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        While I am new to the site, my wife, Lorna, and I are not new to interracial cuckolding.

        Let me give you some background on how we got started.

        Lorna and I got married right out of high school. She already had a baby, which she says is mind (which I doubt, but I am not disputing). Lorna is hot and I am, well, effeminate with a small dick. I really don’t know why she married me in the first place, other than to provide a father for our little girl.

        Anyway, sometime after our marriage, I started looking at porn and really got into cuckold porn, for some reason. It just seemed to turn me on.

        I started talking to Lorna about it, and got her interested in it after she initially resisted. But after just a few discussions, she agreed to give it a try. I insisted that I be allowed to watch, as that was the whole point in it for me.

        As it happened, the very first guy we tried it with was black. He was a guy who was hitting on her at the gym, so she decided to just go for it. She explained to him that the only way she would do it was in front of me, and he was very game for it.

        She brought him home, and the three of us went into the bedroom. While he stripped her naked, I got an immense hard-on, if you can call 4 1/2 or five inches immense. It was the hardest I had been in years. Then she stripped him and holy shit! Did he every have a COCK. I could tell that Lorna could wait to experience it.

        He absolutely fucked her brains out! He just kept going on and on for about an hour, giving her multiple orgasms. I kept playing with my dick and creamed in my hand just watching it.

        After they rested for a bit, he did it again! Holy shit again! After one time I am done for the day. I don’t know how many times Lorna came, but it was incredible.

        When they were finally completely done, Lorna told me that she had never experienced something like that before, and right in front of him, she told me that from then on she would fuck black only. Holy shit!

        This guy from the gym is still fucking her on a regular basis, and so are several other regular black guys that she has. One is a lawyer, one is a doctor, one is a garbage man (equal opportunity, I guess, huh?) a few are business people, etc.

        I lot has happened to me since that first time, too. For example, I have been partially feminized (she calls me her little FemBoy), I am not allowed any pussy, she got her younger sister to go black and also make her husband into a Femboy so that the only sex I get is with him…ah, rather, her, etc.

        I will try to write up some experiences if anybody is interested.

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          My Wife is also exclusively Black, but unlike yours Gerald, mine normally has her dates away from my prying eyes, if on the odd occasions she gets picked up at clubs and has to use the house I am already in the guest bedroom.

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            Awesome.. Big black cock is what they need. Its so beautiful how a big black cock looks pounding white pussy.

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              u have did what all white bois like us know is the best

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                This is hot. While bulls of any race may have big cocks and perform greatly, I have grown over time to find it hotter when my wife sleeps with black bulls. My wife is a size Queen, she is greatly attracted to big cocks and doesn’t care about cocks under 8″, and she is “equal opportunity” in terms of white or black, as long as she otherwise likes them (most importantly in terms of cock size and stamina, but also important that she can talk to them so they are socially adequate/intelligent, plus have a reasonable body – for example she wants them to be at least 5’10” and in good shape). But for her white or black doesn’t matter (she is black, I am white), although she’s interested in other races. However, for me it does matter, because somehow the image of her excluding me for the sake of her own race makes the cuckold experience even more contrasted. I have seen a couple of cucks like that (black hotwife, white cuck couples) where the cuck’s fetish is his black wife being exclusive with black bulls; it definitely turns me on more than anything.

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                  My wife is also black owned and has been for most of 14 years. She has made me a sissy much like yourself and the only way i am allowed to cum is with a man like you are. She has already informed me that when she is ready to die she wants it to be from a Black man between her legs giving her one of those earth shattering orgasms she is so used to receiving. As far as me, she says i can go the same way, with a Black man riding me. I wish i could want something else but there is nothing hotter than seeing her cumming with them so hard she almost passes out and i couldn’t want any more than for it to continue!

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                      LOL, I agree, the best way to go i with a big black stud on top of me.

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                        pantiedwhitemale, Wow, extremely exciting that your slut wife is black owned and has been for 14 years. Amazing!!!!! Has your slut wife been owned by the same black man for all 14 years or have other black men also owned your slut wife? I feel just like you in that there is nothing hotter than seeing my slut wife cumming on other men’s cocks so hard that she almost passes out and I couldn’t want anything more than for it to continue!
                        Watching my slut wife having intense orgasms on other men’s hard cocks are the most beautiful sights that I have ever seen and heard.
                        I hope you and your lucky slut wife continue to enjoy her black owned relationship.

