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    sue.jpg18.jpgBeautiful.jpgWe are a sub couple, still looking for a well hung and caring Dom for her.

    Please have experience with Cuckold couples, and know how to train us, guide us, teach us…

    We are a sub couple 44/48, both str8, but she could be trained to do anything. We are badly in need of a hung and caring Dom to take us into the word of Cuckold role play. A hung Dom that gets excited by training her, and teaching him to like it….

    Own her….Make her yours…have her husband prepare her for you…we need you. We fantasize about you constantly.

    She needs a naughty boyfriend, and I want her to experience that.

    It’s so easy to find hung males who want to fuck, but very very hard to find the caring, but naughty and perverse dom needed to coach both of us into this play.

    Are you out there?

    We don’t want a live in boyfriend, but we do want someone with the personal power to make her his, and make me like it. Date her, with me present initially, take her…let’s see how we progress….


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    Hello, my name is Keon im a 32 year old dom bull in search of a couple. I came across your post and it sparked my interest. I would to love to talk with you guys and see what happens.

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    Hi Keon…


    How can we contact you?  you can email us at jf_frost36 at ya hoo dot com….


    let’s talk..

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    still looking…..

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    you seem to be the perfect couple for what I seek… we are at least in the same state, yet still have some distance. If the chemistry was there I am what you seek in an experienced caring Dom who can train both of you. I know how difficult it is to find the right Dom, as you stated, bulls are easy to find, but the right Dom is not. Bid difference between the two which most couples do not understand.

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    Hi Laredo,

    Yes, we would be interested in learning more about you. Can you email us at the email I gave above in post 3?

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    Have you found your Dom yet? I am interested in talking further. I understand what you mean by finduing the right Dom who is caring yet firm in his ownership.

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