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        Hi, I’m new here.

        I had this idea after thinking about all of the geniuses throughout history that were celibate or never married and bore children. I find it sad that these men such as Newton and Da Vinci were too busy shaping history to spread their genes. So the question is simple: What if time traveling cuckold couples could change this fate? Is it noble for a husband to cede his wife’s womb to legitimately superior men?

        Consider also that there are still geniuses today that may not be spending their time creating families.

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          A very interesting idea, thank you for sharing your thoughts. It seems to me that in this case the situation is ambiguous. We don’t know what every genius’s sex life was like. The fact that they did not have wives does not mean that they were not engaged in satisfying their needs in another way that we cannot imagine. If, nevertheless, geniuses observed celibacy consciously, so that it would not interfere with their creativity, then this is their choice, and they did not need sex, that’s all. But this is my opinion, it would be interesting to hear what you think about this

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              I guess I’m not really talking about their sex lives. I mean that their sperm should have been collected and saved so that other couples could have children with it. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter what their sex life is like. Sperm banks were not possible back then due to technological and logistical reasons. Also, I think the concept of a couple using donor sperm to conceive is relatively new.

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              “Also, I think the concept of a couple using donor sperm to conceive is relatively new.” I don’t think that the concept is new, just that there are now more options to the sperm delivery method.

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