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        My wife and I are new to cuckolding, and are incredibly excited about me being a cuck, watching my wife have sex with another man. We’ve talked about this extensively, and continue to do so, and though we have a few ground rules in place already we understand that the goal of our journey is not to limit ourselves too much. It is incredibly rewarding, and we are discovering more about each other and wants/needs/desires. I suppose we are wondering what would be the essential next steps? There is so much information available that it becomes very, very confusing.

        Another question I have is that much of what I am reading points to the bull as boyfriend scenario, and we are more interested in “one-night stands.” We are interested in how best to go about this: we would still like to meet and talk with the bull before hand, and want to take necessary safety precautions, but what are other considerations and where would be the best place to find reliable and responsible bulls?

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        Cathy & Jerry

          I posted this answer in another post you asked this same question, so I’ll repeat my answer here.

          We tried the one night stands (Bull) and it just didn’t feel right. Sure it’s exciting to have a strange man’s cock in me but it’s unnerving every time and we always had the bull wear a condom because we didn’t want to take a chance of catching an STD, and that became boring and a pain in the ass to me. I/We decided to find a boyfriend/lover instead because I wanted to be with a man without condoms (hate them) and wanted that feeling of closeness (and the excitement I get every time I feel a man ejaculate inside of me), knowing each other’s erogenous zones, get to know each other’s kinks etc.

          This worked out perfect for me/us because I felt that “loving” feeling I needed when having sex and the closeness I desired and I could have sex without a condom knowing that I wasn’t going to catch anything bad from my lover (both of us tested). I have had several lovers over the last 16 years and almost all of them have been found on Ashley Madison. Women don’t have to pay for the account and they don’t have to use a real name whereas the men have to pay not only for the account but they also have to pay for every message they send to a woman.

          This site is meant for married women to find a lover, so it’s perfect. Most of the men on there don’t send stupid frivolous messages because it’s costs them to do so, but you still get the odd dummy looking for photos but nowhere near as bad as the other “free” sites like AFF etc.

          My current boyfriend and I are very much in love with each other and we both admitted it to my husband who wasn’t shocked at all, he could see what was happening and wasn’t upset by it because he knows I will never leave him for another man EVER!

          He was quite happy about our news and doesn’t mind all the special gifts and trips my boyfriend pays for. My cucky and I haven’t had intercourse in over 9 years but that was never forced upon him or me, we talked lovingly about it and decided that it was best that only my lover should be allowed inside of me and it’s been so perfect for us both (as well as my boyfriend loves knowing that he’s the only man entering me).

          All in all I would think that most women would want this type of cuckold lifestyle for the safety, closeness and special bond that is created between all three involved. Don’t forget to talk lots about what is truly desired and expected by both of you, make rules to follow and change them if you feel there isn’t enough or maybe too many rules once you’re all comfortable with each other. Never stop communicating with each other (if one of you has a concern don’t be afraid to talk “calmly” about it and iron it out), fine tune your likes and dislikes, don’t be afraid to experiment and last but not least HAVE FUN!

          Be sure that cucky meets the possible suitor the first time you meet him and that both of you are happy with the selection, proceed slowly and enjoy the lifestyle and all it offers you. Neither my cucky nor I would ever want to go back to the dull monogamous life we had before cuckolding!

          Good luck and have fun


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              Thanks so much for getting back to me! I appreciate your insight.

              I wonder if you have any suggestions on where or how we can find a good Bull with experience? Our online searches have been frustrating! How do you go about searching them out?

              Thanks for your advice!

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                Cathy & Jerry

                  We’ve done incredibly well with Ashley Madison. Women don’t pay but men do, they even have to pay to send a message to a woman. The site is meant for married women looking for a lover, so it’s perfect. Try it, you’ll love it

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                Does anyone have any suggestions for finding bulls with experience? Online searches are frustrating!!

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