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    Attractive, happy, confident and comfortable with herself female seeking special male who is also attractive, successful, sane and looking for this type of relationship. Please respond with polite letter for consideration. I am on East coast but willing to consider moving – or vice versa. ONLY men over 35 will be considered.

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    I am a 36 years old bull w experience from Brazil.  I am attractive, fit, intelligent (MBA), comfortable on my skin and happy.  I have dual citizenship and live in US since 2000.  Let me know if you are still looking.  

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    Hello sexpirate. Are you still looking? Real and serious cuck here looking for a real relationship. Handsome in shape quality gentleman. Let’s talk if you are still here. Jimmy

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     Unfortunately, she disappeared the same day she posted that.  Status quo. 

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    Are you still looking?


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    Hello. I am from România , looking FOR a cuckold men ready to relocate in Romania. Sory my English is not so good. My future huspand: he will not be gelous , he will not ask my too many questions like a police men. He will not be alcoholic. He will not use drugs to be happy. He will not have kids. I do not like kids. He will be in chastity ,during im with girls at the mall or club. He will whait for me cooking and cleaning. He will respect me . He will adore me and Pumpering me. He will adore apple and height technology. Outside he will be a badas . He will be discreet. He will have a nice car. He will know to drive carefully.

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      Do you want to cuckold him and let him watch as you fuck bulls ?

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    There certainly are a lot of pretty ladies on here. I like so many of you. But I am neither hard working nor funny. Passionate, yes. Serious, absolutely. But I don’t understand why I have found mostly women seeking soulmates and marriage on a cuckold partner web site. I mean, I do want to commit, and I do want to be in love, but I also want something else in my life. I want to share my life with a strong independent woman who knows she likes sharing herself with other men, for fun. I want to be the faithful one. But I want the love of my life going out and playing the field for men, and the pleasure they give her. Oh, I want us loving, building and sharing our home. I want us taking the time for building a loving and trusting family of two. But there is something about the pain of being “cheated on” that I crave. I have always loved the idea of falling in love and settling down with a lovely woman who happens to love being promiscuous. I would adore her and support her, protect her and enable her, so she can safely go on a journey experiencing the great pleasures of intimacy with fine looking, clean and emotionally stable men, as many as she can find. For nothing lasts forever. And though I do want a true and lasting relationship with the right woman, my idea of the right woman is not the same as other peoples. That is why I am here in cuckold Marriage. I am looking for that rare and precious lady who is ready, willing, and able to take this to the next step with me, and let me be her willing, amiable partner.

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    hi how are you if you are still looking maam i would be very interested. i just got out of a 20 year marriage and she cuckolded me for the entire 20 years. i loved it my goal in life was to make her happy.

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    Hey r u still looking.

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    I am a single successful submissive cuckold 52 years old with no kids.
    I have a alpha type of job and life but would live to have a cuckoldress as a girlfriend and wife to.
    I am very obiedent and eager to please.
    I am looking for a loving cuckoldress for hopefully a long term meaningful relationship.
    I am interested in finding out more about you.
    I hope to hear from you.

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    im 55 nice looking and im a manager of a valero c-store. been doing that 10 years now. looking for a nice cuckoldress for long time relationship. im very nice and humble and always do as i am told to do.

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    Anyone from London, UK?

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    Good evening I’ll get to the point I’m clean cut respectable looking to please open to anything and I’m over 35

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