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        It started simple and innocent enough, being naked and having sex was always fun. What I didn’t know was my wife wasn’t always satisfied. If four-play wasn’t at least 30 to 45 minutes long she would have difficulty getting off. Because she didn’t say much sexually, I simply thought she was just fringed.

        One day her frustration came out just after I finished cumming inside her. She was close to cumming but I was already done. I asked what was wrong and she said she would like me to finish her at least once in her life time. In short, she pushed my head down, I knew than what she wanted. I always loved to go down on my wife but never after I had cummed inside her.

        She held my head there until I satisfied her needs. This would become the way we would have sexy for a long time, a bit of four-play, me sliding inside her and cumming within 30 seconds to a minute tops. Then I would go down on her until she until she came. Eventually leading to me having to eat her pussy all the time and then evolved further into me just going down on her without me penetrating her. If I was good, she would let me cum on her body but then I would have to lick it off her. Very seldom did my wife let me penetrate her, she would say it was worth getting messy only to be disappointed. From here I looked back over my past relationships and finally realized why all my previous girl friends had cheated on me.

        Later, Overtime I found out my wife had confided in one of her girlfriends about my short cummings. Her friend talked her in to getting a vibrator and having me use in on her. A year later her friend talked her into going to New York City for a long 4-day weekend of an all-girls get-a-way weekend which included the Chippendales show. Later that night the girls where entertained back in their hotel rooms by a few Gentleman, she confessed this a few years later. I had already known, because on the night she came back home I just had to have her and it was obvious when I went down on her she was still swollen, red and raw. After eating her for what seemed like an hour I moved up and easily slid inside her. I knew she had been stretched out and fucked really good as I could hardly feel her and with my mind racing, I came on the second pump of my cock inside her.

        It was long after that my wife asked if we could rent and watch some porn movies. I agreed and we went to the adult bookstore. I wasn’t shocked when she picked out three movies all were threesome movies. One movie had two black guys doing one white girl. We sat on the sofa naked and watched the movies when the move with the two-black man come on she laid down across my lap so I couldn’t stroke my cock, I could only play with her breast as she spread her legs masturbating herself while watching the movie. She came several times that night as we watched the movie twice and she never allowed me to cum.
        We never returned the movies as my credit card was charged the late fees until it reached $25 and then the movies were considered purchased. Many times I would come home from work only to find her in the shower, a towel on the sofa and that video tape still in the VCR.

        You don’t have a be a rocket scientist to know what she wanted. About a year had gone by and I asked her if she want to go out dancing. A big smile came across her face and she quickly specified the club. She got ready to go out dressed to impress or I should say dressed not for church. A white low-cut top no bra, mini skirt and no panties and high heels. My cock was hard and oozing.

        At the club we had a few drinks and danced a few songs while on the dance floor she turned away from me and started to dance with a black guy. The dance floor was crowded so I just wondered back to the bar where I could watch and have a drink. They danced together for several songs before she come over to get her drink which she down very fast and then looked at me, asked if I was ok and then told me to order her another drink. By the time I turned around to hand her the drink, she was back on the dance floor with her new friend.

        After I had finished both our drinks, I thought I best go out to the dance floor and join them. He was holding her and rubbing her body and grinding in her. When she finally realized I was dancing with the two of them she turned to me and leaned into my ear and said “he has been finger fucking me, here on the dance floor for the last two songs”. She looked me straight in the eyes to see my reaction. Then she said “ I want to fuck him”. All three of us immediately left the club. We jump into to our car, her and this handsome black man got into the back seat together. She told me to find a hotel, as I drove, they kissed and made out the whole way. As I pulled into the hotel, I went into the lobby to get the room when I came out they were still going at it but now with her top off.

        I drive around to the backside of the hotel to where our room was, I got out of the car and unlocked to the door to the room, as I turned to see if they were following me, I was stunned at what I saw, he was walking holding her hand, she was bare foot, topless and only had her mini skirt on. She would have never acted like this for just me. Once in the room they were both naked and on the bed. As I got undressed, she pointed to the chair across the room and motioned for me to sit. And yes, when they were done, she pointed to me to go down on her and I did. This is the short version of how we became a Hotwife and Cum Eating Cuckold couple.

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          My wife turned hot wife because i did not give her satisfaction in the bedroom

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              I , get it completely, my story too.But no bull or stud YET! looking

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              It was my girlfriend, at the time, who unknowingly planted a seed in my mind. It happened quite some years ago.

              It all started at a spa resort where she told me that she had fantasised about being fucked in the sauna by a random guy while I was outside swimming around in the pool. With no clue about what happened in there. I was at first quite shocked but then I realised that I at the same time was hard as a rock. And we ended up having the best sex ever, and she masturbated in the sauna while I was outside. Playing with the idea of it happening.

              None of us knew of cuckolding at the time, but later I always came back to this episode as something I fantasised about while masturbating.

