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        Here is what I offer:

        Ownership of you both
        I only have sexual interest in the female but I would own you both
        Knowing you more intimately than anyone ever has, then taking that knowledge to create situations and scenarios which address your fears and desires
        leading you down a path to fulfillment and contentment
        I would eventually come and go at your home as I see fit, I would take and use you as I see fit
        I will share you, slut you, show you off and use you. you will be Mine
        Breeding is a possibility but not required
        I expect obedience and submission
        No experience is required on your part but sincerity and genuineness is required. you should convince Me of that early on.
        I would care for you, protect you, even love you.
        I will not interfere with your career or family or friends, you will have discretion in your vanilla life
        Discipline will be firm, ongoing and steady.
        I seek a long term situation, not interested in one night stands
        I will become a major part of your life
        Be attractive and care to look your best for Me

        This is never formulaic, anyone who convinces you that it is will fail. Every couple and every girl is different. The art and experience is understanding how to make it work long term with you.

        If this intrigues you then please respond (preferably via email).

        I know how to do this very, very well. All question will be fairly answered.

        Colorado Only. Email Me at Arapahomaster@gmail.com.

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          By the way I am 52, 6 foot, 200, very blue eyes, professional, smart and creative. Email Arapahomaster@gmail.com.for more details.

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            Interesting site and conversations; I look forward to hearing from more of you.

            I seek that one right couple for very long term. The couple who values the connection and wants it to last.

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              I love the cuckold dynamic; the honesty and transparency. It is the most intimate relationship model; it compels the couple to be open. There is very little in life as gratifying as a couple that has never cuckolded and making them see and understand, reassuring their fears and leading them through living their fantasy to fulfillment then building the relationship to ever greater heights of intimacy and intensity. 

              Giving a wife the permission of her husband without judgment or condemnation; having the husband hear and see his wife in such ecstacy, cumming again and again, begging for her Master; leading them both to a new model of intimacy and trust between themselves is extraordinarily pleasing. Her knowing she is owned and Mine, to be used and taken often and where and when I wish, her being shown off and understanding how beautiful and desirable she is, watching her flower and blossom in a way she never has before is what I seek and live to make happen.

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                Kiss Married to a beautiful brunette, very slim, we are talking about such a relation you describe;


                Found of rope games, we would like me being tied for the night, or beside, while she is getting f… Are you a lot in this type og game ?

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                  Yes, exactly one of the activities I am into. Email Me at Arapahomaster@gmail.com and lets discuss.

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                    I have thirty years experience as a Dom and Master, seventeen years experience cuckolding and I have had cuckolds of five and nine years. I have taught many first timers. The key to long term cuckolding is establishing that emotional connection with the girl; making her know she is safe, protected, valued and treasured everyday. Sincerity and being genuine is all that is required of a couple. 

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                      know if you were Mine, I would own you, all of you. your heart, mind, mouth, pussy, tits, ass; all of you.

                      I would own you, dominate you, make you Mine.

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                        I have had several people IM or email Me telling Me how they like to masturbate while reading My post; how many of you like to do that?

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                            I definietly swell into my cage. 🙂

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                            @ArapahoDom said:
                            I have had several people IM or email Me telling Me how they like to masturbate while reading My post; how many of you like to do that?

                            I masturbated to your post! Smile

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                              How about make them masturbate and cum by telling them the story of my beautiful wife introduction and taming to cuckoldry ?

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                                As instructed by you, sir, after confessing my desire to masturbate to your ad, I closed the door to my office and masturbated right here at work, making my (very) little mess.  It is very fulfilling to give over that control to you.  Thank you.


                                I also did something to increase my humiliation further.  I’ve always confessed online to people that I’m 5 inches “fully erect”, but my measurements have always been “cheating” measurements by pushing the ruler back as far as I could.


                                I got out my office ruler while jerking, and gently rested it on top of my penis, flush against my pelvis, but no pushing back.  I *barely* reached 4.5 inches at the longest.  I kept re-measuring, not believing it, and most measurements came out to 4.25 – truly not a worthy contender for ANY woman. Embarassed


                                Thank you for this opportunity to deepen my understanding of myself.


                                jnh (aka “cuckalicious” on chat)

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                                  I have enjoyed hearing from so many of you, I look forward to hearing from and meeting more of you.


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                                    Somewhere in Colorado there is one very lucky couple who will someday serve you!

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                                      I think one of the more interesting dynamics is that men who are, or want to be, cuckolded often transfer an immense amount of responsibility onto their wife. This may be conscious or not but marital responsibilities that the husband should own get placed on the shoulders of the wife. She often feels overwhelmed by responsibility. Consequently when the husband approaches her about cuckolding it just looks like another responsibility to organize and manage and try to make work successfully. A good Master will take those responsibilities off of her shoulders and place a significant amount of them on His own shoulders while making the husband own the responsibilities he should as a cuckold. A Master should make the life of the wife more stress free and enjoyable, not add to her burdens. 

