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        My wife is currently on vacation in Las Vegas with her boyfriend, trying to get pregnant from him again. The first time was in our own bed, but my wife felt she couldn’t enjoy the impregnation with me there. She had a miscarriage, and a month later is going to try again. I am not sure what to think about them going away to get pregnant. I feel a lot more angst than I’ve felt in a long time. If I can’t watch, I want them to send pictures, but I don’t want to be a part of the impregnation. What can I do? What is normal for the cuck to do in this situation?

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          It’s just my opinion, but there aren’t rules for this sort of thing. My wife and I have had two children with her bulls since we’ve been married; once on purpose where I was present and once was unplanned so I was not. With the realities of everyday life, we aren’t able to keep up the cuckold lifestyle thing 24/7. Maybe just wait for an off moment to have a heart-to-heart conversation about it. Best of luck and congratulations.

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            As a guy still living in the fantasy I can’t offer any real world advice but does she normally let you watch them when they are together? I can understand that she may enjoy herself more without you there so she doesn’t have to worry about hurting your feelings, but if they normally share some aspect of their sex life with you I don’t see this as an outrageous request. Talk when she gets back and share your feelings with her.

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            she plays he watches

              Dean it seems rather clear that if she and her bf are in Las Vegas and you are not, then you will not be part of the impregnation, you can change that. What you can do is embrace her desires to be away from you getting pregnant, do not fight it. When she comes back, just enjoy her presence and hope she is successful. I am sure if she does not get pregnant this time then there will be other chances for you to be around. I would assume she does not plan to go to Las Vegas every weekend.

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                Funny things happened. The bf’s car broke down, and he never made it. Now, he has decided to go into the Army, and leaves in a month. There will be no second impregnation.

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