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        Ben loves to watch me get an erotic massage and get fucked…he organized a good looking guy, young, and hot…
        He was sitting at the end of the the bed to get the perfect look …I was laying face down with a small towel over my ass… ben placed oil all over my body and then he went back to his chair… and the guy started to massage me.. Ben could notice the cock getting bigger in the shorts.. ” give it to her nice, slow and hard..” ben told the other guy..He was massaging my back and his fingers moves down my sides near my breast… I started to moan and told him to go lower… The towel covering my ass was a little bit down now so he could see my crack between my cheeks. I told him “get it off so it is not on your way ” He removed toe towel and i opened my legs so he could see between my legs. I was shaved and Ben could see that the guy had a big cock and it was read to jump out of his shorts. He moved his hands nice and slow over my whole body. He started to massage my thigh and his fingertips were close to my pussy. He massaged my lower back too, using his thumbs and massaged my ass. He rubbed his thumbs deep in to my cheeks , revealing more of my pussy. I told the guy : “remove your cloth and massage my front” . I rolled on my back and he started to massage my front, my neck, my shoulders and he moves his hands on my breast … I started to moan again. He was running his hand on my nipples. Then he massaged my stomach. “lower ” i told him and his hands reached almost my pussy. ” Go for it” i told him and his fingers are now on my thighs and his thumbs resting on the my labia. He pressed his thumbs together, trapping my pussy lips between them and repeated that couple of times and i loved it. I parted my legs to give him a better access. He started to massage my pussy, using his middle finger to stimulate me more. i was soaking wet when i rubbed my clit and rubbing it faster and my body started to shake.. Ben saw the whole action and i told the guy ” don’t stop” and i came so hard. His finger was full of my juice . ” Ben, lick my juice” … and Ben came closer and licked my juice of the guys finger. And i told the guy ” come closer to me” he did and i opened my mouth and licked the tip of his dick and then i took him all the way in my mouth. He grabbed my breasts and i moaned again I started to suck him harder and deeper and i know he was close to cum… ben loves to watch how i suck the cock. He started to cum in my mouth and i swallowed it all… I could see that Ben was cock hard, too. He was so turned on to see me a good erotic massage, when i came hard and he loves it to see that i suck another cuck in front of me…

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          Good husband Ben

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            very good experience

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