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                                        ArapahoDom & I had a brief e-mail conversation recently that speaks volumes to his last statement (8-15-12). “when the female approaches the Dom about cuckolding it typically moves forward,when the male approaches the Dom,it typically doesn’t”. My wife wholeheartedly agreed:)  Thanks for the straight forwardness.


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                                          wives have asked Me what it is like to be Mine. Like this:


                                          I see you now. Naked on your knees, your eyes sparkling. You are beautiful, so sexy, so submissive. I slowly began to walk toward you and I stop when I reach you and feel your body. I long for this moment more than any other. It is what I live for, and when you look up at Me, knowing you are Mine, in completeness, I am fulfilled. I raise my hand and gently touch your cheek and you tilt your head back and close your eyes. My hands are hard and your skin is soft, and I slide My cock into your warm wet mouth. I know that this is the moment I have been waiting for. 


                                          I enjoy every moment with you, every movement you make. you are Mine. you are treasured, cared for and adored. 
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                                            A woman who has a husband who adores her is exactly the couple I seek.

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                                              The personality and intellect you bring to this is as critical as your submissiveness. I seek a woman who desires something more than just being tied and taken (though that is part of it too).

                                              For Me the whole point to D/s is intimacy. It produces (when done properly) the greatest degree of intimacy possible, transparency. 

                                              I am D/D free, 6 foot, 200 lbs, 49, light brown hair, very blue eyes, professional, available time during the days, evenings and weekends. I am seeking a long term D/s cuckold relationship local to Colorado. A wife and couple I can see often, multiple times a week with daily email/text/IM communication.

                                              Attitude matters to Me much more than looks but be clean and care to look your best for me. I am real and know how to do this. I am no amateur or first timer being curious. No experience required on your part but a good attitude is required.  I would like to get to know you with a great deal of emotional depth and a relationship that builds on itself.

                                              You are reading this and know what it was like to have a man want you, desire you, think of you constantly. I want a girl who wants a Master to think of her constantly. I am very adventurous and bold. If you are at that point in your life where passion, desire and having your fantasies brought to life is worth the investment of time and emotions then let me hear from you. 

                                              I am very good at this, smart, creative, emotionally available, stable, experienced and have a great deal to give. 

                                              I understand the dynamic between the girl and I, the couple and I, and the couple themselves.

                                              Bondage, objectification, light pain, and control will be involved. I very much enjoy spanking and I very much enjoy putting you in situations you have never been in. I adjust what I do to the person and couple I am with, this is not formulaic.  I can be very intense, I am not for everyone. If you wish to feel force, power and control then this is it.

                                              I always have appreciated that the truly submissive women are so often the strongest women in their vanilla life. Smart, decision makers, successful, reliable. I so enjoy these strong women melting into submission, releasing control and assuming a safe and protected place under My care. Having a place and Man where they can let go of responsibility. I do not expect a door mat and certainly not a women of below average intelligence, what would be the point and pleasure in that? I expect a strong woman who requires Dominance to be demonstrated, for it will be. I expect a strong mind that recognizes her Master and what He provides her that she has never had before. As I said, not for everyone. For the right couple this would be the thrill of a lifetime. 

                                              Just never ever bore Me. The unforgivable sin. 

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                                                The most common response to what I do is that it is exciting and scary.

                                                I understand that. I will promise that the more you know Me, the more exciting and less scary it gets.

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                                                  Most of the women who have become Mine are very strong women, successful, decision makers. What they find is a model without the responsibility on their shoulders is extremely attractive, where a Master will care to discover them and their fears and desires. In reality, women find it extraordinarily liberating. On the surface it may seem counter to liberation; under the surface many many women desire this model. They are wired to respect, want the attention of, want to please and be appreciated by a strong, confident, dominant man. 

                                                  For the woman, a huge part of this is confidence. It takes a tremendous amount of confidence in her life to do this. That takes time to develop. Women will typically only do this if she believes she can maintain all of her existing relationships (husband, children family, neighbors, professionally). 

                                                  This requires discretion and sensitivity to all parties involved. This is all about the wife feeling safe, secure, confident and the Master taking the tasks and unnecessary responsibilities off her shoulders and providing her a safe place to breathe and be herself and be His.

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                                                    @ArapahoDom said:

                                                    I have had several people IM or email Me telling Me how they like to masturbate while reading My post; how many of you like to do that?

