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        So, Amber and I have been together for 9.5 years. We have been engaged for 6 years, and while I have often times referred to her as my wife,and me her husband, technically we are not ever legally married. That all changes tomorrow, Friday 7/15/2022. Amber will and I got our marriage license Monday and are getting married in a small ceremony tomorrow afternoon at 4pm.
        We have always been in a semi one-sided open relationship. Meaning, she’s been fucked and has fucked ot of men in the past 9m5 years. Probably the difference is, I’m bi, and I’ve also had some cock myself, although not near as much as her.
        Most of our relationship had been me watching. She seemed to get a thrill out of making me watch her ride a big dick, or getting fucked from behind, then making me eat the creampies. I will admit, I usually have enjoyed it myself. It always brings us closer.
        We had some stressful situations in 2019, and then covid hit and didn’t help that. Just some life situations.
        Sex kind of took a back burner. I hate to admit it. I ended up masturbating after she went to sleep more than reaching for her.
        About 3 weeks ago, we were on a camping trip with friends, and the very first night, we had our tent set up, and there was quite a bit of drinking. I got tired and went to our tent and laid down in the air bed. I fell asleep just for about an hour. When I woke up I unzipped down the window a little bit to see if I coukd see Amber, because she was not in bed, I figured she’d be coming shortly. What I saw was a little shocking and surprising. She was sitting on a picnic bench sideways, laying in the arms of another man, who was kissing her and caressing her leg. I immediately got pissed. We hadn’t talked about doing anything with anyone for a couple years, and it took me back to memories of seeing my exiwfe like that at a bar. Our marriage ended badly. Anyhow, I went out and tapped her on the shoulder, she opened her eyes and was smiling, but I could tell she was drunk. I said “hun, let’s go to bed”. So, she came back to the tent with me. We laid in bed, but I kept sitting on the edge of the bed. I was pouting like a little baby. Pissed at what I saw. She kept trying to touch me, as she was very, very horny. Finally a rolled over, and she started kissing me. It’s almost like I gave in. I was pissed at my woman. But when she was kissing me, reached down for my soft dick, and whispered in my ear “what if I told you there’s someone here that wants to fuck me, and that I want to fuck?”. There was no denying it, my dick grew super fucking hard.
        We fucked that night. I came harder than I had came in past few years. It was an amazing, invigorating night of passion. All temming from her horniness for another man.
        So began alot of discussion. I don’t know WHY I was so pissed initially, other than our sexual communication had stopped (not good). Over next few days I had asked her if she wanted to bring other men into the fold again (there had been dozens, previously). She said yes, she absodesired that. I asked if she wanted to venture off and fuck them on her own, without me present, as previously I had always been. She said yes. She did. So, the following weekend we had set up a scenario with a Hispanic bull we found online. She seemed to like theook of his cock and wanted it. He had presented that he had played with couples before in the cuckolding lifestyle where he’d fuck the woman in a hotel room and send her back to the husband dripping with his cum. She loved that idea, it turned her on ALOT. So, she booked a hotel room at a local casino. She did not give me the room number. After work that day, we packed a couple lite bags, and went. She checked in, got the key cards, and she put one in a sealed white envelope. I was to meet the bull later at the casino bar. We went and had dinner and drinks at one of the restaurant/bars. It was very nice. We then went into the casino, by now her and the bull were texting. She’d show me what they were texting occasionally. I appreciated being included. We played some slot machines and had a few more drinks at the bar inside the casino. When she was ready, she kissed me and said “I’m going up to the room to get ready for him. I love you, hun. Here’s the keycard. He has the room number, I’ll text it to you after him and I are done.” So, I sat there at the bar. Ordered another drink. And waited. He arrived and found me. He had a drink with me. I gave him the card. Finally she texted him and said she was ready, and he left. I waited at the bar, as, for the first time “to my knowledge” my fiancé was going to get fucked without me there. I didn’t know if it’d be 30 mins, or 3 hours. It was probably only about 45, but she eventually texted me, “he’s on his way down”. He came down, gave me the keycard and said “your a very lucky man, she’s an amazing woman and an amazing fuck”. I thanked him. She texted me again something like “get your ass up here, this creampie is dripping down to my asshole, you need to come clean it up”. She so mentioned she had a video for me kn her phone. I went up, find my woman, spread eagle on the bed, with her fuck-me boots on and a slutty outfit, with white and clear cum dripping from her pussy down to her asshole. She commanded me to clean up, so I did. She loved it. Then I couldn’t resist. I fucked her like no tomorrow, her telling me about thier fucking the whole time. I needed this I suppose. To let her loose, in my mind. I didn’t know if it was something she WANTED to do or not.
