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    I want to tell you my story with my wife .


    I need to know what I should do to be a real cuckold and to help my wife becoming a real cuckoldress without pushing her .


    I met my wife 3 years ago through a D/s website . She is dominant and I'm submissive . She was 35 and I was 30 – we have 5 years difference and she's older – now I'm 33 and she's 38 .


    She was much more sexually experienced than me , married before , cheated on her ex husband with 3 lovers – at least – , fucked many guys in her life…..


    But strangely , she insisted that I'll not have sex with her before our wedding night !!! I accepted , we got married and we had sex . It was great , she's a woman who knows how to please a man and keep him addicted to her !! I was nearly a virgin when I married her , and for me , she took me into a new world of pleasure and happiness……….


    I had cuckolding fetish for long time , but when I told her about it , she told me that she's not really interested . And she suggested that I would bring a guy for me to have sex with him while she watches and may be participates . We met several guys and couples but she didn't like any of them , so , we didn't go further . Then we got busy with our lives and didn't talk about this again .


    A year after our marriage , I noticed changes in her behavior with me . She became more dominant , denied me sex , spent nights out of home , etc . I didn't know what was going on , but later I knew that she was dating another man and having sex behind my back .


    During the time when she was cheating , she became more dominant with me : Always required me to massage her feet for long before we have sex , started to deny me sex most of the time , required more oral sex from me , insisted that I wouldn't cum inside her but made me cum on her belly and then ordered me to lick my cum , and so on . I felt she got a kick out of humiliating me during her affair .


    I suspected that she might be fucking another man , but everytime I asked her , she denied !!


    Till one day , she left home and moved in with her lover . She stayed with him for a month and I kept asking her to come back to me . She said she wanted divorce , but I did my best trying to convince her to come back to me . Finally , I contacted her lover and he told me that he didn't know she was married . Next day , he broke up with her , and she came back to me .


    She was depressed and crying for a few days , then she calmed down . She became very close to me and she's showing me love and emotions like she never did before . We are very close to each other now , very much in love .


    She is not dominant anymore now , she lost most of her dominant personality since she ended the affair . And I really miss these days when she dominated me , denied me sex , etc .


    I know she is still in love with her lover . She told me that she is in love with him , she had great sex with him and he was very attentive . She told me that she's in love with me as well , and that she feels secure with me and feels happy in general living with me . Her lover was much better for sex and spending time , but I am much better as a reliable life partner .


    Now , as I like cuckolding , I was thinking of telling her that it's ok for her to meet her lover again , and have sex with him as long as she'll stay married to me .


    I know this would make her happy , and it would make her lover happy as well . I would also be happy as a cuckold in such situation . I'm only afraid that she might ” LEAVE me for him ” again . I love my wife , and I don't want her to leave . Anyway , I wouldn't mind if she met her lover again and had good sex with him .


    So , my questions are :


    1 – Do you think that it would be wise to tell her that it's ok for her to date her lover again and have sex with him ? Do you think it can make our relationship better or would it ruin our marriage ??


    2 – What's your definition of cuckolding ? Is cheating considered cuckolding ? And why do you think my wife cheated on me behind my back while she would have just done everything openly with my approval ?


    3 – I heard that some women like the ” thrill ” of cheating without telling their husbands . Do you think I should ask my wife to be open with me about her affairs ? Or should I just keep silent .


    4 – Why do you think that my wife like to dominate and humiliate me while she had the affair ? Why do you think she stopped doing this now ?


    5 – What's your definition of ideal cuckold role ? What should I do ? How should I behave with my wife ? Just need some advice .


    6 – Finally , my wife wants me to sign a legal paper for her that in case if I started divorce against her , I would be required to pay her a big amount of money . But in case if she started divorce , I wouldn't be requied to pay that amount . Do you think that I should accept it ? Some people warned me that if I signed this my wife can be abusive given that I'll not be able – practically – to divorce her . What do you think about this issue ?



             Best regards ,







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    Rather than reply to all your questions , Sam, I'm going to ask YOU a very simple one: does your wife really love you?

    If you can't easily and assuredly say yes, then you two can never have a fulfilling cuckolding relationship because it's not based on the foundation of your bond as a couple.

    It seems to me that since you two met based on interest in a lifestyle rather than true interest in each other as individuals. Because of this, I fear you are perhaps in a marriage of convenience – especially for her.

    On the point of signing anything giving her more leverage: not just no, hell no.

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    Luvr ,


    I can say that she loves me now after this cheating incidence . If you ask me if I can easily and assuredly answer with yes , then no . Unfortunately !!


    But I can say that I'm very happy with her . I love her very much , and I feel happy and comfortable living with her . She knows how to control me without stressing me .


    I feel that she is in love with me now , I can't explain it , but after she moved in with her lover and I insisted on her coming back to me and I refused to divorce her , she started to feel how much I really loved her , and she started to give back .


    Do you think that ” marriage of convenience ” a bad marriage ? And Honestly , do you think she might leave me again for someone else in the future ?

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    I think you already know the answers to those questions….

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    I really don't know the answers . I need your advice !!

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