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        My sub loves a hot cuckold session and he arranged a young 26 old guy, tall, black, with a six pack and a big dick… We are in a nice hotel suite and my sub is sitting next to me on the bed. The young guy starts to kiss me on my neck… Then he starts to undress my shirt and he plays with my titts and my nipples are so hard. I can see that my sub is getting a hard dick… He loves it that i get pleased from a hot and young guy…. I open slowly my legs and i am ready for more… I am already naked and he can see that i am wet between my legs. His fingers are between my legs and he plays with my clit… With the other hand he opens my whole and puts slowly my finger in me… He starts to finger fuck me… and i am ready to cum… just like that… now the young guy is getting naked and i can see that he has a big and hard dick… he is getting between my legs and with his dick he plays with my clit… it feels so amazing – his dick on my clit – up and down and i start to move my body to his dick because i am ready to feel him in me … with one big movement he is in me He starts to fuck me hard and harder and deeper and deeper… and after couple of minutes my young bull is ready to cum… his sperm is in my pussy and he gives me another push and i am Cumming hard… my sub loves is when i get pleased from a big dick – he loves when i can cum like that and he has to watch how i get fucked from another guy…
        now the sperm is running out ouf my pussy…
        “now you have to clean me” i order my sub between my legs and he has to clean me up … licking me between my legs…. and i can cum again… hard… what a great cuckold session

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