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      Don and Renee

        I’m so proud of my wife. She just got back from her 20th high school reunion in NY, and did she manage to have some fun. I didn’t go with her, choosing to work instead, and leave her open for whatever. She was dressed extra sexy in her tight fitting dress and strappy heels and I’m sure she could have had her choice of most of the guys there to fuck that night if she wanted. Phil an ex-boyfriend from back in the day that she used to love to suck off before school most mornings seemed very up for reliving the past with my wife she informed me. It turns out he is recently separated even though his soon to be ex-sister-in-law was also at the party so he was careful about not making things too obvious which was just fine with Renee.

        After some innocent flirting back and forth and lots of drinks, they both managed to sneak off for a cigarette break outside. Before anyone noticed, they snuck off and found themselves in the back of her rental car making out just like the good old days. In between kisses he told her how incredibly sexy she is and how after all these years he still fantasizes about her amazing blowjobs. Well that’s all it took, a compliment like that all but insures a sampling of my wife’s sweet talents. Soon her top and bra were off as he switched from kissing her to intensely licking my wife’s B-sized breasts. Her panties seemed to just melt away as she spread her legs wide for him. Then he brought her to her first orgasm from a combination of his fingers thrusting in and out of her shaved pussy and the sucking of her super sensitive nipples.

        It didn’t take long after that for my wife to make a beeline for his crotch and unsnap his pants. She quickly reached in to pull out his rock hard cock for the first time in 20 something years. Renee couldn’t wait to get this nice sized cock into her warm inviting mouth. She told me she really played up every aspect of the blowjob using all the techniques she’s learned over the years pleasuring the large size sampling of cocks she has had. She could tell how much he wanted to finish off in her beautiful mouth, but my wife got so horny she quickly reached over with her leg, straddling him while she sank her wet married pussy down onto his bare cock in one thrust.

        She told me it was like someone knocked all the air out of her for a second, but soon he was fucking her hard, she was loving it. He thrusted his stiff cock in and out of her, over and over giving her the feeling of most intense pleasure as she screamed out ‘fuck me, fuck me’ over and over. He had never fucked my wife before, they had only had oral sex back in the day, and I’m sure he was absolutely loving my wife’s tight cunt. She thinks someone from the party walked by and must of gotten the most obscene view of her naked ass riding up and down on his big cock, but by then neither of them really cared.

        He was worried about cumming in my wife, but she soon begged for his sperm as she told him to cum deep inside her. As she came a second time, he was pumping squirt after squirt into her bare pussy. She told me it was mind blowing sex, which actually made me a little jealous, which is good. Renee reassured him she was on birth control and not to worry.

        She told me she finished up by licking up and down his still fairly rigid cock, cleaning him up nicely with her tongue. She just wanted to be as nasty as she could be for him as she enjoyed the taste of their combined flavor. Then it was back into the party so hopefully no-one would be the wiser though I’m sure some of their friends must have suspected.

        That was it for her adventures that trip, but he has already called her twice on her cell phone asking to fuck her again when she is back in town. I asked her if she will, and she said she will definitely think about it, but only if they can spend the night in a real bed and do some real fucking. I couldn’t wait to get back into my wife’s cunt and have her tell me every excruciating detail. Hopefully they’ll have a 25 year party instead of waiting another 10 years for the next reunion.

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        Cathy & Jerry

          Just knowing that he fucked her so good and left his baby seed deep inside of her married pussy would be so exciting for you, I know how it feels and it’s the most wonderful and exciting thing ever! Hopefully they get to meet up again and again, only these next times he’ll be making love to her, not just fucking her. 🙂

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            Sounds like she had a great time with an old flame.

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              Thanks for sharing that story…you should write erotica! 😉 Are you guys in NYC area? Central NJ Bull here! Rick

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