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        If you have been following my journey, you know my wife’s bull is her ex husband and he put a baby in her. The baby is 5 months old now. A beautiful baby boy. Together they make beautiful children, I have to admit.
        The plan was for me to get a vasectomy before the breeding, which I willing did, and he would get his vasectomy once the baby was born. Needless to say, he is still fertile.

        My wife is breastfeeding, which supposedly can prevent pregnancy for awhile, and they are fucking bare. I told my wife that taking him bare was risky, that he could knock her up again. At first she told me not to worry, she would not get pregnant. But recently I confronted them (which a cuckold has no right to do) and learned that they both want another baby. He wants to impregnate her again and she wants his baby. In fact when married, they planned on 5 kids, but after two they got divorced. Now they have a third and it looks like there will be a fourth at some point and maybe even a fifth.

        If my wife did not want him to fuck and knock her up, I would grow a pair of balls and end their sexual relationship. (Maybe that is just wishful thinking as I clearly am a cuckold and I obey my wife’s wishes.)

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          This is good sir. Congratulations. But you NEED to learn your place as a Cuckold. You are simply a provider and if you get sex consider it a blessing. You as a Cuckold have NO SAY on what your bull and your wife do together. If she had 12 children with him then the only thing you can do is thank the Bull and take care of YOUR children. YES YOUR CHILDREN. He may have been the real man that knocked your wife up but you are the HUSBAND! Know your place and stay out of business that is not yours. It is rude!!! Hopefully they can give you a daughter and then you will have completed the task G-D sent you on this earth to complete. How many children do you have if you don’t mind me asking?

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            I think your a cuckold who knows his place, and as far as growing a pair, if you look in your wife’s hand I think you will find your balls. I also believe you want your wife’s man to know her up at least 2 more times. Yes?

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                I agree with everything you have said. I know I overstepped my role as a cuckold and have no right to question my wife or her bull. I know I am not a perfect cuckold which probably is part of the reason I am a cuckold. I may have the equipment of a male, but compared to Alpha males, it is pathetic.

                I did apologize to my wife later for questioning her and she was kind enough to masturbate me while letting me suckle her tits.

                I personally have two children with my first wife.

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                  Thanks for the compliment. I hope I am a good cuckold. Though I was not prepared for the possibility of future pregnancy, the thought does arouse me and it would definitely reiterate that I am and always will be a cuckold.

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                  @costaricawife I agree he does know his place but it is rude and wrong for him to even question his wife or her Bull. The fact he even knows that the child isn’t “his” alone is a privilege. Most men who are Cuckold never know and it is better for our species at the end of the day because I bet the children look better and that son of his is going to have a bigger dick than his “father” so it is a win-win situation. This is about him being the Cuckold and that means provider. I agree with you that he should have 2 more children. The more real bulls breed real strong future men the better this world will be…

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                    Yes, we agree, and with his balls in his wife’s hand, she can take care of any problems.

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                        I always just wonder how true this is… It is like jeqling. Men are very very weird and they like to play fantasy. This is especially so for Indian men. Men are sooooo creeepy sometimes! I am so skeptical of online stories and stuff related to sex because men are horny and they do weird stuff like pretend online just so they could masturbate – LOL!

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                            I can assure you that my journey has been difficult, but I am content, happy, to finally understand and accept who I am. For a long time I wished that none of what I have experienced ever happened. That I was still “happily” married to my first wife, raising our two kids together. That she never fucked another guy, never divorced me.

                            But as that experience taught me, I have no control over my destiny when it comes to marriage and to my ability or lack thereof to sexually satisfy a woman.

                            But it all turned out for the best. I love my second wife, we have a great marriage (even though one might doubt that since I cannot sexually satisfy my wife) and we are happy. I would do anything for my wife and being a cuckold is my gift to her.

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                          Sorry, Dan. I missed this folo.
                          Congratulations on the birth of another child! Wonderful!!
                          My query remains on whether you ever service him orally before and/or after?

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                              I perform the role of a cuckold so when he wants to use me for his sexual desires, I submit

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                                  Ew. That is NOT the role of a Cuckold. That is your personal choice. The role of a Cuckold is to be a provider, lover and protector for his wife and his wife’s children. It is to be emotionally available and support his wife in all of her decisions no matter what. It is to ensure the next generation of children will be a strong healthy brood and to assist his wife in maximizing both her potential and pleasure to degree’s thought never before possible. It is to make the wife happy most of all and more so than ever it is to remained married to your wife until death do you part. In better or for worst, in sickness and in health, until death do you part. Being a Cuckold is ultimately more about marriage and less about the sexuality or pleasure of the Cuckold. Homosexual sex is not a requirement. You have the right to autonomy over your body. (Also this website is very very buggy and I get a stupid reCAPTCHA error if I don’t write these damn comments in time)

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