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      So above and beyond AFF and the similar level sex sites… Does anyone have recommendation for any sites that would be good to meet like minded Black Men? We would love to be able to narrow our search and not have to weed out so much thats on the adult sites and get down to what we truly crave. Any thoughts and recommendations would be wonderful. Thanks!

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      Try: blacktowhite.net

      Seems to be the best. Good luck.

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      Hi MaddRain
      We use Kasidie, it has worked great. There’s an advanced search that really helps!


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      Thank you Mwcoupleco and ilove2pleaseu2!!!! We will check them out!

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        Small Phil

        Hi Maddie, did you manage to find your black bulls?(hope so)!

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      My pleasure. We’ve met several really amazing guys there. All just what we were looking for!

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      We’ve made friends from i love interracial, darkcavern, aff, and what was yahoo groups.

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      There used to be a site called I believe “Couger” or “Cougar”
      A friend was on it.
      Used to drive her to her dates.

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      I would recommend blacktowhite also. We have met several men on there

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      for us it would be swingdateclub (SDC) they also post big events such as “SplashMoca” that a Hotel take over and where White wives meet Black Gentlemen it’s generally a 3 day event. But only for the very serious Hotwife and Cuckold Couples. My wife has been fucked by the group’s leader and originator of the group.

Viewing 9 reply threads
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