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        Hey there everyone, I am looking for ideas and ways to get my man more into the ida of being my cuckold and learning to eat cum? thanks

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          If he is at all inclined that way, it should be pretty easy to move him that way — you just want to go step by step.

          First, introduce role-playing in bed – just tell him you heard role-playing is a way to spice up sex and have him take on different roles that you find hot. You can start by role-playing any roles he finds hot … e.g., slutty cheerleader, lost sorority girl, stern female boss. At this stage, it is is still you, but you happen to be a slutty cheerleader.

          Next, you have him role-play roles you find hot — e.g., he is a fireman, or a professor, or a confident guy at a bar picking you up. Again, he is still him, just also he is in the role.

          That should be fun for both of you and he should have no resistance at all to that. You can ramp up some kinkiness with this as you go — e.g., you as the stern female boss can call him into your office and spank him for not doing a good job. Again, at this first stage, he is still him and you are still you, but you both take on roles as yourself.

          Next, you can introduce the idea of role-playing the same roles, but now it is an amorphous undefined person and not you. Start with your roles – e.g., you play a lost sorority girl, but you are not you — you are some random hot girl, you can make up a name (say, Brittany, or Candy). No man would find that anything but totally hot.

          Once you have established the idea of you being another girl in a role, you can ask him to be another guy in one of the roles you have already role-played … e.g., he is a fireman, but now a random one, named Dirk or Clark or whatever (random, not someone you know), who has come to the house because your alarm went off. If he objects at all about him being another man (which he honestly won’t, because he will find it hot), you can just say that you played a different person and he liked it, it is not fair if you cannot enjoy him being another person — it is still really him.

          Next, if things are going well, and they will be, you can introduce role-playing as actual other people that you know. It could be famous people to start — e.g., you are Scarlett Johanssen or whichever actress he thinks is hot. Have him be Ryan Gosling or whoever you think is hot. Then, you can proceed to actual people you know in real life — a friend of yours that he confessed he thinks is hot or someone he works with that you think is attractive. And get him to be guys you think are hot — a hot waiter at a restaurant you go to, a neighbor, a friend, whoever.

          You should go really crazy with how hot you get from the idea of fucking these other guys, which should not be a problem because you really want this, heh.

          Finally, tell him how hot it makes you to think about fucking those other guys and ask him if he finds it hot, and start teasing him about making it really happen. In no time at all, you should have him practically begging you to fuck other guys.

          As far as the cum-eating goes, it is the same idea – step by step. At some point, take a drop of his cum on your finger and lick it up, telling him how hot his cum tastes. After doing that once or twice over a few times of sex, ask him if he wants to just take a little tiny taste so he knows what it tastes like for you — if he balks, you tell him don’t be a little wuss, it is his own cum, it doesn’t make him gay or anything. You can tell him you think it would be so hot if he took just a little taste … and when he does (and he will, I guarantee it, if you have seduced him properly), you need to go crazy on him with how hot you are and fuck his brains out.

          Then, just keep ramping that up .. have him taste a little more and a little more, and then have him lick it off your skin, then finally, tell him you think your pussy would get so hot if he licked it when it had his load in you. When he takes a lick down there, buck like crazy and cum hard — which should be easy because you do find it super hot.

          I honestly believe just about any wife ought to be able to turn 75% of husbands into little cum-eating cucks in 3 months if they just follow the above.

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