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        In my life and plans for the future, and things have changed, the plan for the long term now is to move to the Ellesmere Port area so I would be close to lots of places.

        If that is your area and the woman’s wife is interested in my profile and me being her bull/BF.

        All things can be talked about between us all as in what all seek from this engagement, our QUEEN to be the wife/woman in this is the BIG key if she is leading this, not the husband/man, this can or will lead to disappointment to all sides.

        A quick outline of my profile is I am experienced with couples and hot wives, and for me, it is more than the great sex, it is the power and control side.

        For the couple, In this open relationship, the woman/wife gains a special friend that will encourage her to be more adventurous in this relationship and empowered than she is maybe now, I will show her how to be this new self with encouragement.

        Images will be sent on chat. Steve

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