              In the end, it led me to find Liteerotica and the loving wife section and a shitload of cuckold stories – and in time I realised that this was something I wanted to happen or at least try.

              For some years it was something that we occasionally played with as a fantasy in bed but nothing materialised.

              Good things come to those who wait and not so long ago I ended up being cuckolded by my now wife. She began flirting with a colleague and they have now been fucking on and off for about 5 months now. I must say it is quite different in practice than theory, but it is for me still so erotic and I now know that I am a cuckold and that I like being one.

              This a sort of a resumé for how I got into cuckolding – it was not a straitforward road but one with many bumps and turns.


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              Cathy & Jerry

                I have posted this in other groups. I became a cuckold unknowingly but eventually wanted it. This is how it happened. About 16 years ago my wife was cheating on me and I found out when I found pics on her phone of his cock in her pussy. I then began watching her panties in the laundry hamper and found sperm stains in them fairly often. I was angry but I held back just to see how far it would go. After a month or so and many panty stains later ( and confusion as to why it made me hard) I confronted her. She started crying and told me she was sorry. By this time I had lots of time to “think” about it so I came out and told her that I understood that my little 3 inch cock was totally useless and I knew she was faking orgasms with me over the years. She was a little shocked but still tearing up. I also told her that I fully understood why she was cheating on me, because she is very sexual and needs more than I could ever give her. She was shocked but she listened intently. I then told her that I didn’t want her to stop seeing him but I wanted her to explain to him that I knew and I was ok with her having him as a regular lover and I wanted him to come to the house to talk. She was excited after being puzzled for a few hours but she called him and told him everything while I went into another room to give her some privacy to talk to him. He came over that night and had a look of fear on his face so I just shook his hand and told him to relax and come sit down. After about 3 hours of chatting, she was sitting beside him and was rubbing his leg for awhile. She then leaned over to kiss him and he looked at me awkwardly so I just said, ok you two I’ll go watch tv for awhile while you take some time to absorb this. About an hour later she came into the living room and asked me to stand up. She hugged me and kissed me and asked me if it would be ok if they went to our bedroom to fuck. That hit me like a train for sure but excited me at the same time. I said “of course, go be happy”. Well I ended up listening to her squealing and calling his name over and over again while also hearing the sound of his balls slapping against her ass as he fucked her hard. I ended up going to the guest room to sleep but couldn’t get to sleep while hearing them fuck and of course stroking my little cock with the thought in my head that he now owned my wife’s married pussy, and that excited me sooooo much which again was still confusing me as to why I felt this way. I wanted badly to see the “proof” by witnessing his sperm leaking out of her married pussy, which she gladly let me see a few weeks later. About 8 years later and several lovers had cum and gone, she asked me if I would be upset if I never fucked her ever again. I told her that I would most likely miss it a bit but it wouldn’t upset me at all especially since I hardly had sex with her anyway. She kissed me and told me she loved me so much but really dislikes my little cock and that I cum in less than two minutes and have done that since we first met. I laughed and said that I understood. Later that evening when her boyfriend came over she broke the news to him that her married pussy now belonged to him exclusively and that I was never again going to touch it except to lick her clean when she demanded it, which I do quite eagerly, their combined juices have an intoxicating aroma and flavor. And knowing his sperm is floating around in her tubes truly excites me and makes my tiny little pud hard as a rock! There are soooo many men just like me all over the world who enjoy being cuckolds, it’s our path in life and we decided to accept that. I truly love knowing a better man is making love to Cathy in my place! 🙂

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                  My initial response is that you are a very lucky man to have such a powerful, caring, and compassionate, loving wife.
                  Thank you for sharing with us.

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                    I realized when my partner started to go out a lot with her girlfriends to party’s or away on holidays. She started buying lots of new sexy lingerie and revealing clothes. We’d joke about her meeting men when she was out and she seen how excited this made me. After a night out when she came back I’d lay in bed beside her and masturbate telling her I love thinking of you off having sex with other men who can give you what you need in bed and I’d be such a good cuck. Now she refers to me as cuck or her sissycuck. She’ll send me to the spare room some nights so she can have phone sex with her man. I’d like to ask her if she’ll bring a man home and let me watch or listen from the spare room but I’m not sure how to bring that up as I’m not sure how she’ll react.

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                      My realization came when we decided to have a threesome with a close male friend. I couldn’t get the image of them having sex out of my head. And noticing the difference of when they had sex, and when her and I did. She would close her eyes, and we would do our thing, and it would be enjoyable and fine but… When it was them, it was an entirely different story. Years later, I’ve went through the motions of learning what it is that I was feeling, and what direction our relationship was heading in. I no longer wanted to provide sub-par sex, and my interest in sex shifted away from myself having it, and more on to the adventures she had with him. The true solidification of my sexuality was cemented when I realized I was horny for my fiance, but I no longer pursued physical intercourse anymore. I knew it would be disappointing or “work” on her end, albeit it is something she would happily provide for me.. But a big part of me didn’t want that. Where we are now allows us to live in a truthful manner. It is pretty freeing once you get over the “is this ok..” hurdle that turns into poor self image or concern over your own value. Once I realized and accepted that this is something healthy, and something that we both enjoy, and how to properly manage it all, it is magical.

