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        Wife and I are both in our mid 40s, together since mid 20s. I’ve felt so turned on for so many years thinking about sharing my wife with a better lover.

        A few months ago, we were in bed making out and out of the blue, my wife said “don’t leave marks, my boyfriend won’t like that.” I was stunned and insanely turned on. We had great sex – she and I exchanged a few barbs about this “bf” and that was that. Never mentioned again.

        A few months after that, she told me about being hit on a coffee shop earlier in the day. She was reading a book and the guy apparently approached her to tell her she was beautiful and was asked her for details about the book. He asked to take a photo of the book cover so he could read it later. He did so and continued to compliment my wife. Nothing came of it, she had to get back to work and left. I asked her about it more a few nights later.. if the guy was good looking, she said yes. Was she turned on that a guy was hitting on her. She said of course, who wouldnt? It was nice. That was pretty much that, I never asked more and she never told me anything else.

        A couple weeks ago, she had to find a new masseuse and told me she was going to try this guy at the clinic. Later that night she mentioned that she really hoped this guy hand big, strong hands. She told me he was black and looked pretty big in the photos she saw – not that it mattered. So she has the massage and when I get home ask about it. She says it was pretty good.. the guy found a really good spot in her neck and working it out. That was about it. The next night, I might have mentioned something about the massage and she said “he was so big, like a football player” and sort of giggled. She then said “Honestly, he was gorgeous.. like, ridiculous” and giggled some more. She said he had really soft hands and they were big.. felt good. She said he wasn’t the greatest but ranked him pretty high up. She’ll probably see him again.

        So yea, I keep thinking about this stuff and knowing how I feel it is driving me insane. I really don’t think my wife would be into the hotwife/cuck scenarios, but when I think about the above items, I start to wonder. I sort of was thinking I’d lie and tell her I had an explicit/intimate dream about the male massage guy and her and see how she reacts.

        Any suggestions or advice on the above? Would be welcome and appreciated.

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          The truth works.

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            Mmmm.. that easy huh? 🙂

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            Cathy & Jerry

              Just some small advice from a couple 16 years in the cuckolding lifestyle. Take her to a very nice dinner and ask for a booth or table that is away from “ears” if possible. During the intimate evening tell her the truth, tell her about how it excites you every time you think about her having a lover, but also be sure to tell her that you never want to be without her so you’re not trying to push her away, you just want her to experience “something different” and that you never want to play with another woman. Also, if she should decide to give it a try, be sure that the fellow you find for her is married. Going with a single guy means taking a chance that he would try to take her from you, maybe have an STD from playing the field and even want to brag about his conquest of a hot married woman to his buddies. A married man will want to keep totally quiet about it, not be playing the field so much less chance of an STD and never want to try to take her from you because he has too much to lose if he’s caught (some have permission which we’ve experienced a few times). We’ve taken that chance twice and both of them caused trouble for us, too long to get into but we learned our lesson. Just a few bits of help (we hope), if you’d like a little more help we’d be happy to chat with you.

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                Cathy & Jerry – Thank you for the kind post. That is all very good advice, much appreciated. I will reach out, thanks for the offer.

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                  Cathy & Jerry always give great advice. Your task is to be supportive in a non-pushy way and always treat her like the Lady she is. Helping with the household chores is also always a winning strategy whether she finally decides to cuckold you or not.

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