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      We’re in our fifties. A few years ago I started wondering what could be done to improve our sex life. A therapist (female) told me some (many actually) husbands had the fetish of their wives having sex with other men. At the beginning, I found that really strange, in fact, an absurd. But then things changed. I’m now convinced that this is what I want, not only for her sake but also for mine. She is very shy and conservative, so I didn’t manage to convince her yet. I have already contacted some bulls, but the most important thing didn’t happen yet, her decision. I keep thinking about everything. One of the things I keep thinking of is the morning after the very first time. After the bull leaves our house, she will already be in bed and almost asleep. When I wake up the next morning, she will still be sleeping. When she finally wakes up, I wonder what it will be like. What will her behaviour be like? What will she say? What will she feel? What will I feel? Will she regret? I don’t think so, because the bull will have made her have more than one orgasm, maybe three or even more, something I cannot do… will I regret? I hope not. However I keep thinking if this moment, because I raft it as crucial. It’s like our first encounter after she has sex with a man other than me. Any comments on that?

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      There are several reasons why it could be awkward, but it doesn’t need to be. Sounds like you are the one encouraging her into being shared. If you want it to continue, and it sounds like you do even if you have some angst, you need to be there and continue your encouragement to let her know that you support her.. Let her know how sexy you think she is!..Tell her as soon as she wakes up that you are proud of her for her willingnesss to seak her satisfaction..emphasize that she is sexier for need to take the initiative to show her your support..most importantly, be honest and open about your feelings..

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      Well first she hasn’t agreed to it so I worry about it.

      And it may be completely different than you envision. maybe her lover will walk down in the morning. If so ask him what he wants for breakfast.

      Ask if the two of them if they want you to make an omelet or should you all three go out for breakfast.

      Unless she’s interested nothing’s going to happen anyhow. Sry

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      When my eventual wife and I first started living together we would both invite others to join us every so often. We realized that neither of us was jealous and were secure in our relationship. We also learned that I enjoyed sharing her more than I enjoyed sex with others so it sort of developed over time. I have always been sexual but not that interested in my own orgasms but I love watching her have them, including her masturbating for me several times a day. Other people are more fun than masturbation.

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      I have my experiences as a bull. In a way I prefer new couples in this lifestyle. I usually want a decent discussion with a couple before any action. I always go bareback and that issue is discussed with couple also beforehand. What I have noticed the first real copulation is usually harder for hubby than for her wife. Often husband is really active and excited, but when the moment comes and wife’s panties are off the mood changes. For many husbands still the actual fuck is tolerable, but I have seen moments when husband collapses if wife orgasms or when I empty deep inside in her vagina. The last has led to situations where hubby has been crying or has left the room totally frustrated. In many cases those men have been coming back when wife has asked them for a serviced creampie. That moment is full of emotions and it should be condidered thorougly before

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      Trust me, nothing changes. Your spouse doesn’t change. You don’t change. You just had an experience together. That’s all.

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      Thank you all for the comments! It’s been one year since my post. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen yet. It’s hard to convince a shy and conservative wife… but I have already found the perfect bull! We’ve been talking a lot. He already knows many things about her sexuality. If she accepts to have sex with another man, I am pretty sure she will like him. She is going to have a lot of pleasure and many orgasms with him.

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        Its good that you all have talked about your becoming a cuckold.
        Have you ever asked her about her past relations?
        Have you ever watched cuckold porn with her?
        Have you watched any porn with her?
        Do you have an idea of what she would like in another man?
        This might surprise you. She will need to pick out the man
        no matter how good your intentions.
        To answer your questions in your post a year or so ago. The answer
        is you do not really know. If you both are honest then things
        will turn out quite well.
        Remember this CUCKOLDING IS ABOUT YOUR WIFE’S PLEASURE. Yours will
        come later. Figuratively and Actually.

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          She is a very very shy woman. She doesn’t do anything she considers wrong. Sexually speaking, anything outside marriage is wrong for a married person. She doesn’t watch that kind of movie. She was married before and the only two men she had had are her ex-husband and me. She doesn’t say anything at all about her previous sex life. And it has always been about her pleasure. I want her to get something I cannot give her.

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