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                        I realized I was a cuckold when my first wife cheated on me. Our marriage wasn’t going so well for a variety of reasons. Sex also played a role somewhere. I knew her lover very well. He was her acquaintance, not mine, and he often came to visit us. Us? Well, more her than us. But I dumbass didn’t really notice. At some point she started to go out regularly in the evenings. Most of the time she didn’t come home until early in the morning. Often only in the morning. Well-behaved as I was, I took care of the children. Put them to bed and made them breakfast, took them to school.
                        At first she allegedly only went to a friend, then at some point she officially went to him. She had told me, but always insisted that nothing would work. All just a friendly get-together with friends. Because she had had something to drink, she often stopped driving home and slept on the sofa with him.
                        I was no longer allowed to see her naked or to touch her. And she doesn’t touch me anymore. I was just allowed to kiss her. Knowing that she is with him and knowing what will happen there, I began to imagine what it looks like what they are doing at night. And I got hard, jerked my soul out!
                        I pictured her cunt smeared with his semen as she passed me smelling of him, of his sex. And I got hard again. I jealously checked her cell phone at every opportunity and there it was: a dick pic of him! He sent it to her with the words “thanks for the night! Now you have something to dream about until we meet again”
                        And he was tall. And he was beautiful. And he showed me: You are a cuckold! Even if I didn’t even know the term back then.

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                          I enjoy masturbating to cuckold porn. It’s definitely my favorite thing to watch snd masturbate to. I try to find cuckold porn videos featuring a mature blonde wife (like my own wife) so I can imagine it’s her being used by so many different men.
                          My own wife claims to be not at all interested in sex with other men, but she does enjoy flirting with guys when I am there.
                          Initially I was jealous and confused. Confused because although i was jealous and a little angry at her flirting, everytime I saw her do it, i got an erection.
                          Eventually I realized that i wanted her to do more than just flirt. Much more.
                          But when i broached the subject of her taking lovers while I remained faithful to her she must have thought there was a catch because she always refused. However I found out some time ago that she had paid a visit to an old boyfriend of hers AND that one of my good friends had made out with her – with my permission and encouragement- several times. She has never told me about this, i found out from my friend and other people.
                          I asked her, in a round about way, if she had ever gone with other men she coukd tell me and I would not be angry and would in fact be supportive and encouraging. But she just laughs it off and claims to be completely innocent.
                          I get so turned on that I know she has cheated on me with other men, but am desperate to have her confess to it or to invite me to watch or join in.
                          I think that if I actually saw her with another guys cock in her mouth or pussy, i would ejaculate in my pants instantly.
                          I have encouraged friends of mine to try their luck with her when i am not around. One guy, an old friend of ours who i know she thinks of as “cute”, is coming to visit us for a couple of nights in mid January. I have green lighted him to try his luck. I will do my best to give him lots of opportunities by either being out of the way or pretending to be asleep so my wife can slip off to his room to be pleasured.

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                            Before I actually became one, if that makes sense. We had talked about her sexual frustration with me over a long period, and when she opened up about previous boyfriends before we met I realised that along with the embarrassment at not being able to satisfy her like they had there was a powerful sense of arousal and excitement. That’s when I started to understand what my lack of sexual confidence and performance really meant

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                              I got that first feeling young, I was at a concert and got my childhood love with me ( she was also drunk) to my tent.
                              I had it going to that moment then I should enter her.
                              Someone dragged me out by my feet.
                              That was our shool-bullie he took my place.
                              I fast got that feeling of curious horniness and could not do other thing but watch and listen.
                              That was the most exciting night I ever had and I was so into it after.

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                                “WHEN” is the question, lpl.
                                My wife had a boyfriend and was fucking him often.
                                After we divorced, I was reading “Penthouse Letters” about a man that loved his wife fucking other men and he said that made him a cuckold. It talked a little more about being a cuckold. I said, ok, there is a name for what I like. A few years later I actually discovered I was a wittol.
                                That was all about 50 years ago.

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                                  When we were sitting in the lounge with my mother and the landlord came in and took my wife to the bedroom.

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                                    I have posted elsewhere my wife had an affair with her boss early on in our marriage. She did not reveal it to me until about 15 years later. As soon as she told me about it, I got and instant hardon. She felt guilty and full of shame. I loved it. I then took her up to the bedroom screwed the shit out of her. She loved that I was so “forgiving”. I told her that it was fine with me and she could do that amy time she wanted. She declined then and has still declined. Yet, based on my reaction, no question I am cuckold material. Also, dominant women turn me on. My biggest fantasies are cuckold in nature.

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                                      I cucked my husband during our honeymoon, with a long time former boyfriend. Best way to start is at the start!

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