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                        I can related to your stories. I am a hotwife who also see my bulls regularly. They all black. My hubby is in progressing to be a sissy. Share more of your experiences, please.

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                          Small Phil

                            Mmm I would love to be a cuck for a black cock only hotwife!!

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                          Sissie Smith

                            My wife started with white guys as lovers in cucking me but once she tried her first Black Man it did not take her long to be exclusive Black and shut me off completely. She told me her Black lovers did not want a white guy invading their space or messing it up and that she had to respect that.

                            She had sissified me early on as an easy and positive way to be able to flirt with and pick up men in front of me. It’s hard to give your wife any grief when your shaved, in panties, nylons, corset and bra under your clothes. She knew she could do whatever she wanted and I would be too big a pansy to object.

                            She enjoyed seeing her Real Men dominate me as well. tell me do things, like was their car or drive down a bumpy road while they fucked in the back seat. But what turned her on the most was seeing them put me over their lap and spank me! At this point I was made to serve them as a sissy maid all feminized, makeup, nail polish, wig and maids dress. It was humiliating for me but a powerful turn on for her and her lover. That’s when she would tell them I tried to have sex with her. They wanting to impress her and not carrying if it were true or not would feign being mad and put me over their lap. pull my arms behind my back and push up my skirt and slip and spank me till i cried real tears.

                            She could NOT wait to have sex with them after watching them do this to me.

                            Some ask why I would allow it and all I can say is I just felt it was what I deserved for being a such a wimp and knowing how happy and sexually fulfilled she was for it.

                            I don’t regret any of it. I think all white husbands should provide the opportunity for their wives to try a Black Man out and a cuckold the husband. if they don’t’ like it then fine but they should have the opportunity to find out what great sex really is like.

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                              My wife is “black only” for the last 20 years and we love it.

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                                Awesome posts, just wish my wife would follow suite.

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                                  There is nothing hotter than a white woman getting her brains fucked out
                                  bareback by a black cock, especially if she has a white husband forced to
                                  raise the baby.

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                                    My wife was not exclusive until she met Ray at the gym. Kristi is 43 and just loved his personality and found he enjoyed the lifestyle too. 3 dates and they are a true thing.

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                                      i got with my husband when i was 16, im 26 now and have been doing this since we first got together so basically my entire adult life. it started one night we were drunk and had a 3 some with his friend. it grew from there for the past 2 years it became where i only do black guys and its been amazing for both of us. I love coming here and reading that there are other people like ourselves. Its hard when u know no one who would understand and can talk to and share your experiences with. we’ve had so many wonderful, wild experiences and i cant tell anyone. so thanks for sharing. it helps more than u know.

