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        We are an experienced Hotwife/ submissive cuckold hubby looking for a BULL to meet, have sex, date, and hopfully become the Boyfriend of Hotwife. She is 47,5'4″, 148, brown/brown, very sexy,pierced nipple & labia, and shaved pussy.She is open to one time play, but looking for a long term relationship, as her boyfriend. We live a total Hotwife/sub cuckold hubby lifestyle. My hubby encourages me to have sex with other men (BULLS). I enjoy haveing sex with a man while my hubby either watches or listens from the next room. I also enjoy playing solo/dating a man without my hubby. Hubby loves to wait at home for me when I’m on a date with another man. My hubby is a submissive cuckold. He always helps me get ready for my dates, and like to wait at home for me while I’m out on  a date. I also like to take my hubby on occassional dates with me, so he can sit in the corner of the room and watch me having sex with other men& see what he can’t have anymore. As a well trained submissive non coupling cuckold he is only allowed to eat my pussy after a date or masturbate in private when given permission if not in a chasity device.The chasity device is used  to control & limit his ability to masturbate. He is addicted to masturbation ( he masturbates the entire time I’m out on a date, even if it’s all night if allowed to, and will masturbate for hours after I tell him the details of a date).  His reward for being such an obedient cuckold, is to allow him to go to his room alone and masturbate for the rest of the day after I tell him about my date from the previous night.  All other sexual play is totally off limits to him and reserved only for other men. Will be posting pictures soon.

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          Nice post, lbhotwife. It looks like you have your cuckold well trained – good job!

          Good luck in your search.

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            Hello, I'm a 23 year old dom in the OC area. I'd love to meet up sometime. It really turns me on to see a husband as cuckolded as your's. I'd love to fuck you in front of him and watch his worthless little cock twitch. I hope you're interested, I'd love to talk to you.

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              YoungDom, I'm interested, let's talk. Check your PM. lbhotwife

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                I sent you a PM. I'm in the Long Beach area.

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                  I’m not sure what’s wrong, but I’m not able to see your PM. I’d love to hear from you, send me an email.


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                    Still looking IB??  Long Beach is not that far from Moorpark.

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                      Have you found the “one” yet or in need of others? I am in OC.

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                        Hi All,

                         Thanks for your replies. Sorry I have not checked my post for several months. I will be now. My situation has recently changed, my lover/BF has moved out of state, and I will not be seeing him very often. I am now” on the market” and looking to meet a new lover/BULL. My cuck hubby is very excited about me being “single” again, and looking forward to me going out to meet, date & play with new men. I am also looking forward to starting to actively date new men, with the ultimate goal of finding a new lover/BF for an ongoing relationship. Looking to meet local men, interested in getting together at least once or twice a week for sex, both alone & with my cuck. Also looking for guys who enjoy having  a lover who has a super cucked hubby like I have. One who is totally denied sex & loves it. So if your interested in meeting, email me at lbhotwife@yahoo.com , tell me about yourself, likes, experiences,and send pics and I will reply with the same. I will  reply with a face pic, and full nude body pics ( taken by my cuck…he is allowed to take pics, but NEVER touch) and answer any questions you have. Guys, don’t be shy, I’m for real, and looking to meet!

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                          Hi again,

                            Just wanted to let everyone know that lbhotwife is back and looking for a Bull to meet in Long Beach/LA CA area. Please see previous posts above with the details of what we are looking for in a Bull. Please email us with any questions.

                          Phrases we like between Hotwife & Bull…solo dating, breeding, mating…..

                          Phrases about cuck hubby…sexually denied, waits at home, no rights

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                            EAST INDIAN BULL, 24.


                            LETS CHAT

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                              Just emailed you and messaged you on Yahoo IM. Be well and enjoy the holiday weekend.


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                                east indian [dont look typical] light skinned bull

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