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    Hey All,

    We've finally had a successful breakthrough!  We've been trying to find the right guy for the wife for a while.  A lot of false starts and flakes, but finally the wife has found the right guy.  This is all completely 100% true.

    She works with him, so she has to be very discreet, but they are doing just about everything together now.  She's wearing sexy underwear for him and showing him her underwear at work.  After everyone leaves, they totally get crazy.  It started with the wife giving him blow jobs in a conference room, but it's progressed to him fucking her now.  She came home the other day smiling and looking very very satisfied.  I dragged her into our bedroom and demanded to know what was up.  “He fucked me today and I loved it”!! She said.  For a cuckold…that is success!

    That's not all.  I sit here tonight…..in a chastity belt!!  As I mentioned earlier, there were several flakes that we met in our attempt to find the right guy.  Well I had purchased a CB6000 in anticipation of something happening with one of the flakes. Unfortunately, the CB collected dust in our closet until tonight.  I put it on and when the wife got home (wearing very sexy panties) I showed it to her.  She LOVED it!  I was worried she'd freak out, but she is totally into it.  Wow..it's like winning the lotter and christmas..rolled into one.

    So a successful beginning.  More to come….

    I will also say that I had the confidence to pursue this lifestyle, in large part, because of this site.  Thank you.


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    The next step is to arrange some dates for them outside work where they can better enjoy each other.

    This would also give you the opportunity for her to wear something special for him and for you to not only help her get ready, but to submit your penis for her to restrain, lock.. and hold onto the key until she returns!

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    Thank you Sir for responding.  A quick update and I'll move future posts to 'True Experiences'.


    1.  Wife has insisted that I wear the chastity belt every day, after work and completely on the weekends.


    2.  She has setup 'play dates' with her man for this friday, but also says she'll set up more in the future.  We are making plans for him to come over for dinner and potentially more.


    Thanks again.

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    The concept of cuckolding excites me tremendously, but then I seem to get ahead of myself and feel like I have overdosed, or something.  I can relate to your post, complete with my wife having an alpha male best friend at work, but if it comes about, I don't want to wear a chastity belt.  Sometimes when I read other experiences I'm happy for the people, but because we are so near it, I get scared off thinking I'm not up to the task if it involves things I'm uncomfortable with.  Then I question the entire concept.  Do you understand what I am saying?

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    Now the next step is getting her to cuck you with a bull you dont know. I’m new but experienced bull here. I’m in colorado which isn’t too far away. You’d love denver, it’d be a fun place to visit while getting cucked. Think about it. If interested email me at [email protected]. Always happy to chat. Run the idea past your wife, I bet she gets excited. Cool

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    I’m with you matmagic99.
    I do Not want a chastity belt, or cage-thingy, like some guys wear in some abusive cuckold videos.
    I will want to masturbate while watching, maybe have limited participation at times.
    Am I on the wrong website??

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      I don’t necessarily think you are on the wrong site, MrRock. There is a lot of variety being described here by many couples. Some practice chastity and some don’t. But as is said here by others, this is a journey, progressing from level to level over time. You (and I) don’t have any interest in a penis cage … right now. But once we have more cuck experiences and adjust to the emotions and feelings they create, we might ‘evolve’ and want to try advancing our experiences and expand our minds and pleasures along with it. You go there if/when you need/want to go there, as a couple.

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    I can’t imagine Ever evolving to that.
    I want to participate.
    But thanks for your reply, Tony

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