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                                        My girlfriend cucked for me 5 times before she finally had black cock! I had always wanted bbc exclusively but learned how to cuck and progressed with the white guys she knew and was comfortable with to learn too! When she finally went black she said she wanted to give me what I wanted and knew I wouldn’t be happy cucking until she had bbc! We found the perfect bull who was a colleague at work who had experience being a bull and hoped to have a steady relationship! My rule was to always watch her and videotape but that only happened once, the first time! He was a large man, ex football player who said he had a big cock but I never saw it, until that fateful day that changed my life! It’s one thing research being a cuck and seeing other wives do it and seeing your own woman do it! And it’s not just seeing her have the best sex ever, it’s seeing how intimate she is with her bull and bonding, and starting a relationship that is special between them and only theirs and your excluded! It’s a lot to handle seeing your wife offer part of herself to her bull and it’s only for him! And when I realized that he backed up his words with true fact and that his cock was so big and thick that it was obscene and sickening to see your woman unafraid of it, but treat herself to it and enjoy it is overwhelming as a cuck who finally got what he wanted, the best cock for his wife! The first time I watched and videotaped I was preoccupied with filming and didn’t truly realize what happened until we watched. She got comfortable quick and realized how good his cock felt! And she worked up to a strong orgasm and quivered and squirted all over him! She was embarrassed but he quickly assured her and said he loved seeing her cum and she became uninhibited! I also assured her too and told her to enjoy it and not scared to show me that she likes it! She came two more times and he came inside her and it was amazing! She laid down and said it was great and it was so natural. He left and she asked me if I’m finally happy she had bbc and hoped I knew how much she loved me and proved it to me. The next time he asked to hang out again but I was away on business. He said to trust him to be alone with her and hed only do what she wanted and obey her! I said no and he’d have to wait! Then he charmed me and said how beautiful she was and couldn’t wait to see her again. He said please just ask and He’d accept if she said no! I called and she said she was lonely and misssed me. So I took my chance and said Cellus asked if he could come over and see you again, knowing exactly what that means? She was shocked and reluctant. She said I bowed to only do that when you are here and can watch! That’s your first rule! I said well it’s ok this time and try it without me! She said she only met him once and didn’t know if she’d feel safe alone with him. I said I worked with him and he was respectable and would never harm her! I know him! She said well I will do it if you think its ok! I said she’ll
                                        Be fine and I was glad she didn’t
                                        Have to be alone and be lonely! Ok she said but I might just hang out and may not do anything sexual! Ok i said, he knows that and will do only what you want to! I said please make yourself up pretty and wear some nice lingerie for him ok! She said yes! That night was so long and I never heard from her until the morning! I told her I was worried sick and she said sorry the night flew by and she forgot to text me. I was silly to feel unsafe cuz he was so nice to me and he’s so big I felt safe with him! She said she videotaped and would show me when I got home! Later that day she said he called her and wanted to hang out again! She said I thought you’d be ok with it so I agteed! She said she had to get cleaned up and do her hair and makeup cuz he’d be over in two hours! She said she knew it would be ok with me and didn’t need to ask! She said she’ll video again and show me both videos the next day! He called me and said that he was going over to my house! I asked why he didn’t ask me first and it was ok but a little disrespectful to ask her first and not me! He was kinda shocked and said I would never disrespect you David! I asked you last night cuz I owe you respect! But he said he she called me and invited me this time so I figured she told you! I knew she lied and didn’t tell me she asked him!! I felt bad she wss dishonest and liked that she asked him this time! Again I didn’t hear anything from her until the next day! I flew home and got home late and she kissed me and was happy to see me! She had dinner for me and served me! I took a shower and just wanted to relax! I was happy it was Friday and I could sleep in! She came to bed in a sexy nightie and we kissed and cuddled and watched tv! Then she asked if I was too tired for some reality TV and wanted to watch the videos now or wait? I asked if she watched yet and she laughed! Not yet but I was there honey! I said I thought about it the entire flight home and couldn’t wait to see it! And what I saw that night changed my life forever and my views on cucking and what I wanted to be as one! I saw my wife fuck her bull like such a slut I never saw her do for me! She took his entire cock inside her and rode it and grinded on it and learned it hit her perfect spot easlily and came over and over so easlily! And I watched him use her like he wanted and knew he held back when I was there! And she was vocal and told him to cum inside her pussy and fill her up with his cum! But it was the next video when I knew my girl was a true slit for bbc! I called her out and asked why she lied and she said she didn’t lie and showed me what she did! I said you told me he asked you but you asked him! She said she did ask him and would never disrespect me again! She said I was alone all day again and wanted him to come over and hang out again! I laughed and said you knew you weren’t just going to hang out! She said I know and I’d know anyway when I saw the video and was waiting to tell me then! She started the video and she had on longer I never saw! She said she went shopping and was in Victoria’s Secret buying new lingerie amd saw this set! And I honestly thought about wearing it for her bull the next time, but didn’t want to wait and knew