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        Hello. I’m pleased to have discovered this site. I’ve been lurking for a few weeks. Then I started writing a short bio but just found myself repeatedly adding to it, mostly to explain myself more clearly about who we are. So, this ended up a really long intro. I’m posting it in the True Experiences section as that seems the most appropriate. If you’re interested, read on.

        I am Melissa and I’m now in my early 40s. My husband and servant John (“Bluey”) is 49 (almost 50). Our lifestyle began mildly, shortly after we met, with bondage, a bit of roleplay and a lot of oral sex (for me). Initially our fun only took place on Friday and Saturday nights and it was only temporary ‘play’ for a few hours.
        However, we both enjoyed it a lot, so things steadily became more permanent and over a few more months my dominance evolved into a consensual 24/7 Female-led relationship. We experimented with short term chastity which grew from John using a plastic ‘toy’ cage just for a few hours, to him wearing the first of our steel devices for few days at a time.

        We still had occasional penetrative PIV sex but as we progressed it became increasingly less frequent. 24/7 chastity really upped our dynamic and I imposed longer and longer periods of denial on him. We both loved what sexual frustration did to him and to our relationship and marriage. Penetrative sex shifted from a weekly event to a monthly treat. I started teasing him that I shouldn’t have to ‘go without’ for that long.

        We both knew what I was saying. Cuckolding was the obvious next step. We started using vibrators and sex toys to roleplay our fantasies. I phased out penetrative sex with John altogether. Seven months later, we finally turned fantasy into reality when I found a long-term boyfriend.

        John and I have no children but both of us work in challenging professional careers and we also enjoy a busy vanilla social life. I can assure you that my days are NOT spent dressed in a leather catsuit brandishing my whip or fucking random guys! As a rule, we spend our working weeks (Mon-Fri) pretty much like any ‘normal’ couple, although with an underlying Mistress-servant dynamic. Whereas our weekends are all about having fun!

        I’ve never written any of this down before or written to any site like this, so forgive the rambling stream of consciousness. I’m NOT looking for hook-ups or counselling. I know that what we do is only one type of cuckolding and some people won’t approve of us. Besides this site seems a little quiet nowadays. But constructive thoughts and imaginative ideas would be welcome. And please don’t judge me until you’ve walked a mile in these high heels.

        I’m a tall (5’ 10”), willowy honey-blonde with a few, first grey streaks emerging in my hair. I’m half English and half Swedish. I have big boobs (E-cup) and a big laugh too, but a serious side as well when it comes to my work. Friends have long joked that I’m a ‘Schizo’; two people in one, a bubbly nympho but a studious librarian too, both fighting for supremacy in my day to day life.

        John (also known by me as “J” and “Bluey”) is the love of my life, even if we express our love in ways most people might misunderstand. He’s tall (6’ 1”) – which is a physical prerequisite for me – dark-haired and rather handsome. He works in finance and is a natural salesman; a gregarious but diligent people-pleaser. We both earn good money.

        His chastity is the basis of our marital relationship and above all our sex life. He now performs his husbandly duty to me 100percent manually and orally. He’s an excellent masseur and we still have fantastic oral sex 2-3 times a week. Phasing out and eventually ending penetrative sex was a joint decision but imposed by me. The last time we fucked together, way back in 2018, felt like I was ending things with a lover. But on this occasion my new lover was simply a different version of the old one.

        For the past 5 years, he’s almost always been locked 24/7 in one of our collection of chastity cages, including daytime at his office (discreetly, of course). I’d guess he’s spent 98 percent of all those hours caged, night and day. We’ve never had a problem. We’ve bought custom-made, surgical grade steel devices and we’re careful about hygiene and moisturizer to avoid chafing. Living and showering with his genitals caged is now as normal for John as doing his teeth and shaving in the morning.

        Over the same period, I’ve learned to have very little interest in his orgasms. He asked me not merely to display that uncaring attitude, but genuinely to FEEL like that. I’m not a sociopath so it took me a while. I’m no manhater either. Straight females are conditioned to want the guy they love to have orgasms. That’s how I was brought up, so to speak.

