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        Ok, so we done the swingers thing, I soon realized I had cuck tendencies and we agreed to look into this.

        We hosted a BBC for a threesome. I decided not to join in but rather watch and film some of the action. I found it a very arousing experience watching my partner pleasured like I’ve never seen before.

        Maybe I was a cuck.

        I lost count of the times I watched that over the next few weeks as we began researching all things cuckold trying to work out what elements of the lifestyle would best suit us.

        It was difficult to decide, so we agreed to experiment to determine what we did and didn’t like.

        The opportunity for her to play with our BBC friend alone, arose.

        We set some rules and i had a couple of requirements. No passionate kissing and practice safe sex. I wanted all the action filmed or at least a good portion of it, with some pics taken as well.

        I spent a couple of hours at the local whilst my partner entertained our BBC bull. I returned home excited to hear about it all and watch some footage.

        My partner presented me with 5 pictures, 3 of her giving head, one of his cock about to enter her and one with come all over her ass. OK, what about the video? I got a 20 second clip off her sucking him off. And that was it.

        I then ascertained their session went for around 50 minutes with some little breaks. She then tells me that after a break at around the 35-minute mark, that she took off his condom to give him head. A few minutes later she tells me he encouraged her to hop on top. She tells me she did so, thinking she would just rub herself on him for a bit. Of course, he enters her and proceeds to fuck her without a condom for 10 minutes before shooting his load all over her ass.

        I had to walk away to process just what happened.

        I was soon livid.

        I felt she had totally disregarded and in turn disrespected my requests to video the action, she had broken our rule of safe sex.

        I let her have it. I called out her extreme selfishness. Her disrespect and downright disgusting decision to have unsafe sex. I told her she has ruined it all now, can’t be trusted and i just stopped short of ending our relationship there and then.

        On come the excuses – of being caught in the moment, dizzy with pleasure, not thinking straight while being stuffed full of cock, shifting part of the blame onto him.

        When I wouldn’t accept any of it, she cried and apologized over and over.

        I said I need some time to work it all out.

        Now that I’ve calmed down, I’m unsure whether I over reacted. I mean, we have done away with condoms when playing with couples in the past, and maybe I’ve just been cucked with the other things and should accept it.

        It’s been a confusing time trying to find my true desires in regard to cuckolding.
        I don’t know where this episode tonight leaves me. I’m seriously considering calling everything off.

        Am I overreacting? What should i do?

        Those of you who are experienced in the cuck lifestyle, I would be forever grateful for your feedback/advice/counsel.

        Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

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          You wanted a porn movie made specifically for you but you it sounds like you were lazy. Who took the pictures? Who’s job was it to set up the camera? Who picked the bull and did you vet him? Make sure he respected you and your wishes?

          Safe sex is not just use a condom but also vet the guy by checking STD test results, ideally by looking at the results on line – either with him or in his lab account. Well, that is the ideal. Option 2 is to trust what he says. Condoms are only about 97% effective.

          Your wife might not be the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to controlling sex. Frankly, it’s hard for women to control if a condom is used or if it used correctly. It’s easy for a guy to pull it off without the woman knowing. And women get carried away easily and often don’t pay attention once the action starts.

          If there was agreement with this bull and he broke the rules then cross him off the list for future play, and if you know anyone else considering him let them know.

          You should be prepared for things to go wrong like this went, or be there to make sure the guy follows instructions until you learn to trust him. Yes, your wife screwed up by getting carried away. But the blame for YOU not getting what you wanted goes 3 ways and much of it is on you. You sound like you want to be an Alpha cuck. Well, if you are the alpha cuck then you have to do the work.take control and you can’t point fingers.

          If you want better movies, invest in cameras and set up the cameras yourself. If you can’t be in the room then look into remote control. Better yet, get to know the Bull and make sure you can trust him to respect your limits. Then he can hit the record button for you, and keep the condom on until you decide it can come off.

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            So, and this of course is my two cents, i would personally offer a second chance i believe. Of course, i don’t have all the info. I do agree that respect for boundaries (to a certain extent) in a relationship is one of the keys, the other being communication. It’s certainly feasible and understandable that you may have over-reacted (who wouldn’t in a breach of trust?) however, it’s when we as people take a step back and take a breath that we come to find what the proper level of reaction ought to be. From the section where she cried and profusely apologized, it seems that she was genuinely attempting to be contrite for getting caught up, or whatever the given explanation was. The bottom line here is that in a loving and caring relationship both people have to be clear about what is expected when starting something new. You know, the Christians have a saying, “turn the other cheek” which I believe is important, as a Wiccan myself, we believe that all acts of love (including the kinkiest sex) are of the Goddess, and thus are sacred. This further adds to my point that all parties have to communicate honestly. I’ll leave you with this, whichever way you’ve decided remember that we’re all humans and as such are prone to take missteps. Best of luck and may the God/Goddess bless you.

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