I’d be alone that night! So I called him and asked him to come over again and he was excited! I can’t wait to see you again! So she told him she was shopping for lingerie and would get something special for later that night! So she asked if i represented her husband well! I said yes, you look hot! So I met him at the door wearing it and he loved it! He said he couldn’t wait and asked if he was ride to ask to go right to the bedroom! I said no I like that you want to be with me again! And she said that’s why I called you today, cuz I want yiu too! I watched them fuck and it was even better than the night before! She was so comforatable and talked so sexy and hot! She came over and over and he slapped her ass like he owned her! And he pinched her nipples and sucked her tits when she rode him! But this time she made out with him so passionately! And it was so much more intimate and I knew they were bonding! There was no doubt about what happened those two nights, my wife had become a slut for black cock and I asked for it! Like every cuck I advised they all said you can never prepare for it when it happens to you and be careful what you wish for any many couldn’t handle it or the relationship wasn’t strong enough and failed and led to divorce! So mine got bad too but I was able to save it and eventually get married and it’s the best ever thanks to my perfect wife! So i warm all you aspiring cucks! Get married before you ever try it and have that higher commitment! It didn’t work as boyfriend/ girlfriend! After that time with her bull the next times were hurtful to me! I told her I was taking her out to dinner next Friday and to buy an outfit for me that was sexy! She did and wore a leather mini and satin top with high heels! She looked sexier than she ever did and said she would start dressing sexier for me!
                                        Then at dinner we got in a fight and I disrespected her and said she kept looking at two guys next to her and said she was dressed like a slut and they knew she was a tramp and made me look bad as a husband! She got so pissed and said she wasn’t flirting and I should know because they were two white guys and never would have any chance! After what I did for you and you don’t trust me! You’re selfish and don’t deserve me. Take me home now! I drove her home and she said go inside while I cool off and maybe I’ll talk to you when I calm down! I went inside but saw her get in her car and leave! She didn’t text or call all night! She finally came home at 315 and was drunk and laughing but I heard another voice! She brought home her bull and I met them on the staircase! I couldn’t believe she was with him and told me since you ruined our date I had a date with someone who deserved me! I went in the bedroom and she
                                        Said to please leave and give her privacy and stay in the guest room! She said we will talk tomorrow! I obeyed her and knew she was mad and it was no time to fight when she’s drunk! Then I went to the guest room and listened until 5am of them fucking until I passed out! I thought it was a dream until I woke up and heard them fucking again! It was 8am! He finally left at 10 and she scolded me! Don’t ever disrespect me again after what I did for you! And I shouldn’t have but still videotaped cuz I’m loyal to you! She wasn’t with him again for weeks and all was cool! Then I told her I was going to a concert with my buddy and she was pissed I didn’t ask her to go! She was mad when I left and our other car was being repaired and I took hers! She was pissed that I also left her stranded! I went to the concert and got home late and all the lights were on. I went in and she was dressed in only a garter belt stockings and high heels with her tits fully exposed! She said hope you had a good time cuz we have! She said since you left me without a car she asked her bull to go out on a date and pick her up! But after dinner I wanted to come home and relax with him! So now that your home you can take the guest room! And for the first time I asked to speak to her alone and pleaded to not fuck him again and I felt threatened now. And she was cold and said you should be threatened, cuz I’m definitely going to fuck him and he deserves it for treating me like a queen tonight! And I feel obligated to fuck him, it’s the least I can do! When you hear your woman say she feels obligated to fuck a black man and doesn’t care about your feelings being a cuck hurts! And that’s the cuck I became. She did fuck him all night and in the morning but it was the last time! After a few days she talked and told me that she wouldn’t fuck him again until I committed to her and married her! She said I warned you about cucking before we married and I was right, it got out of control! She said she loved fucking him but loved it more when it was honoarable to me and she felt proud to share her pussy! She said she knows that being my wife is what would make her feel proud about cucking! She said she would only commit to a cuck marriage if she was exclusive to black cock and never wanted a white man again! She asked if I agreed? Yes I said! I’m glad we agree that bbc is best for us both so let’s do it right or not at all! She also said she would be in charge and choose her bulls as my wife and would only search for a dedicated long term bull and not fuck random men and risk diseases! I also want to feel safe going bareback with just one bull! She said treat me right going forward and earn her as a wife who fucks black men and never forget what I do for you as your wife! And that was the last time we ever fought or cucked disrespectfully. We got married and within two months she found the perfect bull! She dated him for 3 years and finally had the perfect marriage and relationship! We’ve been married for 12 years now and she’s had only three bulls, the latest one for the past six years! And she is so comitted and happy with him they fuck all the time! The best is seeing them go out on dates and her dress up for him! And she is so proud to be a slutwife for bbc that she got a spade tattoo on her ass to prove it! The best is that I’m not threatened and know she is happily married, but admits now that she priortizes him over me and he fucks her way more than I do! So I finally got it right as a cuck but warn aspiring cucks to be prepared and know it’s like nothing else in the world!