        So, I had to train myself to think differently. What started out as just a kink became a lifestyle. We both decided John should consider himself permanently chaste. No orgasms at all. Then, if and when I allow him some kind of meagre release every month or so, I’m actually being super-kind to him, almost soft on him. He never gets a proper, ‘full blown’, orgasm but, if he’s lucky, he occasionally gets to take the edge off his constant, nagging frustration. That probably sounds unkind but bear in mind it’s the lifestyle he wants, as well as I want for him.

        Meanwhile, I’ve trained myself to focus solely on the reward he gets from serving me, and not on his conventional male needs. I ignore the fact I love him and that he still finds denial very hard. He says it never seems to get easier. He actually has a high libido and enjoyed pretty much daily orgasms for 30 years (from puberty until he was 42).

        So, I enjoy his denial, as well as the effect it has on him. Last year he had 16 ‘releases of semen’ which I regard as generous. Once per month is par. His penis is basically a conduit for urine. Releases are primarily for prostate health and any pleasure he gets is a bonus. Most of the pleasure is mine. I enjoy coming up with new ways to make his orgasms as meagre for him, and as entertaining for me, as possible.

        But I don’t lock his cock and forget about it. On the contrary in fact. Firstly, it’s actually a pretty one and a decent ‘standard-issue’ size. John doesn’t fit the small-cocked wimp cliché at all. It’s not all veined and gnarly either. He keeps his groin totally depilated and has a tattoo where his pubic hair used to be. I love the appearance of his handsome erection jutting out when I want to tease or play with ‘my cock’.

        I enjoy certain types of CBT play (nettles, hot wax, Deep Heat cream, capsaicin, ice cubes etc.) but not needles or anything like that. I’m squeamish. I never hit, punch or bruise his balls. I allow him to get an erection at least weekly, but normally 2 (or even 3) times a week after his hygienic shower. I relax in the bathtub and watch him stroke his cock for 10-15 minutes. He doesn’t get an orgasm but his muscle tissue and edging skills require regular work outs. I don’t want some monk who eventually forgets what the feeling’s like and so doesn’t miss it.

        Every weekday after work, his first job is to shave his face again, before preparing our evening meal. I like him clean-shaven and smooth, just in case. One or two evenings a week, I ride his face, sometimes in front of the TV, other times with him tied spreadeagled on our bed. I only depilate my bush every two weeks so I develop a nice stubble in between groomings. Sometimes he has to go to work the next morning with a bit of a rash on his jawline. I’m a heavy ride and I grind my rough bristles against his babyface.

        Sometimes before I face-sit him, I unlock his 24/7 cage and lock his spiked one on him instead. It punishes his slightest attempt to erect. I can feel the hiss of air in my crevice when a pin pricks his flesh. Of course, I like it that he enjoys licking me but that’s not the point. Our joint goal is for him to focus entirely on me and not even think about his own arousal.

        Other times I unlock him and play with his cock instead, like a set of reins. I occasionally give it a good smear of Deep Heat cream to warm him up. I enjoy toying with its hard, tormented frustration. Mostly I just edge him while he gives me several orgasms with his lips and tongue.

        But about once every couple of months I give him a ruined orgasm ‘reward’ while I ride his face. I know his body very well now. I can judge letting go exactly 3-5 seconds before his orgasm. His system literally has to dredge the semen up his shaft all by itself. I adore watching it twitch with effort until his semen eventually emerges, sometimes in a spurt, but other times only in blobs, if I’ve timed it exactly right.

        It puddles in his belly button ready for me to feed him. When I’m feeling super-generous I only ‘half-ruin’ his orgasm. But I have no strict schedule. His hand-job orgasms are only about half of his annual ‘releases’ (I’ll come to the others later). Sometimes I might tip him over the edge twice in the same month. Other times I’ve made him wait three months. There are no rules, no ratio of my orgasms to his, anything restricting like that. It really just depends on a combination of my mood and his obedience and performance. Our regime ensures he willingly does 95pc of our housework and admin/domestic tasks to the best of his ability.

        I was married before, plus I had also had about 20 partners, ranging from longish-term boyfriends to brief romances to one-nighters, so typical single woman behaviour in my 20s but I was never promiscuous. When I eventually married John, at that time I never imagined being unfaithful or cuckolding him.

