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      Hello! Just wanted to ask from sub hubbies, do you feel like you’ve found your place in life and the peace of mind since becoming the sub cuck? Please tell something about your situation too. Everyone is welcome to reply and comment of course! 🙂

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      Looking for a Lover

      We are working towards that relationship, my wife has agreed to contact an old FWB and start with blow jobs with him. She says she doesn’t want to stop have penetrative sex with me but I’m hoping she slowly changes her mind.

      I have received some great advice here on subtly working on her need for him in her..

      I know that when she does Cuckold me I will be in that place in life where I belong.. There is something that just fills me up knowing she is getting pleasure while I am denied and that giving me pleasure..

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      Great News!

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      So what was the advice?

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