my wife and first dated and don’t see it as negative or bad thing in the least. I don’t feel humiliated or embarrassed by it. She saw an old BF and couple guys who had benifits when were dating. One of the guys she saw was older and became sort of mentor. He taught me it shouldn’t and didn’t have to negative effect how we felt about each other. He taught me how certain woman had certain needs and how it doesn’t have to come between a couple, in fact it can be a benefit and erotic to a couple’s relationship, how it didn’t make me less of a man, less her BF and eventual husband. Woman are built to be intimate with more then one man but still love one man. We always hug, kiss and tell each other love each other after she has been with someone and usually make love. I am very proud to have her as my wife and feel it makes her all the more beautiful, desirable. We have playful teasing at times but never, ever say things hurtful. We still walk around holding hands, show affection for each other openly. We have had other ask us our secret but just smile and shrug. My wife currently has a long term BF, great guy that we are friends with too. We were lucky to have the wisdom of someone older early on.

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