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        In 1991 I was a corporal in the Marines stationed at Cherry Point. I started fucking the wife of a staff sergeant who just deployed to Bahrain for the Gulf War. She was a hot young redhead with a 2 year old girl. By the time the staff sergeant received his first combat pay, she was already pregnant. For the first 2 trimesters I fucked her like he owed me money. Around the same time, a 19 year old female admin clerk from my sister squadron asked me to get her pregnant. I fucked her in the barracks every night until I received orders to Okinawa.

        In June of 2003 after I returned from deployment, I found a Filipino couple on adultfriendfinder. The husband was a sailor stationed at 32nd street Naval Station. The wife was a very petite, tiny, 4’11”, 98 pound hottie. I was stationed at MCAS Miramar and living off base in the Mira Mesa area of San Diego. Prior to meeting, I laid out my requirements, and they were both agreeable to her getting pregnant. 2 days before she was supposed to ovulate, they came to my apartment. After a few beers I made him undress her. I stepped out of my shorts and boxers and handed him my beer. I walked around her as though inspecting her body, stood behind her, grabbed her breast with my right hand and her pussy with my left. I squeezed and fingered her, biting into her shoulder. I growled at her “Whose fuckin’ pussy is this-is it your husband’s pussy?” She whimpered “No Sir!” I pushed her onto the ottoman, belly up, raising and spreading her legs. I started licking and tonguing her sparsely haired pussy, slapping and spanking it and making her tell me who it belongs to. Hubby was just standing there, holding my beer. I grabbed her ankles and forced them back, then I slowly pushed my thick hard cock into her tiny wet pussy. I grabbed her throat and started fucking her hard. I looked at her hubby and said “Who owns this slut?”

        “You do, Sir!” I started pounding her like she owed me money. I put my lips to her ear and growled into it “I’m gonna fuck a baby into you!” She started squirting on me. “Sir, may I masturbate?” he asked. I told him no. “You can do that shit at home. Go put my beer in the fridge” He complied, and I countinued to pound her little pussy to pieces. He sat down on the couch and watched me fuck her. “Sir, please get my wife pregnant!” I told him to shut the fuck up. I continued to savage her little body for several minutes before finally cumming deep inside her. I slow-fucked her a few minutes with my still hard cock, then I made him come over and keep her legs elevated for another 10 minutes. I pulled out and went to the fridge for my beer. I took a swig, then massaged her clit while he held her legs up. He asked me if he could suck my cock. “Hell no. After 10 minutes are up you can suck my cum out of her.” When time was up, he did just that while she sucked my cock

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