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        49 year old cuck with 47 year old shared hotwife. We have some experience, yet still she invited this bull into out future wedding after the first one. I think we’re headed for some kind of a chastity play. This bull has suggested, she’d keep me denied prior to future dates with him. She asked me what I feel about it and added, it’d be like a mental chastity. She also has admitted to have a kink for another man cumming inside her.

        I have couple of years of experience with my ex and I am not small or limp dicked. The only bad/good thing is, that she really loves my cock. Good really, but bad for this lifestyle.

        She’s 46, 170 cm, about 70 kg, C, beautiful. I am 48, 182cm, 90kg. Both bi, needles to say I’m bi bottom. She’s no slut on nothing degrading! No sissy and feminizing unless she wants it with the Dom.

        I’m a switch so could actually also be a Dom for a cuck couple, but in a relationship I am a cuck certainly – depending on the chemistry and trust with the bull. This one who fucked her bull was the dommish bull for me and my ex too, so trust has already been established.

        I’ll paste some writings below to give a better picture of where we are on our path to becoming his submissive couple.

        When I introduced the cage to my fiance, who is a shared hottie, saying “I’d be glad to be the chastity denied cuck for my Queen”. But she handed it back saying, “Doesn’t seem like my thing, at least at the moment” After couple of hours her sex drive went from -100 to +100 and we had lots of sex. On top of that she arranged a date with the bull and almost with another guy too. A bit confusing…

        Once, before introing the cage, the bull asked her to deny me prior next date. While she usually thinks a bit more about these things, this time she immediately asked me how I would feel about it and added, “It’ll be like a symbolic chastity.”

        Our bull, hopefully soon to be Dom told my fiancée, “In this little game of ours, you’re my woman.” She didn’t answer, but giggled and most importantly didn’t clearly oppose either. 🙂 And “When would the cuck drive you here and get a juicy creampie as a reward?” To this she replied, “I know my man would start to drive me there in a heartbeat, if a gave the sign.”

        We have a 3way instant messaging group. In there the bull suggested, she’d put me into a chastity, ‘cos he wants her to save the penetration for him. I replied, that to me it doesn’t really matter if it’s hers or his decision – I’d submit to it anyway. So I basically submitted under her eyes. 🙂 After that, due to her burnout she went worse, but made it absolutely clear, that her condition doesn’t have anything to do with our chat.

        The other night on our threeway chat with the bull, I clearly stated my wish for us to become his submissive cuckold couple, him being our Dom. She seemed happy and relieved next morning. 🙂

        My fiancée wanted to try sex with me again, since it’s been off due to her condition. Sex is positive of course, but I had the lock on. So I sent her a message. “FYI, I’m in a lock. Had to, to avoid ripping off my penis by masturbating. “ and 2nd message, “And I have to admit, it’s been easier to cope by pretending there’s a cuckold chastity denial play on. Some may think it’s strange, but that’s the way I am. 😀 Hope you understand “

        What do you think? Does the fact, that the husband has clearly submitted to the bull make the submission of the wife towards the bull easier or even more appealing?

        I guess I need some support on this since things haven’t yet taken up. I mean I think she clearly wants us to become a sub cuck couple for him as our Dom, but that could also be my hopeful thinking. What do you think? Is it?

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          My humble opinion is to not overthink things. At some point either your Bull or your wife will emerge as the dominent person in the relationship and you will follow their direction. Welcome to the wonderful cuckold world!

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            Just spoke eye to eye with my fiancée about me being a bi sub cuck. I asked her does it bother her or does she think she will lose her respect for me as being one. Also told her our now bull too used to keep me in chastity and used us both, ex and me. Then revealed our diskussion and my joy also to the bull in our 3way chat. I guess it’s happening eventually. 🙂

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              Last night the bull broke the question for her on IM. He asked her, will she submit to him too. She has previously admitted to him to have a drive for submission, but now she said to me, “But I’m a strong woman”. I suggested her to ask him more specifically, what that submission means. She did and now I can’t wait to hear, what he answered and for her reaction to that. 😀

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                Just asked her did she feel any excitement of his suggestion of him becoming our dom and her submitting as his whore. She said,”Actually no, but it’s only ‘cos I don’t know anything about it”. We agreed the only way to know, is to try. Then I told her, it’s up to her now if we try. She said, “Well luckily there’s a lot of time to consider about it. “

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                  Suggest that if the 3 of you go ahead that you all agree to revisit the arrangement at a mutually agreed time in the future, say 3 months.
                  Also since you all also have real iives agree on some basic rules.

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                    Yes, all that has already been discussed. Thanks! 🙂

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                      Now this gets interesting. Just received info from the bull, that all is clear now between him and her about her submission to him. And that they have planned a surprise for my birthday! 😀

                      Apparently she has agreed to try that scenario of submission. He told me getting an answer from her wasn’t easy of course, but in the end she gave up. Looking forward to what it develops to from this point.

                      On my birthday we’re probably having a foursome with us and his lady by my fiancee’s proposal. 😀

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                        She’s been recovering from work related burnout which led to mid severe depression for a year and a half now. Her libido has been pretty much on the minus side mostly. This year I noticed that every single time her libido has gotten a boost, has been about cuckolding context.

                        Last weekend I told her again that this situation in our sex life makes my submissive cuckold craving extremely strong. On Saturday morning she was all over the place with her heat. A real handful I mean. Then we discussed clothes on later. On Sunday morning even stronger heat, if possible. Then she wondered, “What is it about another mans sperm, that is so exciting?”

                        I replied it’s most likely biological and therefore perfectly natural. Then later as we were having sex, she whispered, I don’t care if it’s your sperm or any other man’s sperm, but I want it inside me.

                        So I think we’re getting somewhere and she might be turning into a cum slut, which I like and also told her that. She said, “Well then, have to start doing something about it then.” But next morning life came in the way again and puff it was gone 😀

                        Obviously I’m encouraging her all the time she shows any signs to this.

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