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        I’m wondering what advice you all might have. I am 54 and married for 10 years. I have had fantasies of being cuckolded since college when a girl I loved slept with several other guys in addition to, and sometimes instead of, me. I’ve had a long history of kinks–and to be honest sexual addiction. I am particularly obsessed with my small penis size and a desire to be humiliated for it as well as with forced-bi fantasies.

        My wife knew all this before we married and though I told her, incorrectly, that my “acting out” days were over, I also said my cuckold fantasies were persistent and at some point in our marriage they would come up. Since then, my wife has said explicitly she’s not interested in having anyone else in our sex life–and she’s also not interested in my wearing panties etc, though, sometimes she will indulge me and make fun of my penis (like a couple of times a year).

        She generally seems not as interested in sex as I am. We have sex like two times a month when I would prefer twice a week. I try to please her by going down on her, which I love, but I’ve been unable for years, for some reason to last more than 5 minutes when inside her, if that long (this wasn’t a problem, strangely enough when I was younger). But she says she’s happy with out sex life.

        Anyway, I don’t know what to do with all these fantasies. Nothing gets me off so much as thinking about and seeing wives get fucked by other men, sph, and forced-bi fantasies. But, like I said, my wife is not interested. She’s not into pornography either, though will sometimes play with sex toys.

        I’m not interested in getting divorced but wish I didn’t have to sneak around on sites like this and don’t know what to do.

        Thoughts, suggestions?


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          I’ve been friends with cucks (yes, we become friends when I fuck their wives – it’s not an equal relationship, but still friends) and many of them tell me that they started out like that – their wives aren’t into it.

          The reason she’s uninterested is she’s forgotten what it’s like to have an exciting, dominant man sweep her off her feet. Or if you were always the insecure, small-penis cuck you are now, maybe she’s never had it. I don’t know how you met, but if she settled for you for reasons other than being swept off her feet with lust, she may have long ago made her peace with the fact that her life would never include that kind of sex and romance. She may not want to deal with someone else in her sex life because it brings drama, disease risk, it could disrupt her happy domestic marriage, etc – and she’s forgotten how good sex can be. Or may have never even experienced good sex, if it’s only been with you. I’m SURE she says she’s happy with your sex life to protect your ego. When a woman is truly happy with her sex life, she will gush about it, trust me.

          You need to allow her to feel what it’s like to be hit on and desired by someone with a more powerful masculine energy than you.

          What you do is you find a good Bull. Go online and find a man who’s her “type,” but who is confident in the way you aren’t, and is willing to fuck her and go along with this plan. He should be smart. Then pretend you met him as a friend through some whatever (work, some mutual hobby, etc), and hang out with him and invite him over to drinks, BBQ, poker, whatever. When he is at your place, he’ll flirt with your wife – at first just a bit, then slowly escalate it. Ideally you have him over on a weekly regular schedule so she gets used to it – she’ll involuntarily enjoy his attention (women can’t help it) and start to look forward to it. While he’s around… well, you know how to act – be your normal, emasculated self. DO NOT RUSH THIS PART. It needs to be gradual and you’ll need someone who’s smart enough to really pull it off and not jump the gun. Once he’s “reawakened” her natural feminine feelings of liking being desired and flirted with, then you (he) can take the next step. You know what that is.

          This is how I inadvertently got into being someone’s bull. A friend of mine complained about how he and his wife weren’t super into it any more and so the next few times when I was at their place I just flirted with her casually (I’m kind of naturally flirty with women; I didn’t really mean to) and she responded fairly positively. I was a little taken aback because I didn’t want to mess up the friendship but my friend seemed cool with it so one time when we’d had a lot to drink I was figured oh-what-the-hell and kissed her while she was putting away the dishes. She was shocked but kissed me back and he was watching (the sly bastard) and said, “Go ahead baby, I know you like him” which FREAKED HER OUT but since she had kissed me back I knew she wanted it so I “forced her” and with the encouragement from her husband it actually led to sex that night. There were some crazy emotions after that but we were good friends and I didn’t want to fuck up their relationship so we talked it out and it ended up being all fine.

          (Warning: beware of the crazy emotions that result)

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            Hi All,slightly different slant to my post,My wife and I have discussed it and initially she went mad, tears,anger,sulks,but after reassuring her I still loved her,I didn’t want another woman,I was confident it would actually make our marriage more interesting.
            We discussed it many more times and she agreed to read stories I’d found about cuckolding,which she admitted she found exciting, but she didn’t think she could actually fuck another man,I asked her if she could flirt with another man and she agreed to try (when she found the right man) so it never happened.
            What does give me slight hope it that when we were in our forties and went away from home to a bar etc, if she saw other ladies flashing legs ,she would flash hers, and hitch her skirt up really short, sometimes she would even go pantieless,and once we were talking to some friends in a bar local to us about women nipples and some of the ladies showed us their nipples, we were discussing who was best when my wife got her tits out and stretched her nipples, in front of 4 women and two men,I loved it, she admitted after she was turned on and wanted to show us men she was best.
            So,should I give up or keep subtly trying?

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              wantstowatch19, I sure hope you didn’t give up. I think she was giving you a clear signal to proceed! Update please…

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                @BespokeBull That is fantastic advice, and gives me hope with my own wife. You’re not in Wales, are you? 😉

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                  In same boat almost I sent mine this site asked her to read. Hoping she lets a bull seed her soon while I watch

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