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        I had harboured the fantasy of seeing my wife taken by a better lover than I for maybe 12 years before I first hinted at sharing her. It took another 3 to open up completely and now, 2 years further on we openly discuss the time when it will become a.reality.

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          We began talking about it rather quickly. We opened Twitter accounts and Tumblr accounts and shared what turned us on. We went into the relationship knowing each others thoughts and desires.

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          she plays he watches

            It must have been about 2 to 3 years after we got married, long time ago so a bit blurry. The cuckold term was not specifically known to us then, that aside the wife wanted to be shared and it took that time for us both to communicate. Her telling me and me accepting. On the said day when her first bull turned up at our home, which I had arranged, she had not meet him before but saw his pictures. After the quick social glass of wine, the plan was for us three to retire to the master bedroom, him and I were to make love to her. So much for plans. Once we got her undressed and she had taken his clothes off, I was still dressed except for my shoes and socks, they both quickly got onto the bed together and she was starting to give him a blow job. In between mouthfuls she stopped sucking his cock and looked at me and asked if I minded leaving them alone together. Which I did and when walking out she also asked if I would close the door. 2 hours later they had finished and I heard him leaving, with some quite words of them planning to do it again next week. The photos are of her and him some time later, he had established a bull relationship with her by then, these shot were taken in our lounge.

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              We hooked up in 97, and got married in 2001. Before we got married we broke up for a few months, and she was with a couple guys. When we got back together, she told me about it and I was hooked.

              It took me until 2004 to tell her about it. That was 12 years ago and we still haven’t made it a reality. Though we’ve been roll playing of another man fucking her since.

              I need to move forward. She’s content, or so she says.


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                In our case it happened at the start. She was falling for me and wanted me to know who I was dealing with. She said she was a call girl, it was the only way she could support her two daughters. She could earn a thousand dollars in a day. She told me she would understand if I left. I asked a lot of questions and I got turned on hearing about her paid sexual encounters.
                I accepted her being a prostitute. She said she would do anything sexually I wanted. That was our start. Things have changed and evolved over the years. I am in a FLR, she is in charge of my and our daughters discipline, as well as who she has sex with.

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                  For us it was present from the beginning i had been dating sluttier and sluttier girls as i found them to be more stimulating to me sexualy and was introduced to my wife by a friend as he new i frequented prostitutes for my fix of lets say used pussy we hit it off straight away on another level and she gave me a few rules if we were going to enter into a relationship which i with out hesitation agreed to and we have been married 30 years

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                    10 years for us. It started with her sexting an old flame. Now our relationship has really opened up. She knows that i’d love to see her with a hard cock in her. Taking it slow, it’ll take awhile (my thoughts, maybe it won’t take awhile). Hopefully, we can find someone close by–someone who makes her feel desirable besides me.

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                      12 years for us.

                      We started earlier with SPH while having sex or handjobs – that took a few years. On one of those evenigs behind the computer screen, I found the definition of cuckolding, I was hooked up right away. I let her read the text the same evening, beging enthousiastic because of some feelings finaly that got some place. It thook a few months before she started chatting with a dude, but he didn’t understand the concept that well, it turned out to nothing. We met an another guy online who really knows what to say and ask 🙂

                      It hasn’t turned into reality yet but we always fantasize about it during sex.

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                        We had been married for 19 years before I summoned the courage to fully share my sexual desires with my wife. However, best day of my/our sex life and marriage. While we are still an asipiring couple 2 years later, just sharing my sexual desires has led to a better sex life and openness in our communication – inside and outside the bedroom. Wish I would have done this years ago.

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                            Sounds like where we are at after 18yrs married. I have to admit the exploring of this fantasy is very stimulating and has led to better sex with the wife. How do you feel about taking the next step? We lean more toward the hotwife fantasy but aren’t sure on how to meet someone and stay discreet

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                                Swinglifestyle is a great site to start; especially if your wife is willing to play the unicorn for another couple.

                                Otherwise, I’d imagine Tinder or CL could be a starting point, so long as you go in with very low expectations & a healthy willingness to wade through many low quality emails/ text messages. Bumble (an app where women have to make the first contact) could be a higher-quality alternative to tinder.

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                              Around 8 years I think. In the end I just blurted it all out one night in bed including how I’d held it in pretty much since we met.

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                                Took us about 2-3 years to start discussing the fantasy and about 9 years total to act on it.

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                                  Hi all,

                                  We have been married for 14y now (both 39) and ot took me 7 years in our marriage to tell her, and another 6 to make it reality. 7 months ago she met Tom. My first cucking her first submission and bull.
                                  Very excitting and a huge turn on. Wish we had done it sooner.


