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        Two of the best experiences we’ve had are nearly complete opposites.
        1) Her regular bull, Zac, is an all time fuck. She says his cock is the absolute perfect size for her (about 8” and a little thicker than a Red Bull can).
        He’s been fuck my wife for about a year. Knows exactly what she likes and what I like to a certain extent.
        You could say there is a bit of a relationship there and with that some decorum.
        2) Then there’s last summer in Vegas. My wife met a guy at the pool who ended up coming up to our room for what was supposed to be a threesome.
        He was big. Longer and thicker than Zac.
        From the moment her put his cock in my wife he had complete control. He treated he like a slut and me like a beta cuck. He fucked her bare and came inside her three times. The whole time he was saying how he was ruining her pussy for me and that I’d probably never satisfied a real woman like her in the first place. My wife doesn’t usually put up with a guy degrading me, but with him it just seem to drive her more and more wild.

        I think we both like the idea of the known element like a regular bull, but we did have to admit that vegas was the hottest 3 days of our lives. (It didn’t end up being just a one night thing.)

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          My wife favors a regular boyfriend, like your wife’s Zac. Something different can be good. best wishes.

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