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        Hello there, I’m an Asian with fair skin, seeking for a white male cuck. Before anything else, I do not live in the States.

        I’m quite new to this cuck business but I got hooked and want to find myself a man for me to cuck not just in making love but also in every area of our lives. I’m a responsible person so that translates to how I take care of my charge,especially to male white cuck.

        If interested, I am a message away. Age limit must be minimum of 27 and max of 40.

        Thank you and looking forward to my little servant.

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          Hi there, i am very interested. What country are you from? I aim to please and serve. you can cuck me ruthlessly and humiliate me all you want.

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            Hi i would be your cuckold !

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              I am a cuckold and I am looking for cuckoldress to marry. Please get in touch.

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                Hello from Michigan.
                I am a polite, well educated professional male. I’m a firm believer that sex doesn’t mean love, and love doesn’t mean sex. I am seeking an intelligent and beautiful woman to cuck me hard and deny me pussy while feeding me the cum of her lovers all the time. Please follow up with email at your convenience.

                Thank you!


            Viewing 4 reply threads
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