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        I’ve been in the lifestyle for over a decade now and I’m looking for a long term couple to build a dynamic with. The dynamic itself will have structure to it, roles for everyone in the household with myself at the top. Open to a live in dynamic for the right couple. If you are interested lets chat and see where things go.

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          Wife and I will both be retired at the end of Aug this year. We are looking for just this type of arrangement. May I ask in more detail what it is your looking for in a couple please? Thank You

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              I’m ideally looking for a long-term couple that is submissive and kinky. I want to be the head of the household. To take the lead and train you both in your roles. Im open to living in and an extreme level of kink.

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              I wish you great success in your search!

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                Still looking for a couple.

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                Mistress C

                  Always seems an interesting situation is so far away. We moved to Fl last year and have been looking for the right situation. However I am a Domme and I am not submissive, my husband is my sub and cuck and often kept locked in chastity to remind him due to his age he can no longer satisfy my needs as I wish, so before we moved he had agreed that if we found the right bull and possible live in situation with that bull, he would lose his position in bedroom and be moved to guest room and serve me and my bull. We are both retired and 60’s. If this intrigues you, lets talk.
                  Mistress C

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