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                                        Katherine Margaret

                                          When my husband finally convinced me to become a shared wife…it was with a black man. That was over four years ago and I am exclusively shared with only black bulls as a result.

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                                            Small Phil

                                              Excellent, just how it shoukd be, wish I was a caged cuck!!

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                                              Thank you all for so many awesome replies. It is great knowing so many are into the lifestyle that my wife and I enjoy so much. And for the women who have replied, especially thank you. It is awesome hearing from you.

                                              How many of feminized their husbands? Even if just a little, such as making him wear panties? While I resisted being feminized at first, I quickly learned that I make a much better girl than I ever did as a guy. I have natural B-cut tits that I love, too.

                                              So, wives, maybe YOUR husband would make a better girl, too! Think about it.

                                              Gracie – Chick with a Dick

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                                                Hi Gracie,
                                                Thanks for posting the hot story about how your wife became a BBC Only, Big Black Cock Only, wife. You are lucky to have had such an exciting and humiliating introduction to being a cuckold of a BBC loving wife and to still be enjoying the lifestyle.
                                                I also enjoyed reading the other responders stories about their black cock loving wives, most of them black cock only, like your black cock only slut wife.
                                                One reason I was forced by my wife to accept being a cuckold husband is that I, like you and many other cuckolds, have a teenie weenie. I did not know until recently that my teenie weenie is not capable of giving my wife orgasms and the great pleasure she has when she has intense orgasms on other men’s cocks. It took me over a year to learn to enjoy being a cuckold and seeing other men fuck my wife. My wife is not Black Cock Only like your wife but she does also enjoy being fucked by black cocks. My wife has been fucked by 4 black cocks so far.


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                                                  lucky man an wife then.

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                                                    Thank you again for your responses. There is nothing at all that I even remotely regret regarding out lifestyle. It is awesome watching my wife getting fucked by black cocks. Since she loves multiple black cocks, and since we live in a mostly black neighborhood, she does get a ton of cocks, and I get to clean up a ton of their cum.

                                                    Since I have been totally feminized and sissified, I get my share of black cocks, too, thankfully.

                                                    Gracie – Chick with a Dick

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                                                      Hi Gracie,
                                                      Wonderful that there is nothing at all that you even remotely regret regarding your lifestyle. I feel the same way you do about watching black cocks fuck my wife. I have watched almost 50 men fuck my wife but there is something extra exciting about watching black cocks fucking my wife compared to white cocks fucking my wife. Great that your slut wife for black cocks only, enjoys being fucked by many black cocks at the same time. You are very lucky that your slut wife has a ton of black cocks to fuck her and you have the pleasure of watching all of those black cocks fuck your loving white wife.
                                                      How many gallons of black men’s cum do you think you have sucked out of your wife’s unprotected married white cunt?
                                                      Is your wife well known in your neighborhood as a black cock slut?
                                                      Do the black men use your white wife as their fuck toy and cum dump anytime they want to? Use your white wife to live out their filthy fantasies with?
                                                      You are a lucky man to be married to such exciting Lady and a slut for black cocks.


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                                                        Hi all, luv your post. we r mwc im 33 shes 28 been exclusive to her coloured lover Ben for 1 year.
                                                        Im white English she Asian from Baguio in the Philippines

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                                                          mwm330 Hi, I am glad you luv my post. Do you enjoy watching your wife’s lover black cock fucking in your wife’s mouth and pussy?


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                                                            Bob and mwm330, thank you for your responses. How many gallons of black men’s cum have I had? I really do not know, but it would be a lot. Not only do I clean my wife’s creampies, but I do a lot of sucking as well. In addition, my wife allows me to cum ONLY when there is a black cock in my ass fucking me, so I am always encouraging guys to fuck my ass, so I get lots of additional cum that way.

                                                            mwm330, one of my best friends is a castrated ladyboy from the Philippines. She is truly beautiful, and is so sweet and sensual. That is great that your wife is exclusive to her black boyfriend. i see that Baguio is in northern Luzon. Gani is from a very remote village on a small island in the southern Philippines, and had never been anywhere until she entered the ladyboy world.

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                                                              Hello Sweet Sissy – please overlook the copy and paste info but I am real.

                                                              Exciting that you are a sissy – tell me more what you like and how you feel and what you would like to do. I like for us to suck each other tits and play with each other then maybe we can suck cock(s) together. Then later have a 3 way or 4 way when we can find a top male. When can you host?

                                                              Yes the photos are of my real tits. My lady likes sucking on my tits plus I use a standard cock pump on my tits for 10 minutes each – three times per week. Yes I need my tits sucked more often and yes I want larger tits. I want larger tits that I can not hide.

                                                              If you are NOT close-by then lets share some hot chat. Lets be sissy gurl-friends.

                                                              Are you a cuckold? or a wannabe cuckold? with your wife or girlfriend?

                                                              So exciting to help her dress for a date knowing that she will be fucked and later you will get to lick his cum from her pussy.

