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        The wife got invited out by a girlfriend who is a swinger, she heard we are looking to try cuckolding and she wants to help.

        Reading the site, a first date/night out hints at the goal of touching another cock and maybe some kissing.

        Any good goals or milestones she can try and hit without going to far and making her uncomfortable for the first time?

        Trying to help get her out of the Mom/wife mode and guide her comfortably to cuckolding. She is willing, and thinks it maybe fun as long as we follow the other rules mentioned no sex and such.

        Im thinking of adding, get a phone number from a guy she is sexually attracted too.. any other fun but moderate goals for a newbie? 🙂

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          Don’t try and orchestrate it. Let her do what SHE wants at HER own pace.
          Have confidence she will make the right choices at the right time.

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