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        When it comes to interracial porn, it is filmed differently. There are some obvious differences in how it is directed. Usually, there is white girls comparing their forearms to black cocks or a shot of the black performer laying his big dick on her stomach to show how big it is. But there are also other differences. I notice black men tend to “grip” white girls on the stomach more in reversw cowgirl so that the contrats is across their tummy. Same on the butt in normal cowgirl. I’ve even noticed (rarely) white girls trying to “distend” their stomach (particularly skinny girls like Kenzi Reeves) so that it appears the black cock itself is bulging their stomach.

        All that aside, what other type of artistic or directorial differences exists in interraical porn vs. vanilla? I know there are more than I mentioned.

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          That’s an interesting topic for sure, perhaps a theme for a ph.D some day?

          Joke aside, I notice one difference in almost any interracial porn video, the black men grunts “oh shit” when they come in the white women? Why this, is there a special kink around that sentence? A sort of degrade? I would think there’s a ton of more positive things to say having great sex than “oh shit”

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