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      Jan X

        I/we love the cuckold lifestyle, obviously it is a permanent way of life as how I regard it is once you are a cuck you can’t go back. Similarly if you are a naughty wife, you’re hardly likely to ever want to be a “butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth” good girl again!

        So with this in mind I intend to formalise our relationship and have been playing for some time with the though of getting my cuckold/subby hubby tattoo’d so it is always with him, he will never be able to get away without thinking he is only just a cuck and can never deny his place and where he sits in my sex life. When I can’t realistically keep him caged. Althogh I cage him as often as I can sometimes even I accept it is impractical. With this he will be branded. He will always have to be careful, he wont be able to shower with guys after sports or whatever. He will be marked as a cuck. I love the idea to be honest.

        Question… Has any other group members (males/subs) been branded or marked in such a way so it is permanent? Or have any naughty wives taken this step? Is it a step too far?

        If all falls well I am looking at next week to have it done. He is aware, I’ve told him he is excited about it and it will make me happy. As far as I am concerned that is enough.

        Have attached a pic of what I intend to have him tattoo’d with. It will be towards one side (not central) just above his cock, low enough to be hidden by his boxers, but clear enough to be seen and very visible when his boxers are removed. As you appreciate from the pic it is pretty obvious. There is no getting away from what he is… ever!

        I would be interested in your thoughts. I will post a pic when I have him tattoo’d.
        Jan X

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          I had a wife who was planning a tat anyway – so we worked my initials into it. I personally prefer the idea of placing it somewhere it can be hidden if needed. As much as this lifestyle has become more commonplace, it can still have an impact professionally and personally if exposed to the wrong person or at the wrong time.

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            Jan X

              Yes agree totally, such an outward display could be damaging professionally. The idea would be that it is well hidden, although should any sports activities take place showering with the guys isn’t on anymore. So behaviours will have to change, but then he isn’t one of the guys anymore. It will be in the forefront of his mind, so he always have to be cautious. I like the idea of behaviours being changed, particularly any manly ones. I enjoy caging him when we go out with friends (couples who don’t know our lifestyle). I love it when he goes to the loo knowing he can’t stand with the guys at the urinals, He has to wait for a cubicle and sit or crouch to pee like a girl.

              The idea for the tattoo is for the times when caging isn’t an option (I accept its difficult to cage someone 100%) is that being a cuckold never really leaves his mind. He also will never be able to get away from it. While we are together he will be a cuck… Always. Should we ever split (couples do), he cannot hide his past and reinvent himself. Any new girlfriend/partner will at some point see his cuck tattoo. In fact if she ever sucks his cock her nose will be touching it! Questions will then be asked, she may not know what cuckolding is, but will soon learn. At this point she may be horrified and walk away… or maybe intrigued or excited or both. She will probably have the realisation that she can have her cake and eat it too! Once this thought is embedded in her mind and she knows her power it won’t be long before she is getting cream pies elsewhere and taking them home for him. So with this in mind he will be a cuckold forever.

              I am even loving the idea of explaining it to the tattooist. “yeah a cuckold is where a husband accepts his wife will have sex outside their marriage!” Sounds fun!

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                so beautiful

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                The tattoo that you show looks pretty “busy” to do in anything but a larger tattoo. Make sure to consult with the artist first to confirm it will look good today and years from now. At one point we discussed one for me on an ass cheek that was just a simple set of goat horns maybe with date of first cuckolding. But never did get around to doing it.

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                  So any update to this tattoo idea? Did you proceed?

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                    Love this idea and support it 100%. The only change might to add your name to make it even more possessive. Please post an udate either way.

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                      It’s a great idea, a nice way to have something you both know is there as a lifelong brand and the design is pretty good to.

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                        I think this is the best tatoo for a hotwife:

                        Queen of spades

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                                Queen of Spade, superb

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                              I think it’a great idea and a real cool tat. cuckolding is for life, so wear it with pride!

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                                I have a cuckold tattoo. Now for seven years. Yes it is exciting but also permanent. I know that i am a cuckold and always will be one so for me it is not an issue that it is permanent. But if you have doubts… dont do it. You can never ever cheat on your wife. How are you going to explain the tattoo above your penis to the other woman? So any chance on a sexual life besides being a cuckold is gone after you decided to have a tattoo Be carefull what you wish for.

