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        Hello all. I’m new to this lifestyle and am very interested. My wife and I are in our 2nd marriage and still feeling each other’s sexual boundaries out however, I unintentionally got ahead of the game. While moving into our new home 3 ago I set out numerous boxes for her to go through and throw out anything she didn’t want/need before bringing them into our house. When I returned from work, I realized the trash collectors had set out a laptop next to the trash can (due to it having a lithium battery). It wasn’t more than 6-8 yrs old and just figured I would have it updated and give back to my wife for general use. Well this is when everything changed. Upon picking the laptop up a week later from the computer shop, they gave me a thumb drive with all the computers data as they had cleared everything. While my wife was at work at the hospital I plugged in the thumb drive and surfed through the data when I came across a folder that said “Craig & Emily” (her ex husband). When I opened that, my world changed. It consisted of the two of them, mostly her engaged in sex with a 3rd party and “Craig” filming. It consisted of her doing almost everything imaginable and almost instantly made me nauseous. There was no way I could give that computer back now much less tell her what I’ve found. Subsequently several months later a light-hearted text message between us opened the door to this new-to-me lifestyle (attached). Now I’m in a position of not really knowing how to proceed as I know she’s interested in this. (I have sought out and found a local in my town via Craigslist that is highly interested in joining in after seeing her pics but after seeing the cock he flashed has got me with sort of cold feet. This dude has a big cock!) help!

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          Attached text messages between the wife and I

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            Thank you for sharing your story. I believe you should let her choose whom she wants to be with. The whole idea is for her to have fun. She is the superstar. Me and my wife have been talking about it for months but life has gotten in the way (pregnant w baby #4). We had a very close encounter once with someone from the web and I was the the one who ruined it. She asked me multiple times if I was ok until the doubt entered my head and made me cancel everything. I regret so much not pushing forward. But here is what I learned. It is not about us or our pleasure, it’s all about her. She needs to feel safe from both sides. Yes, we feel that rush and our emotions Don count but ultimately is all about her. She is the superstar. She is your fav porn star and you are there just waiting to her to finish to be with you. The size of the cock or the looks don’t matter to her. She has you as a her main man and that’s it. Don’t ever feel less than anyone else. You are enough for her otherwise she would have never picked you. A bull in bed to me doesn’t make a real bull in life. There are other attributes that we all have that is not just the bed and kudos to us who are so sure of ourselves to share our wives with others knowing they will come back to us. Let her choose, let her be in control, and just be supportive, be patience, make sure she is taken well cared of and you are not sending her off with a freak.

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              Everyone starts somewhere and for me it was my husband’s best friend Scott. It was fun and exciting but in stages. My husband was always OK when Scott stayed over but there were boundaries. Slowly over many months the boundaries began to fade at my discretion. Scott got great at ling-time foreplay and that was quite a difference for me. My husband’s schedule so he was taking international assignments and that’s meant Scott and I were not just “F-ing” but it became pretty much “lovemaking.” When I began to realize I’d caught certain feelings with him I panicked and started to slow it down. It got to where my husband wasn’t even asking questions about it but I wanted him too! My husband agreed a break was in order.

              About 2 months later I finally called the bluff of the always flirtatious 19 year old a couple doors down. I gave him a blow job and it was cute to hear him tell me how good it felt but he couldn’t bring himself to tell me “what to do.” He was even surprised when I swallowed him both times. It made me wonder what is up with girls today! On the third time I told him to undress me with his shaky hands and I told him, “Tell me what you want me to do.” He was so funny when after I ducked him a whole he said, “You wanna screw?” Screw? I said, “You mean F-K?” He said, “Yes please” and his erection was bouncing and felt so hard it was going to pop. Of course he missed twice so I guided him into me. At least he kissed me passionately and told me, “You feel so good and warm around my dick.” Dick? Kids! I had him slow way down to about one thrust every couple seconds. Still didn’t really help him. He grunted and slammed cumming inside me in 4 whole minutes. I knew I preferred the grow up guys then! I’ve given him head a couple times a month but that’s it. Soho with what your wife wants and let her show you it’s harmless fun if done right.

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