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    I have converted the discussion forum to a new format that will hopefully work, first of all, but work more efficiently (faster) and be simpler to work with for our members and for me, the administrator.

    I’m still tweaking layout and some functionality, so bear with me.

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    Its great that you maintain the site so well, thank you. The old forum page did have a way to search the member list that I cannot find now, e.g. look up the profile and entries of someone that I chatted with. Does that capability still exist.

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    I removed the link to the member directory while I was making changes. It’s now back, under the SOCIAL menu item.

    A reminder to all: this isn’t a site designed around people hooking up. I’m all for that, but the site is first and foremost a place for people to learn and grow.

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    Thanks for all the hard work. Just found the site recently and enjoyed meeting others that are into cuckolding as a lifestyle rather than a one-time guilty pleasure. There are many issues that come up when its helpful to hear opinions and know that others have handled the same concerns. Great job.

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    Fabulous site x julie

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    Has there really been nobody commenting for 3 years?

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