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                                  I just showed this to my wife and asked her if she would like me to get one. I would like to see it modified a little. The wife and bull should be larger, full sized and the cuckold’s symbol should be at least half the size of the bull, the lock should be prominent.
                                  In this cuckold’s humble opinion

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                                  Jan X

                                    Went ahead with the cuck tattoo. Love it tbh. the lock isn’t as clear as i’d like but it works. He cannot deny what he is now ever!

                                    Check out the avatar (I think that’s what you call the small pic, lol). if any one wants alarger pic please ask. Others may be considering taking their “man” down the same route.

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                                      Hello from Madrid, Spain. I made the tattoo this summer but I added the name of my hotwife

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                                        Here is my tattoo. Horns of a cuckold

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                                          This is my cuck tattoo, my Hotwifes score board title on my thigh

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                                            coupled with an occasional cage it can be a very powerful way of objectifying me

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                                              I have 3 tattoos – one on each hip and one directly above my penis.

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                                                Bonjour a tous, entierement daccord, nous sommes un couple qui, avons vécue notre première nuit candauliste… Un retour en arrière!!? Ahahah ses hors de question pour 2. Le conjoint-cocu sera définitivement marquer au fer Rouge avec contrat bien-sur.

                                                A suivre…

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                                                Mrs Sanne

                                                  A tattoo is a very strong mark of a wife towards her cuckold .

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                                                    sorry here it is

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                                                      Here’s the one I was branded with 14 years ago.

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                                                        I found this one on the net

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                                                          My wife tatoo

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                                                            Here is mine. My wife had it done about 3 years ago in El Paso. She had me go online and specifically look for a female tattoo artist to do it. When she took me to my appointment she had me wear purple bikini panties and kept my chastity cage on me. What we didn’t know was that this shop had no private rooms, only cubicles with walls about 4 feet high around them. Several of the guys who worked there stopped and looked in on us! I had to explain to the lady that tattooed me how I was a cuckold and about chastity and being locked 90% of the time. She actually didn’t finish it in the first session (my wife wasn’t sure about the lock design yet) and we had to go back for a second session. My wife also had an ornate key tattooed on her forearm at the same time.

                                                            The tattoo consists of stag horns representing my status as a cuckold and my wife’s initials are near the base. The heart shaped lock in the center has the hasp going through my skin and represents my status as her chastity slave.

                                                            We go to a local hot springs resort and always go to the clothing optional pools. My wife has told me that if anyone asks about the tattoo I have to explain it to them. Most people have not asked but I have had to explain it to a couple of people. The one time it resulted in my wife getting fucked by another guy right in front of me and another couple and another single guy. She then gave the other single guy a blow job in front of everyone. I wasn’t locked but I got no attention from her!

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                                                                Hot story! Your tattoo looks very cool to me. Its size shows very clearly that you and your wife are really serious with the cuckold lifestyle.

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                                                                Any tattoo artist in Atlanta area?

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                                                                  I am, as my wife calls it, branded. I call it being marked. It’s a tattoo of her name with an apostrophe “s” and then the word cock (Example: “Xxxxx’s Cock”). It’s a simple, easy to read block font in all black ink just above my cock. I thought about a fancy font but I wanted there to be no mistake to read and understand it.

                                                                  Even though my wife and I aren’t in a cuckold marriage, it was my idea to get it after we went through a rocky patch and almost got a divorce. We reconciled and it made us stronger but I saw how much it bothered her that she thought I would leave and I really wanted to make it up to her. I read about ownership tattoos and proposed the idea to her and she really liked it.

                                                                  It turns me on knowing I have it, especially when I’m out in public and I think about it. For me it’s a natural aphrodisiac and sometimes when we are together naked I make a point to show it to her. More often I start to get hard and she really likes that part.

                                                                  Right now no one knows I have it, including my doctor. I have gone for several physicals, but haven’t had to drop my shorts for any reason. Some day when I have to, my wife and I have talked and I want her there in the exam room if at all possible.

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