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        Cuckold session in Paris.

        He is my sub for some time now and he loves that I take control over him. He is a good sub and now he is ready to be my cuck.
        He loves that I get fucked in front of him. He arranged a lovely suite in an upscale hotel in Paris and when I arrived he had a big present for me. He got me a lovely dress black with nice lingerie. He opened a bottle of champagne and he told me – “I am so ready to see you get fucked from a hot bull. Get dressed and then we go to a bar and pick up a young bull for you.” I got dressed up and we went downstairs to the bar. “who is the lucky guy.?” I checked out the guys in the bar and I saw a young man and I was ready to get his attention and I opened my legs wide. The young guy looked in our direction and he had a great view between my legs. My panties had a slit – so he could see my shaved pussy. And I started to place my hands between my legs and started to give the young guy a little show. “go to him and invite him over” I ordered my sub and he did as I told him… Tom went to him talked a little bit and then both came over. After a short introduction I placed my hand on his lap and I could feel – that my show turned him on… He had a big dick already in his pants. Tom told him, that he loved to get upstairs and that he loves to watch some action and the young guy was stunned but he agreed. Tom payed the bill and we went upstairs and Tom gave us something to drink. The young guy was ready and he started to kiss me very passionately, and his tongue was deep in my mouth. Then he slides is hands under my dress and started to massage my ass. Tom went to the chair and watched the beginning. “take of your cloth and let me see your body” I told the young guy. Without hesitation he got undressed and we went to the bed room. I got undressed, too and told the young guy “ suck my tits” . Tom was sitting on the edge on the bed to get a good view to see how the young guy sucked my breasts and my nipples and I started to moan in response. Tom went closer and told the young guy “ Taste her – I like to see how you please her and he opened my legs. His tongue was between my legs, my slit and he started to lick my pussy very soft and very slow. The young kid know exactly how to eat pussy. The young guy was between my wide open legs and Tom could see his large dick, standing straight toward my pussy. Tom was so close to the young guy and he moved the dick from the young guy down my slit. I told Tom” Put his dick in me – I need to get fucked. Give me his cuck.

        Tom rubbed the dick from the young guy again up and down my slit, his head of the cock was lubricated with my pussy juice and Tom placed the dick on my pussy and the young guy pushed his dick in me. I gasped… “ It is so fucking big, his dick… “ My first orgasm came so quick and the young guy started to fuck my harder and his big penis was all the way in me with an extra push and I moaned to get fucked like that. It was a big turn on, to get watched from my sub. With more strokes I came again and again.  Now the young guy started to fuck me harder and faster . “ you like that? You like to watch how I get fucked? Cum in me” and Tom could witnessed the young guy grabbed my hips and slammed his dick cock in me and then he shot his load deep in me and I moaned as I could feel his warm cum inside me. My pussy was filled with his cum and now I ordered my sub “ it is time for you to clean me” The young guy moved over and my sub went between my legs… He started to lick my pussy and he cleaned up my cunt. His tongue went in and out of my stretched pussy and the young guy know exactly what I need now. He put his finger on my clit and played with it at the same time tom licked me and after couple of minutes I came so hard, again…. What a great cuckold session in Paris. In 2 weeks i am back in London and then back in the USA, New York City…
        looking forward to meet my sub over there and perhaps i go ” bull hunting” again..

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