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        Hello everyone,

        Im a newbie here, I had read a few posts in the last couple years. But now i really feel the need to ask your opinions.

        I have a 7 yrs relationship with my partner.
        Soon we started to talk about kinks, she was obviously a shy person but clearly had a more wild side.

        She told me about a few experiences, and a few times she had pleasure with no big details.

        We engage in some conversations, about sex in the first months of relationship, she told me she was a woman who enjoyed sex, one or two things she liked, etc…

        One day, I felt the courage to tell her about my hotwife fet, which didn’t ended up that well. In thr beggining she showed openess but a bit later the common doubts came on: ” is this for you to fuck someone else?”, “you don’t love me or you wouldn’t want this”…

        I always got the feeling she loved me so much she was just afraid i was too sensible …

        Once she told me about her experience on a swing party, which was not positive, as she told, men would do what they want, and their woman didn’t as much, and some was just present at the party.

        I explained how different the dynamics were of corse… My excitement was only about her..

        Later on, i might pushed a bit with tryig to explain…
        Afterall, i ended up buying her a dildo, at the beginning she was not happy aswell.

        But omce she, was so horny she said that the dildo should have been closed..

        We started to use it afterwards a few times.

        Once she openly, asked me if she could come on it, and i said YES!?, and she did it and expressing that she was coming on it … And big load big time!

        Another time, she came on it, while again expressing that she was fucking another, and asking me if i liked it.

        A third time happened , after i came on her, she immediately started fucking the dildo… I was so surprised…

        Well, sometimes she was asking what about i fucked a neighbour, and i said i was not so comfortable about close people, who could damage our intimate lifes.

        Well, all this then fade out… As her doubts were still on, and other issues came upon…

        She also once, promised me to go to a club as a present to me…. And jesus my heart just beat so fast…

        We never talked about, or roleplay, for a couple of time now…

        What do u think, was she up to it??

        Thanks everybody!!! 🙂

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        Cathy & Jerry

          You might have taken it a bit too fast but being that we don’t know your wife it’s hard to say for sure. If it’s only been a short time like a week or so then let it go for now. When you know that you are both doing good together, nothing that’s happened recently that she would be upset with you about and you’ve been either intimate or had nice days/evenings together then take her to a really nice dinner with a table/booth where you can talk without “listening ears” nearby. Hold her hand and say “You remember what we talked about with you having a lover/boyfriend”? When she says yes just explain to her that you love her more than anything else in the world and you have no desires for any other woman. Explain that you want her to have an amazing sex life, more than you’re able to provide and that it would excite you so much if she would explore this lifestyle with an open mind and know that no matter what, you’ll always be there for her and you’ll always be happy to sit with her after being with someone to hear how it went, if it excited her and what was it that excited her so much? We can’t get into detail because again we don’t know you or your wife or your dynamics, that will have to be up to you to decide as to how you’ll talk about it. The biggest thing we’re trying to explain here is that she needs to know that you love her and always will and that there’s no underlying ulterior motive for this. Taking her to dinner and holding her hand while explaining all of this will help because you’ve now taken her out of the “norm” of the home atmosphere and you’re not in the middle of sex so she knows that you’re not just giving her “sex” talk. Be honest, open and don’t push it on her, give it to her in small doses, maybe even let her read some of the things on this site that others have to say about the lifestyle, even what other wives have to say about it. I (Cathy) have spoken to many women and couples about this lifestyle, what to watch out for, how to really enjoy it without letting it consume you, how to not allow it to create a rift in your marriage. This is an amazing lifestyle that everyone could enjoy if they could let “society’s” negative views go, ignore society’s “norms” and let you two decide what is to be “normal” in your life. I have been cuckolding Jerry for 16 plus years and about 4 years ago I met the most amazing man who takes me to heights that Jerry never could. I am very much in love with him as he is me but it’s a different love than what I enjoy with my amazing husband, I would never want to live a life without him. The three of us are so close, Jerry and my lover even go fishing together and more. Well that’s how we’ve developed in the lifestyle, it doesn’t mean that you will do the same thing, well that’s enough of us lol, this about you and your developing (hopefully) new lifestyle. You’ll do fine if you’re honest and not pushy about it. Show her these websites, let her get a good idea of how it works for
          thousands of married couples around the world.

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              Thank you so much for reading and for your words!

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              Anyone else who would like to share his,/her opinion?

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                  Be Open. Be honest.

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                  When I suggested to my wife to bring lovers into our marital bed, she reacted with total rejection. For months, however, I drew her attention back to the topic of extramarital relationships in text and pictures.
                  At some point, she agreed to an erotic massage with four hands.
                  Together, we searched for a teammate on the Internet who would also appeal to her.
                  As expected, this massage of course got completely out of hand and fucked my wife in front of me with our team mate.
                  My wife was like out of her mind, digging her fingernails into his ass, arching her back so that he penetrated deep into her.
                  His balls slapped loudly against her ass and my wife chased her orgasms, which must have shot through her body like waves and made her muscles vibrate.
                  Seven days later, riding me and climaxing she almost screamed it “Ja ich will einen Liebhaber ”

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