                                                              yes she wants to watch you suck his cock and yes she wants to watch him fuck your sissy-pussy and yes she wants to see you dressed up and be a sissy cuckold for her and for her bull. So do it.

                                                              My standard info is below:

                                                              Yes I am real – I like both OU and OSU and also Thunder basketball.

                                                              I am Robbie in Norman, Oklahoma USA 73026 — robbiewillsucku at yaho o.com — a sub bottom bimale and part-time sissy cd. Yes my tits are real.I work a lot and play when I can – daytime mornings are usually the best time to chat and for me to meet to suck and play.

                                                              Yes you must host.

                                                              I am a white male, 49, 5-11, 200 lbs, 7in, nice size cock and nice tits that need to be sucked more and a nice sissy-pussy that needs to be fucked.

                                                              Yes I like sucking cocks and feeling like a pussy being used. Yes I like being fucked by a real cock (must use condoms). I prefer females and I like a dom female with a strapon.

                                                              My favorite is sucking a woman’s tits while she is enjoying another cock. Yes I do like 3ways and 4 ways and licking cum off her tits.

                                                              I like hot chat and I will encourage you to a be sub slut and suck and fuck lots of cocks and pussies then share the details with me. I like hearing about your past sex and your kinky fantasies and how you feel when you are being used – before, during and after.

                                                              I am not into any type of pain, drugs or drama just like fun kinky sex and I like hot chat. I do not text, or KIK or send face photos. I do have more photos that I can send and I also have twenty photos on Facebook and also Flickr.com at http://www.flickr.com/photos/100828843@N03/

                                                              Email me back at robbiewillsucku@yahoo.com — robbiewillsucku at yah o o . c o m

                                                              Robbie in Norman Oklahoma

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                                                                Hi Gracie, I am happy that you seem proud of having swallowed many gallons of black men’s cum loads from your white wife’s cunt but also many black cocks have shot their cum loads directly into your mouth. Wow, you also enjoy the black men fucking you in your asshole and shooting their cum in your asshole. I bet they also enjoy pulling their black cocks out of your white asshole to shoot their cum in your mouth, then have you lick your ass juice and their cum off their black cocks. do you also suck black men’s cum out of your white wife’s asshole?


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                                                                  Gracie, are you castrated?

                                                                • #23001

                                                                    I absolutely will be castrated at some point. I get to cum when there is a black cock in my ass, so I think my wife is enjoying seeing me beg black guys to fuck me which I would probably stop once I get castrated.

                                                                    I have watched two sissy cucks get castrated. A vet did it but he had the wives do the actual snipping of the cords. Both my wife and my daughter have said they want to do the snipping.

                                                                    My wife is under pressure by some of her black boyfriends, as well as some of my black boyfriends, to hurry up and have me castrated. Some of my bfs say they like the look of how smooth it is under a limp dick and they really like that.

                                                                    While I am trying to delay my own castration as I like to cum, I am a strong proponent of castrations for sissies. So Don, encourage your wife to get you castrated. You can start growing tits by taking female HRT or taking in a variety of over the counter supplements.

                                                                    My tits are B-cup size, which is about the maximum I think that they will grow. I do not want implants, as I like the looks of them being natural tits.

                                                                    Yes, I eat black men’s cum no matter where it has been deposited, such as a pussy, an asshole, or whatever. As I like the feeling of my own asshole being licked, I do lick a lot of black men’s assholes too.

                                                                    Gracie – Chick with a Dick

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                                                                      Wow, being castrated is a giant step and would make you an extreme cuckold. You appear to be proud that your wife and daughter want to cut your cords. Imagine your daughter cutting the cord through which your baby making cum flowed out of and into your wife’s cunt and womb to produce your daughter’s life. So your wife values you so little that she will have you castrated to amuse her black boyfriends. Amazing. I am very excited to know that you suck black men’s cum loads out of your white wife’s asshole. Do you enjoy the taste of the black man’s cum loads mixed with your wife’s ass juice? Do you enjoy tongue fucking black men’s assholes while their black cocks are fucking deep inside your wife’s unprotected married white cunt?


                                                                    • #23024

                                                                        Don Dune,

                                                                        You are right, your wife is better off being married to a sissy like you that enjoys supporting your white slut wife’s need to be fucked by big black cocks and even enjoy watching their big black cocks pounding hard and deep into your slut wife’s unprotected married white cunt to shoot their black baby making cum into so your wife can have their black babies.
                                                                        Wow, you also want to be castrated to amuse your wife’s black boyfriends.


