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      45 yo Bull here. I play with a nice younger couple and had to go on hiatus cause of covid. Luckily about to get back at it. Looking for some sexy advice from the cuckolds and other bulls out there. Currently easing the wife back into it but want to involve the husband more (I don’t have contact with him). I recently gave them a lot of free medical advice so the joke is “they owe me”…..so thinking of some sexy ideas that could rekindle things that might involve the husband too…

      some of my ideas are

      1. have her send me sexy pics, but he has to pick out the outfits
      2. she has to start sexting me while he is there and she reads the convo to him
      3. she jerks him off while talking about the times we have hooked up
      4. she meets me out and I send him pics from my phone with subtle domination

      just a start…those with more experience I’d love to hear from and see how I can push the limits…thanks in advance.

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      Since I am always with my Hotwife when she is with her lovers as I always take photos, videos and always clean up. One of the things that we like doing best of all is have her lover suggest a specific top for her to wear. Sometimes I send him photos of what tops she has or I ask him to pick something out on line that I can purchase for her to wear.

      She likes to wear low cut or plunging neck line tops or tops that are see thru, and never a bra. We both love when her lovers have easy access to her breast. We always meet out at a club, lounge, or bar. While having drinks we love when her lover tells me how beautiful or hot my wife is while he is touching her, hugging her, or as he kisses her, but loud enough for others to hear. Such as “Thank you for having me out with you two, your wife is hot and I am looking forward to having her tonight” or “making love to her all night long”

      Other things we like is, when her lover is touching her in public, example as he reaches into her top and feels and or exposes her breast, her lover looks at me and tells me how beautiful and lucky I am to have a woman with such nice breast. But loud enough for others to see and hear what is happening. For others to know I am the Cuckold Husband and her Lover is there to own her. We want others to know that he is there to fuck her tonight. And I am the Cuckold Husband just there to watch. To see her lover kiss her and feel her up with others watching this all happen and looking at me too and knowing that yes, I am the Cuckold husband just there to watch his Hotwife be taken by other man. This is very erotic for everyone involved.

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      3. she jerks him off while talking about the times we have hooked up

      As a wanna-be-cuck, I find your idea #3 very appealing.
      If / when I meet my future Cuckoldress, I’ll be sure to suggest we try this.

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