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                                    This may sound like a long story in response to the “broach the cuckold topic” but I feel this is our version of our “un-broached” path. Ellise was in a rocky/doomed marriage at age 22 and we had mutual group of friends/coworkers that would go to clubs together. Her and her GFs would take an amusing interest in this single guy (age 24 at the time) and assist sometimes in my socializing with potential women prospects. They would themselves also demonstrate their own flirting and social skills in an almost competitive way. In hindsight I think they thwarted some of my prospects if ever they did not approve in committee assessment. Probably a precursor to FLR experience too!

                                    Sometimes they were rather wicked and competitive too — drawing in an eager guy for an extended time. But often when they deemed it not going well and seek an escape. A convenient escape that does not involve exchanging phone numbers or being followed out to car. For my good playful married friend Ellise, one time she returned from the dance floor with her new found guy friend. She feined shock to see me and introduced me as her husband! She had never done that before and did not prepare me! Ha! I went along with it, trying to fein a confused stern look, as she boldly stood close in front of me on her tip toes, gave me a quick peck of a kiss on my lips and said “sweetie we should dance”. I loved it! We spent a long time together laughing at the fun antics her and GFs do. I admitted I found it fun and loved how seductive and good she is at doing just that. She is normally shy and reserved but seemed driven to shock me and supportive select group of friends, proving herself a viable contender on the market as if single. I became so willing to be her friend, confidant, encourage her, and playfully help in any way. One night she had a few wines in her and with coworkers/friends after work, then abandoned by her friends, when she texted me as her “husband” to stop by if I could. I speculated she needed an exit and I was about to see how deep she got with whomever she was before her escape. Given her stressed situation at home I believe she needed the ego boost and validation that she was still sought. Before she spotted me I lingered curiously in the distance to see her intensely talking to a guy, both of them touching each other at times as they talked. She was just my close friend but my mind kinda wandered to the role I was about to portray soon (with her improvisation acting) introducing me as her “husband”. I know I should not feel what I did, but that tinge of jealous, pit in stomach feelings happened inside me. I kept just wanting to watch a while longer intrigued to see her excited face and eyes intensely locked on his. Almost wondering if she knew I could be watching and behaving as she did all the more. It was so exciting to experience big time and perhaps the start of my cuck obsession. I finally walked up to her and introduced me as her husband but this time as if I was expected and we had to go quick to go to dinner with friends. She kissed her new friend goodbye in front of me and off we went! Later when we simply stopped on the way back to her car she coyly asked if I seem to like what she is doing. I admitted it was exciting and so wanted to be a part of this if she lets me.

                                    This the start of her comfortably enjoying being with and around other men while am near or she simply telling me details. I honestly do not think at the time either of us dreamed we would be married in a few years. The hot talk in bed after we finally had sex together just naturally evolved into my admitting it would be hot if she went farther with someone she had sexual feelings for. An easy few weeks after we first started having sex. But it was just “fantasy” in her mind. After we lived together and engaged to marry, a much older guy she knows from work contacts she freely told me of his attempts to get her in bed. But this one I could tell she enjoyed the advances he made. But just fantasy for her she said. At this point my obsession and nudging of the topic she realized was more than just fantasy wish for me. I guess that is our truly “broaching” the idea after a year of dating and just half year from wedding date. Despite all the play and signs leading up to this she became a bit upset, confused and insecure that I would want that. An emotional roller coaster followed for both of us for a few weeks. Even the fantasy topic we freely talked about in bed was taboo for a while. Then one night I never forget — after we had great sex and she looking in my eyes intensely with something on her mind. Without even mentioning the topic, her words came out of her mouth “you really want me to do this don’t you?” -Michael

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                                    M Dawe

                                      My first girl friend had turned me into a cuckold. I also had always suspected that my father was a cuckold and that my mother always had had at least one long term lover. I suspected this to be my uncle, my father’s brother and my suspicions were confirmed.
                                      So when I met what was going to be my future wife and we started dating and the relationship became serious I openend up and confessed my true feelings. Naturally there first was resistance, but it soon followed by real interest and then a promise on her part that she would like to try and see where it would take us.

                                      On our honeymoon we were invited to the stately home of a mature friend of mine, who knew of my desires and my wife found herself expertly seduced by a man 30 years older than us and she enjoyed every minute of it and confessed to me that she never imagined for this to become her real sexual identity and a lifestyle she from now on never wanted to miss.

                                      Over our 35 years marriage my wife found that she preferred that I selected the potential partners and that she would take it step by step until she was sure they were the right choice for her. I showed good instincts as 4 of the gents that I had chosen became long-term lovers and every year we go on a holiday where the aim is to find a nice, solo-traveller who enriches our vacation by a sexually gratifying union with my pretty little latina wife.

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                                        Three years for us.We started swinging after two years.

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