                                                                      • #23099

                                                                          when we got started in this lifestyle, we met with black and white guys, but we soon both realised that it was black that got her most turned on, and must admit, me too, so we decided that all new meets would be black, she only see’s 1 white guy now, who has been her lover for some time now, all other are black

                                                                        • #28600

                                                                            You are a lucky man to be married to such a beautiful and exciting Lady and a slut for black cocks. Very exciting to know that your wife is now, Black cocks Only!!!
                                                                            My wife also enjoys sucking Black cocks and being fucked by them but is not Black Cock Only, she is Black Cocks Also.

                                                                          • #29036

                                                                              I know my wife has been with two different black men which I have no issue with because we both agreed to our current cuckold marriage lifestyle. So far my wife
                                                                              has not zeroed in on any one specific group of men such as black or Hispanic or white. Katherine does date frequently. I do hope that she does not become a black only wife like many of the wives I have heard about. I am not saying that is a bad thing but I only hope she does not limit herself to one type of guy.

                                                                            • #30146

                                                                                This is a great thread. Thank you to everyone that shared their experiences!

                                                                              • #31474

                                                                                  CONGRATULATIONS!!!! For me it would be such an honor and privilege to surrender to my Queens will to be exclusive for Black Only♠️❤️🙏👑. I AM HAPPY FOR YOU BOTH! You both have a very exciting future in your journey together full of LOVE!!

                                                                                • #31513

                                                                                    What an incredible description! Do the two ladies and their lovers watch and comment as you two gurls play and pleasure each other. Perhaps a story and pic?

                                                                                  • #32548

                                                                                      i have been blacked since i was 13yo

                                                                                      • #32586
                                                                                        Small Phil

                                                                                          So erotic!!

                                                                                      • #32845

                                                                                          Yes, when a pretty woman starts watching interracial porn, it’s already a good start.
                                                                                          Afterwards,being fucked by a beautiful Black cock already strongly stimulates the woman after, she is conquered (which is quite normal).
                                                                                          Like you, I have a small dick and inevitably, it does not give pleasure to my woman while the blacks, them give him a lot of excitations already, only in thought then in real, it is even more powerful.

                                                                                        • #38684

                                                                                            BLACK COCK” HE POUNDED HER JUST BY THE HOT TUB. WE STAYED 13 NIGHTS AND SHE WAS TURNED OUT AS A BBC WHORE

                                                                                          • #40233

                                                                                              My wife has a black bull who is 14 inches. I am by no means small I am 10 inches he makes me look small.

                                                                                              • #40419

                                                                                                  May the Lord have mercy on your “anatomy”…14 inches while playing and “10” inches at home..Madam…time to share your exploits on a podcast….

                                                                                              • #40239

                                                                                                  I am only for black cocks too. Had one last night

                                                                                                • #40459

                                                                                                    I think the subject of interracial cuckolding is the most special fantasy in this field.

                                                                                                  • #40463

                                                                                                      `My wife hasbern a hotwife for 5vyears we enjoy the lifestyle im.put in chz9 forca dsy or teo before her date and its usually for the weekend..wevjust stated taking abour her being blacked ot only behind closed doors but them going out as a couple well.it happened see has seen him.3 times in the last 2 months
                                                                                                      There is talk.about her going black only i asked about me She said if she does this the only way that i can.have penetrative sex with her would be with me wearing a dark black condom so.it would look like a black dick she said if she does this only black cum will.be allowed in her pussy

                                                                                                    • #23000
                                                                                                      Don Dune

                                                                                                        After I accepted that I was a cuck I did wish I would have known sooner too. As for being femmed I only wear womens cloths now. At work I don’t skirt or dresses but I wear ladies slacks and blouses. Boss won’t let me wearing dresses and skirts. I hear some talk at work saying they patty my wife being married to a sissy like me but I always think she is lucky because she gets so much black cock and doesn’t have to put up with my little thing. As for getting tits wife told me if I saved up I could get them. She also has suggested castration but not really decided if she wants to have me done. She says it is fun sometimes watching me with other sissYs I do suck a lot of cock and get fucked too

                                                                                                      • #28602

                                                                                                          You are a lucky man to be married to such a beautiful and exciting Lady and a slut for black cocks.

                                                                                                        • #33650

                                                                                                            Yes, but it’s a bit the fate of little white dicks to see their wives go black …

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