                                                    I too am guilty (very guilty) of masturbating while reading your posts. Whew they are erotic.

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                                                      I’m guilty of it, as well.  You are very sensual in your life and in your descriptions of your life.

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                                                        I’ve not checked in here for a while but its something I never can seem to leave behind. I’ll have to read your post but I’m sure I’ll be another one imagining along wth your words and posts.

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                                                          Hopefully your wives enjoy just as much!

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                                                            If we listened to convention, we’d never have the fulfillment and love we yearn for. We’d never have the cravings satiated. We’d never know the exquisite pleasures, because we’d be afraid. Well, do not be afraid. Be confident in a Master who will care for you and bring you together in ways you have never imagined; in obedience and submission, in service and adoration. 

                                                            I’ve had wonderful love affairs cuckolding. The most sincere relationships, the deepest emotions, the best sex, the most transparent thoughts have all been through cuckolding.

                                                            Mark Twain said “One is apt to overestimate beauty when it is rare.” This is true in cuckold relationships; when the right Master meets the right couple you will believe it is the most beautiful thing you have seen or experienced. However, this is rare. Rare because we tend not to trust (especially on the internet) and rare because we do not have the courage to follow our hearts. 

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                                                              I can only imagine what a wonderful bull you would be for my pretty wife’s first cuckolding experience.  We are moving in this direction, but she says I give her mixed messages, because of my jealousy.  Unfortunately, she’s right.  I adore my wife of 27 years, and she is a real knockout.  I wish I could go unfettered in the cuckolding direction, because it feels SO erotic, and even spiritually fulfilling.  I know I would be a lot different with a stranger than with a friend or neighbor.  Any suggestions?  Your postings leave me weak in the knees, so far.

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                                                                Ownership is a beautiful thing

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                                                                  matmagic – email Me at arapahomaster@yahoo.com and we can discuss how you move through this.

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                                                                    It takes courage

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                                                                      I am a Master you can love. I will love every little thing about you. I will love your smile, your eyes, and the sound of your voice. I will love your touch, and you will love the warmth you feel when I’m by your side. you won’t stop thinking about Me when we are apart. you will need Me by your side. You will complete me and I will complete both of you. I will be the one you have always wished for. 

                                                                      your heart will sing. you will feel like the best poetry ever composed, the best song ever played, the best picture ever painted. 

                                                                      Tomorrow’s hopes and dreams will be fulfilled. The desires in your heart will guide you. you will gain the greatest gift of all, the gift of ecstasy and fulfillment you rightly deserve.

                                                                      Never let anyone stand in the way of you pursuing this dream.

                                                                      Know that you will always have a Master to rely on whenever you need Him.  

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                                                                        Sweet cuckold

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                                                                          I wish I were your sweet cuckold and you were my wife’s(and my) sweet dom.

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                                                                            @ArapahoDom said:
                                                                            I have had several people IM or email Me telling Me how they like to masturbate while reading My post; how many of you like to do that?

                                                                            Sir, i’m new to the forum, but after reading all of your posts in this thread, i owe you this confession:  I got erect at work and masturbated (and that doesn’t happen so much).  Your confidence and control is exciting.

                                                                            Your depth in this is very moving.  i have no doubt that women adore you, and that you will find a cuckold couple who will happily worship you. 

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                                                                              I was asked how I approach cuckolds.

                                                                              How I approach the cuckold’s place is never formulaic. It all depends on his needs and desires and the role he (and his wife) wish for him to play. I think he should be included, I think he should be an active part in the relationship, I think his needs are as valid as the wife. I generally only humiliate as punishment. He should be obeying Me, submitting to Me, and waking up everyday thinking ‘what can I do today to please My Master’. That can range from bringing Me a beer I like when I walk in the door to bathing his wife for Me to driving us on a date to holding her purse while she dances in a club. I use his ability to have sex with his wife and to be present when I take his wife as a reward for behaving well. 


                                                                              The woman will never see the husband the same again.


                                                                              A cuckold should relish My telling him ‘good boy’ just as much as his wife enjoys Me telling her ‘good girl’. It should make him smile and send a shiver down his spine that he has pleased Me. 

                                                                              I have had many slaves and some I have loved dearly. The slave realizes the pleasure in serving and pleasing the One who owns them; that is where the satisfaction comes from. Service that is unconditional and executed with pure adoration will result in love for the slave.

                                                                              It is a beautiful thing when done correctly. 

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                                                                                 I will take you, fill you with My cock, make you Mine, teach you to be My slut and own you.

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                                                                                  Interesting conversation with a cuckold: “I feel guilty I cannot give my wife what she needs”

                                                                                  Response: “you are actually giving her exactly what she needs.”

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