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        Can  take me obtain Srict  control And to lock on me a maximum période of Time à total Be Owned  to sign me a contract of marriage for any relation  I want to accept to à sign a légal contract to get  à the  ONLY à propriété à  live to get à slave enless with nô right  as ONLY thé Mistress CAN do all with Testicules  , Pénis ,are full  owned to lock me permanentely for thé rest of m’y Life  CAN also provide ensure à naked in front of any body by anytime for have à fun  to show me thé Cockold am very excités to become me a BlueBall.

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          Non judgmental men. Open mind . Faithfull.
          Hello. I am from România , looking FOR a cuckold men ready to relocate in Romania. Sory my English is not so good. My future huspand:
          he will not be gelous , he will not ask my too many questions like a police men. He will not be alcoholic. He will not use drugs to be happy. He will not have kids. I do not like kids.i prefer Kats.
          He will be in chastity ,during im with girls at the mall or club.
          He will not be racist-I like interracial.
          He will whait for me cooking and cleaning. He will respect me . He will adore me and Pumpering me. He will adore apple and height technology. Outside he will be a badas . He will be discreet. He will have a nice car. He will know to drive carefully.
          Searching for
          -cuckold-it means a men who is not gelous if a women had fun without him.
          -Slave on my feet
          -No rules no gelousy!

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