        On the other hand, when we did finally discuss it, I was hardly a shy wallflower or daunted by the idea of adding to my numbers. I started with an ex-boyfriend of mine, as a try out, just to get a taste. In fact, my ex was never even aware that John knew about us. He thought we were just having an ‘old time’s sake’ affair. But, of course, I kept my husband fully informed and I ensured that he got a taste too!

        Adding cuckolding to our relationship has been fantastic for both of us, in our own different ways. I’d been uncomfortable with humiliation when we were just the two of us ‘playing’ together. It all felt a bit false, staged, and even silly, me pretending to ‘despise’ John when he knows I don’t. However, adding a third person, with the humiliation inherent in cuckolding, changed all that.

        I knew I wanted a ‘proper’ boyfriend. I didn’t only want sex. For us it’s about intense ‘emotional SM’ and not just me fucking around. John didn’t want to have any say in who I chose. He didn’t try and impose any terms or limitations. Although I’ve never done it, we’d both like me to fuck one of his friends or colleagues some day in the future, even if that has to appear to be an ‘affair’ rather than overt ‘cuckolding’.

        Steve’s nickname for me is ‘Cougar’! He’s a couple of years younger than me, and almost a decade younger than John, which adds an extra dash of humiliation. When we met Steve was going through a divorce himself and he was looking for the type of relationship that I was; ie. ‘committed and exclusive but not full time’, and long distance not local. Plus, he said he was more than happy to include and dominate John.

        Sadly, it’s finally ended, after four incredible years, during which Steve visited us almost every other weekend whenever possible (he has custody of his young daughter twice a month). He became a great, and above all trusted, friend to both of us, as well as my lover, and John’s Master (“Sir”).

        Covid and lockdowns obviously caused a hiatus in the middle of our time together but that was only temporary. We spent the first and third lockdowns apart, but Steve arranged to live in our household ‘bubble’ during the seven weeks of Lockdown 2. That was super-intense.

        I imagine that having one exclusive boyfriend is very different to my perception of the hot-wife lifestyle of ‘casual play with random guys’ (in fact, John and I are now planning a vacation for a couple of weeks next summer to a resort where I can hopefully experience that kind of thing, just as a one-off). But, personally, I’m more emotionally and sexually suited to the former lifestyle. Steve said he’d be fine with me having protected sex (with condoms) with other guys if that’s what I wanted. But I was fine with only him. I stuck the knife in by pledging fidelity to my boyfriend in front of my husband!

        There seem to us to be two sorts of ‘extreme’ relationship; (a) extreme quantity where a wife has numerous partners, and (b) the type of extreme that we indulge in, which pushes boundaries but only within our closed triangle. Genuine trust between all parties is essential to making our kind of ‘extreme’ work (a few laughs along the way are essential too).

        I guess this is long enough for an intro. If people are interested, I’ll come to the cuckolding in part two.

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        Cathy & Jerry

          Your story is very much like our own in many ways but of course not completely. I have been cuckolding my hubby (Jerry) for almost 17 of our 31 years married. I cut him off intercourse a little over 9 years ago when I met a nice man I wanted fidelity with (with my husband’s permission and enjoyment). He’s been cut off ever since then and I’ve had a few boyfriends since then as well but I’ve been with my current lover for over two years and we are very much in love, not like the “love” I’ve experienced with the others. Much like your situation I couldn’t see myself without a lover in my bed for god knows how long when Covid rules were dished out, so we moved him in with us and it’s been wonderful! Jerry stays in the guest room and we have the main bedroom (which was suggested by Jerry, I was going to move my lover into the guest room). I sleep with Jerry twice a week but no intercourse but he enjoys performing oral on me and I’ll stroke him to completion but not every time. Jerry says he greatly enjoys listening to us making love in our room above him, and masturbates while listening and we’re happy to supply him with the encouragement to entertainment himself lol. Anyway I thought I’d be the first to respond and give a little history on our end. Good to see more couples enjoying this amazing lifestyle. Cathy

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              Just giving a major “heads-up” to everyone about the so-called “operator” of this website who calls himself, “Luvr.” He gives the disclaimer about all the things he is not allowed to have people talk about in the chat rooms because he is actually a convicted rapist. If he allows any of the disclaimer topics for discussion in the chat rooms, then the Arizona Parole Board will incarcerate him once again.