        We had alot of sex that night. But at some point while she was extremely turned on by the whole scenario of just having been fucked by a nice hard cock, and having a hot cumload in her, she was riding my cock and morning, and I do NOT know why, but I asked if she liked doing this, and she said YES, between moans, THEN I asked if she had fucked anyone else wince we’ve been together without me there. She was still riding my cock and moaning and what she said next SHOCKED me. She said “Yes, when I went on that business trip to Arizona 2 and half years ago, there was a guy at the bar, I took him back to my hotel room and fucked the shit out of him, it was SO fucking good”. I was in shock, she was still riding my cock and I asked “anyone else?”, and she was getting even more turned on and said “YES, at Jessica’s house (a former co worker of mine and friend of ours whose camping trip we went on just a couple weeks ago), you were working at night, that night I went there for that party, and I took Rick in there garage and he fucked be from behind, and Jessica’s husband John walked in on us, it was so fucking hot, he just kept fucking me from behind”
        DAMN! She had cheated on me. The next few days there was alot of talk and tears. Not necessarily anger, I was more upset that she had never told me she had any desire to do any of this. The KEY here to take away at this moment is COMMUNICATION and make time for it. We finally were. She asked me about my trip to Dallas several years ago, she had suspected, and she was correct, that I had gotten some cock while there. I confess this was true and I figured she had know. We JUST never had talked about it. You HAVE to. That was our biggest mistake and we both realized it then and vowed to be as open and honest as possible and not keep things from each other. Because we both had seen and done alot of shit together. She is the ONLY woman that not only accepted me as bisand my love of cock, but encouraged it. I also never slut shamed her and enjoyed the experiences we had had with other men together. She confessed that two times with tiger men without me there were somewhat spontaneous, and while she felt guilty for not telling me, she enjoyed the sex and was not sorry she had it, just that she hadn’t told me. I told her, il already her PROUD cuckold, she doesn’t have to worry! Lots of happy tears between us.
        It took me a few days to process things, but we continued talking and having lots of sex. She had expressed the desire that our relief totally open to other men, in AND outside the bedroom, but that we ALWAYS talk to each other and tell the other person ASAP. I agreed. Not wait 2.5 fucking years. Haha. THAT was what made me feel betrayed, NOT that she had fucked snd been fucked by 2 other men and enjoyed it, but that she kept it from me”. Anyhow, after a night of passionate fucking and talking about our relationship and how we felt stronger and closer, she said she wanted to get married. ASAP. I agreed. It’s been too fucking long. This woman loves and cherishes me for who I am (BTW, I forgot to mention, she LOVES gay porn, watches it alot, and requested I get fucked by a guy and provide the video, and I did that last week and she was SO fucking turned on”.
        SO, we had decided that the cuckolding lifestyle definitely IS for us, we just have to communicate about it. And she WANTS to keep fucking other men, at least knce or twice a week (I was like….WEEK? Damn. I thought you’d say month. LoL). I’m allowed cock myself, but MUST tell her about it, and she is to tell me about every fuck and I get the creampies, and sloppy seconds, so long as I’m not in chastity(which is a other story, but yeah, she REALLY has gotten into it, and I’m in Chastity until after our wedding ceremony. She fucking LOVES having the power over my cock. I had NO idea she’d mike it this much). She went on a Tinder fuck date last Friday night, theybhad sex for about an hour and half. I think that night was when she said she wanted to get married ASAP. So, we talked about it. And Monday we went to the courthouse and got our marriage license and we are doing it at a place that does elopement packages for couples this Friday 7/15/2022. Which is tomorrow as I’m writing this.
        Sunday she put me in chastity and said she’d let me out once we are married. Her words “no more pussy for you until we’re married, and no more masturbating either, you do that too much”. LoL.
        Which brings us to last night. Sunday and Monday (we went to the courthouse with me in chastity cage, BTW, and I was terrified metal detector would go off, thankfully the device is silicone with metal lock, and it did not). She had been saying all week she wanted one last fuck by a bull before her and I marry). We were looking st all the guys together online, and this BBC stud, she was like “yeah, I want THAT! I want fucked by THAT”. I Forgot to mention she had ordered this contraption on Amazon that she can sit on, and my head underneath, making it easier to get a dripping cum creampie. It was awkward at first, but last night after she went and rode that big black Cock (I’m attaching a picture of it, if it will let me) and he fucked her from behind and dumped his load inside her pussy. She came home and fed me that cumload and made me clean her pussy with her tongue. It was amazing, yet frustrating because I was in chastity the whole time. I even asked I ckukd come out just to masturbate while I ate her out and she told me about it. She thought about it. But said No. So, my soon to be slut-wife got one last fucking last night, this one a Big Black Cock. She tells me how good of a cuckold I am, that I’m HER good cuckold, and tells me why I’m a good Cuckold. Because I wait patiently while she gets cock, i help her get it, and I clean her pussy uo afterwards.
        Outside our bedroom, our relationship is pretty equal. I mean, I’m a man, she’s a woman. She doesn’t want a was. Just a Cuckold. So, after tomorrow will begin our Cuckold Marriage”.
        I had previously been seeing her have sex with other men since about 3 weeks into our relationship. There had been many. We had TALKED years ago about her getting sex outside our bedroom, but never went really beyond that one discussion, based primarily out of fear.
        We have vowed to never again be afraid to express our NEEDS and desires to one another, and THAT above all else, along with love, is key. Open, honest conversations. Truthful answers to questions, even if you don’t think the other person will like what you say.
        I love her. She loves me. We KNOW that. She should’ve to live in fear or hide wanting variety and spice and the hunt and chase that she says so very much turns her on.
        We have felt very close over the past, and our sex adventures bring us closer, but we have never been closer than we are now, and vowed to communicate if we start to drift.

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          hey there i’m matt i’m not a bbc i’m a bwc im a little over ten inches and thick im 36 i’ll send picture i am real and open to anything

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