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        Hi guys,

        I was wondering how obsolete is marriage becoming day by da while marriage is necessary for sustaining a long lasting bonding between the two genders but now in the age of female empowerment I believe FLR needs to be normalized as the default form of marriage between a woman and a man.

        The new lawfully wedded couple should exchange vows in such a way that it promises our natural primitive setting where it is made sure that only a submissive beta male is deemed fit for marriage while an alpha male should be left free to have relations with as many women as possible. Vows should ensure the sub husband to be faithful to his wife while wife must be given full freedom to use her husband in any way she sees fit for her needs while procreating with the fittest of the bulls that she’ll be whoring with.

        This ensures the survival of the fittest between humans. Ensuring only good genes reproducing. Ensuring full support for the offsprings by the father in the family without any discrimination and his financial and emotional dedication while ruling out any chance of divorce or couple fights caused by cheating and jealousy.

        Such cuckold infused FlR can be the best to sustain bonding and marriage while having a fit thriving society.

        Let me know in comments what do you think.

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          This simply wouldnt work for the majority of people. Alpha males arent all promiscuous, and many actually do want to settle down with one woman, and raise a family.

          We are a fringe group, and small in number, although growing, cuckolding is not an established mainstream activity/lifestyle. You also forget that many women are submissive too, and are happy to be manogamous.

          I also have a problem with the fact that you imply that Beta or more submissive males have poor genes, which simply isnt the case at all. Many Alpha men also carry hereditary conditions and genetic defects. To Add to that, my brother is far more ‘alpha’ than I am, he also has an absolutely massive cock, whereas im just average, yet my health is far far better than his, and this is not due to lifestyle either.

          I have 2 children and both are in perfect health, I dont consider myself Alpha, Beta or anything… Im just a regular guy who happens to be in the circumstances I am in.

          My wife chooses to see another man for sexual needs, but thats another matter entirely, it has nothing to do with Genetics, Eugenics etc… its purely about pleasure and sexual satisfaction.

          I think your approach here is a bit too generalistic.

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              Very nice and thorough input Tbone. My idea is a hypothetical one for future where the cuckoldry becomes as common as any normal relationship and if marriage is threatened.

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              it was this way before the establishment of mainstream religion. thats what brought the scruples.

              before that time, in antiquity, the romans, vikings, pagan brittons, and societies all over practiced polyamory. if anything in a sense we have moved backwards frm what you are suggesting. Manogamy is a relatively new concept in the evolution of humankind.

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                  You are absolutely right, I actually had these thoughts that during pagams or old times polyamory was very common and we sort of had the best genes of humans very masculine males and fine women. also I think that even if many men cum in a women, only the most alpha one is naturally to get her pregnant. Monogamy has softened everything way too much and before that there was no complaints of cheating or exclusive mating partners.

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                  I was lucky enough to be married to an alpha female. And I am a convert to everything mentioned here.

                  I am a Cuck father of 3, 2 from Her ex lover while we are expect the last for her current.

                  My most humbling moment came from when I thought i could get back into my own marital bedroom after her break up but I was immediately put in place by my wife when she started accepting her current bfs seed

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                    Traditional polygamy is flawed in at least one sense. If a few men impregnate all the women, then after a few generations, everyone ends up with the same grandfathers. This will lead to less healthy offspring due to the problems of inbreeding.

                    However, we in the West today have a different kind of polygamy that I have heard called “segmented polygamy”. This means a man will get married, produce children with his wife, get divorced, and repeat this pattern with other women.

                    Once divorced, the single moms will search for a more stable provider to help shoulder the burden of raising children. These second husbands usually end up being divorced themselves or men with less sexual experience/prowess.

                    The result is that the “alphas” get early access to impregnating the women of their choice, while the more “beta” men get second access. This hybrid marriage ensures more genetic diversity without putting the alphas and betas on equal footing.

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                      This discussion inevitably leads nowhere.
                      “Marriage” is just a word that describes the traditional conditions and (social) expectations of a partnership. Marriage is by nature not necessary for the reproduction or survival of either partner. It is a culturally expected expression of will.
                      An FLR is a variation of these expectations, feminized due to the signs of the times.
                      In the end, it doesn’t matter what the individual understands by marriage, nor does it matter what exactly they understand by FLR.

                      But I agree with you: (forced) FLR for all betas, free sex for the alphas – that’s a hot idea.
                      Love it very much 🙂

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