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                Cathy & Jerry

                  If you can’t provide proof to support your accusations then it looks like you’re just “bent” because you didn’t get your way with something in here. Show your proof or walk away, leave the web site.

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                    Hello.everyone mybeife and I got intomthe lifrstyle 5 years go she has 3 guys thst she seesone of them.about every three weeks
                    .She cages me in.CB 6000 with points of intrugur
                    She denoes ne sex a day or two.brfpre her dates . Im.not alllowed to touvh her or kiss her at thede times she loves to.get dressed up.and walk around the house in lingerie..and rib against me or kiss my neck.i cant touch her The day of her date she wisiy actoss from.me having a drink and spread her legs so i can see she is not wesring anything under my moni skirt
                    .it drives him.crazy as i make comment and open and close mu legs she says thinhs like donyou like seeing my pussy..I know youbwant tonyouvh and taste my pussy but you have two.priblems your lockrd up.plus this nody and pussy are not for you its for thecstud thst hoing to fuck me he doesntvwsnt you touching my body or pussy maybe you can sometime in the future. Buy i doubtbit

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                    Cathy & Jerry

                      No disrespect meant but I had a very difficult time trying to figure out what you were saying, I’m not even sure if I managed to get it figured out.

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                        Wow you cut hub y off a long time ago when my hotwife goes out im put in chas a few days before and i cant touvh her kiss her sometimes i get to reclaim her when she comes home or a few days later but i could nrve take total denial

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                      It is a well-known fact that even so-called “marriages made in heaven” go through some storms. There comes a time when my queen or the love of my life ceases to be all that. It may be temporary, but something like that just affects both spouses.

                      In fact, many divorces are fueled by a stale love life – both partners have nothing to talk about, lack energy, or feel ignored. People only talk about problems no matter what, and these same problems put a lot of strain on a marriage.

                      Instead of being a victim of a boring bedroom, the sharing of my wife was for both of us into an exciting, sometimes almost perverse adventure in which also my wife was really into it more than 20 years ago.

                      Was it in 2003 when my wife agreed to an erotic massage with 4 hands. She only wanted to know how she reacted to it.

                      After an hour massaging every corner of her body, she held a stiff cock in each hand and whispered only that she wanted a penetration. I let our teammate go first and was speechless as she spread her legs for him. Positioned his cook with one hand and when he penetrated her she put her head back and moaned with immense pleasure….My wife transformed in to a wild, brainlessly focused on sexual pleasure, something. Her behavior was truly contagious and we both fucked her without consideration.

                      When it was all over and after I said goodbye to our teammate, my wife was still lying naked at the “crime scene” and sensually stroking her pussy strained by 2 gentlemen with the words “That was the best sex in my life”.

                      Sharing my wife was our way of preventing the monotony and boredom of married life from arising in the first place. My wife having something else where she could continue to experiment her sexuality and that we can talk about together to this day.

                      Frivolous dating, on the other hand, opened up additional possibilities for my wife. Is it the feeling of being desired. Is it the butterflies in her stomach when she flirts with another man. Andrenaline and endorphins in your blood when her flirt reaches into her daring V-neckline that reaches almost her belly button to rub her tits or between her legs grabs when he discovers she is not wearing any slip. Fulfills my wife with such a sexual readiness, that I often hardly recognized my wife. So it came then to the one or the other ONS at the frivolous going out.

                      Sharing my wife with another man is more than just broadening sexual experiences. It also helped build trust between us as a couple. In fact, my wife would never get involved in another affair without discussing it with me first.

                      Even when I was traveling (a lot) for work, I always knew when her lover arrived at our house and when he left. Her lovers we always searched together because 4 eyes see better and 4 ears hear better to separate the wheat from the chaff.

                      There is a saying that goes, “Experience is the best teacher.” No matter how many books you read, how many movies you watch, in the end you become wiser and more open-minded in practical application

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