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        I’ve written a personal on this site before but it hasn’t worked. I really want to become a bull but I don’t know how to write a personal in a way that’ll get couples to respond. Part of me thinks that my inexperience makes couples look elsewhere. I don’t know what to do. Can anyone help me?

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          That is tough, I must admit we’ve always looked at experience and recommendations in the past. The problem is it’s easy to get let down as a couple, recommendations and experience count for a lot.

          One thing you could do is try clubs and parties because at those places everyone is in the same place, people just talk and connect and then the chemistry kicks in and the fun begins but then off the back of that you make new friends and start to get recommendations and experience.

          Or just claim to have more experience than you have. What we’ve found to be most important is just the personally/approach of the bull. We don’t want someone weak or inexperienced, asking to get some experience. My wife can get a weak experience in bed from me. But it’s more than dick pics and shagging. You should make sure you include the hubby in discussions, let it be known that you want to make sure he gets a good experience from this, gets what he wants, you’re there to help the couple out. A promise of good sex and patience can go a long way.

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          Cathy & Jerry

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