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        Hello! Just wanted to ask from sub hubbies, do you feel like you’ve found your place in life and the peace of mind since becoming the sub cuck? Please tell something about your situation too. Everyone is welcome to reply and comment of course! 🙂

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        Looking for a Lover

          We are working towards that relationship, my wife has agreed to contact an old FWB and start with blow jobs with him. She says she doesn’t want to stop have penetrative sex with me but I’m hoping she slowly changes her mind.

          I have received some great advice here on subtly working on her need for him in her..

          I know that when she does Cuckold me I will be in that place in life where I belong.. There is something that just fills me up knowing she is getting pleasure while I am denied and that giving me pleasure..

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            Great News!

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              So what was the advice?

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                For me I can only say that I have found my place. My wife and I are active for close to 12 years now.

                We started by just bying some nice toys to use in the bedroom, Those toys became dildo’s that were larger than my small penis. At one time not sure how, the topic was … what if the dildo would be real? The more often we used our dildo’s the more often we talked about it until at a vacation there was the right moment and the right man for a first experience. From there my wife wanted more and I saw it made her happy and it aroused me as well.

                Now I am a cuckold for a long time, permanently caged and as I write this in my 46th month without an orgasm. But we are still madly in love and mentally closer than ever … if we knew this upfront we might have started earlier but maybe we needed the ground work of a strong relationship and marriage before this could work but we are both happy now.


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                    Your last sentence is an interesting one. While I have been with younger couples and those who have been together a relatively short amount of time, I generally think it takes a certain amount of maturity and time together for couples to be ready to explore the lifestyle. The husbands must be mature enough to admit their desires to themselves and confident enough to tell their wives. The wives need to be open minded enough to listen to their husbands and trust that their marriage can support exploring things.

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                  Taste Tester

                    I thought that I’ve have until our 15 year marriage ended with her leaving me for another man and I never saw it coming. I lover serving her as my Queen and loved serving her and any needs she might have had. When we first started she didn’t fully understand all her different roles she could explore. She learned she enjoyed dominating towards me, humiliation turned her on I didn’t like it at first, but I made her a promise in the beginning, that I would always be obedient with any of her orders
                    that she would command me to do. And I did, I started enjoying her being dominating towards me even with her humiliation with me. I became happy with my place she put me in. She would often tell me I was the perfect Cuck husband.

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                      Hello! I’m new here, but a 30-year wannabe/closet cuck who finally came out to his wife six years ago as a submissive cuckold and have been her cuck for almost four years now. I’ve really enjoyed settling in as a beta and for my wife to lose respect for me as a man. Our marriage has changed, but she’s very loyal and will never leave me, so I have found my happy place!

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